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“I feel so excited and repeatedly read your book to refresh my skill in profiling people. The responses I’ve received from these people are amazing, and for me, your book is so helpful.” That’s what Zack wrote when he recently asked for the link to download and install the full version of my EON software.

Zack chanced on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” some time ago. I’m glad I could ‘open the windows’ for Zack and helped him picked up a lifelong skill where he could help others to become a better person. In an earlier article, I’ve also mentioned Zack could be a good numerologist and I’m glad he’s working on this path to become a life profiling coach.

Here’s an excerpt of the email correspondence between us:

Zack: May I know what the ‘Missing Numbers’ in your EON software mean?

Ron: Missing numbers are an indication of the positive energies associated to the specific number(s) that you need to work harder on.

Zack: I’m confused about the Personal and Universal pillars in the Month and Days. What is its purpose?

Ron: I’ve shared the fundamentals and purpose of the Universal and Personal energies at my EON Workshops. Generally, the Universal energies have an external influence on everyone. The Personal energies are those that could influence you internally.

Zack: Oh… I See. I think I could feel the vibes you’ve described. Anyway, I visit your site daily and read your articles with excitement. Superb.


When we apply the Five Elements concepts, we can say that a person with one of each of the five elements to have balanced and harmonious energies in their life chart.  Each element has both positive and negative qualities associated to its traits. When a person has more sets of the same element, the traits and characteristics associated to the emotions of the element becomes stronger. When a person lacks an element, it creates a void in the specific traits and characteristics; and the person has to work harder to harmonise the ’lacking’ vibes. You can check Page 123 of my book for more information on the traits and characteristics associated to the elements.

When you noticed one or more elements displayed on the ‘MISSING ELEMENT’ section of the EON software, it means this person must improve on the positive traits and characteristics associated to that element. You can also check on Page 157 of my book for more info on missing numbers.  Now, let me show you an example using Robert Kiyosaki’s EON Chart from another article Bankruptcy vibes on Rich Dad, Poor Dad posted in October 2012.

CaseStudy_Robert_KiyosakiMany of you would have heard about the success of Robert Kiyosaki and read his “Rich Dad” series of books. He has the number 9 as his missing element. When he is already a successful person and has many 9s in his birth chart (in locations U, X, P-Q-R), why is he still missing the traits associated to number 9?

There are many traits and characteristics we can associated to the number 9. Besides the goal and success-driven mind sets, he needs to work on is to focus less on money-driven success but on charitable and humanitarian aspects. We can also associate the number 9 to empathetic, benevolence, down to earth, and moral values. Check Page 126 of my book for more traits.

I’ve mentioned the scheming influences of having too many 4s in a person’s chart in previous articles posted on this site. The number 9, like the number 4, is of the same Wood element.

Remember the phrase, “There is a Yin in every Yang; and there is a Yang in every Yin?”

When there are too many 9s in a person’s chart, there is a stronger scheming urge and emotional vibes (like the number 4) that could influence the mindset of the person.  This means the success in quick moneymaking activities is never enough. Could the presence of number 6 (money) in his Hidden Number 2 and 3 (check Page 67 for info on Hidden Numbers) suggest his parents could have inculcated in his early years the purposes behind his ‘Rich Dad’ principles?

Yes, money is important and is used as a by-product for survival and to improve our lifestyle. When you sees money as the ‘be all, end all’ to success and happiness, this self-made belief could lead to false perspective influencing your attitudes, behaviours, and actions.

In Robert’s case, he needs to consciously remind himself to take good care of his health and not to manifest the cancerous cell. He also needs to reduce his sugar intake, alcohol and carbohydrates if his current blood sugar level is above the recommended level.  Having lots of money does not bring true happiness when an unhealthy person has to spend their remaining years on healthcare and medical bills.

Focusing on the humanitarian and charitable aspects could be an ideal pursuit for Robert. It could divert his attention on fewer money-driven activities, and unhealthy social lifestyle pursuits. In turn, these could dilute the negative health effects on him.

Now that I’ve shared more insights on the missing numbers, I hope you can work on the positive traits associated to the number, and at the same time, improve on the health aspects associated to the number. If 9 is your missing number, high ambitions and success is not the only areas you should work on. You need to spend equal time taking extra care of your emotions and liver too!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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  1. MSKL says:

    Hello Ron, would you be able to send me the link for the EON software. I can’t seem to find it.
    Also, would like to check if there is any other methods using the PC to get the calculation done? Thank you.
    Do let me know if there is any upcoming seminar that I can attend as well.

    • Ron WZ Sun says:

      Hi MSKL… The current version of EON (Android) software is only available for EON Workshop students. I’ll announce the date for the upcoming 8th EON Workshop once the classroom is available…

  2. Ron WZ Sun says:

    Hi Gan… can post your question here? Prefer to have inclusive discussions… Rgds, Ron

  3. Gan says:

    Hello Ron, how are you? I have yet to receive any reply from you about my question posted to you, please advise?

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