Life Path Analysis: Alex Spanos

Roy recently sent me the birth date of Alex Spanos, hoping that I could post a case study article. Alex is a self-made billionaire who started by borrowing $800 from a local banker when he was young, to eventually become a successful businessman, who’s also recognised for his philanthropic nature and community contributions and services.

In this article, I’m sharing my knowledge on how you can perform a basic life path analysis of a person. I’ll use Alex’s birth details and his life experience as reference to allow you to perform some back-testing correlations. I’ll focus on the first step of analysis that you might want to adopt to improve your observational skills. This allows you to correlate the periodic vibrations of the charts to the events that occurred earlier in his life. I’d recommend you to plot the birth details using the FEON+ software due to the quick, extended information and charts displayed. Sure enough, if you have ample time, you can always rely on traditional pen/pencil and paper way to plot the charts although it might take a while.

As there are various life aspects of a person, I’ll only focus on his wealth abilities in this article. And that means putting other potential traits and personalities aside. Let’s begin by using the following numbers and number patterns as a reference guide:

  • 1-2-3: We could associate that to [Self – Expression – Action = Money, since 1+2+3=6]. The ability to empower oneself to take action to enrich their financial status, be it on the business ventures, stock investments, cash, and assets.
  • 9: Success. Achievements. Humanitarian. Philanthropic instincts and/or actions.
  • 6: Money, security, nurturing, home, mental or cognitive intelligence, immune and respiratory system.
  • 9-6-6 (or 6-9-6): Successful ventures. Monetary or community achievements.
  • 5-4-9: Gambling, risk-taking, or dare not take the risk.
  • 1-5-6: We could interpret that as [I (as in self) – Cross the Mountain – To Invest] which basically implies going overseas to invest and build up the business. In today’s context, you don’t have to “cross the mountain” or travel abroad, and stay there for some time to build your business. With technological advancement and the Internet, we could also interpret the 1-5-6 (or 5-1-6) pattern as online business, e-commerce, and global logistics.
  • 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3): putting aside the naïve-assumption that this pattern is about divorce between couples, it could also imply some form of separation or break-free, beyond conventional norms. The 4-8-3 pattern does not always imply bad connotations. On the contrary, with the right understanding and EON fundamentals, you can manifest the pattern vibes as a positive break-free action.

Now, let’s identify some major events that happened in Alex’s life, by accessing this Wikipedia page as reference.

  • 1951 – he borrowed money to buy a truck as a transportation vehicle to sell sandwiches. The 1-7-8-6-9-6 pattern is present in his PY1951 chart. We could interpret that as [Self – Rely on Supporter (Bankers) – Responsibility (Work Hard) – Invest (Money on the Truck) – Vision (sell sandwiches) – Money (financial growth)]
  • 1955 – he made his first million dollars. The 1-2-3-5-4-9 pattern is present in his PY1955 chart. The 1-2-3 vibes was manifested strongly and that enriched his financial status. The 5-4-9 could imply his willingness to take the risk to invest in real estate and started to build apartments. As we could also associate the number 5 to property, this could have manifested the dare-to-take-risk forceful beliefs.
  • 1960 – he founded A.G. Spanos Companies. The 1-7-8-6-9-6 pattern is repeated again, with similar 9-year cyclic influences on him.
  • 1977 – he became the largest apartment builder in the United States. The 1-6-7-4-8-3 pattern appeared, and it signified a “Double Effect” year for him. The 1-6-7 means [Self – Build Homes – Support and Customers], and together with the 4-8-3 pattern, it could implied a break-free period with many supportive customers, and that enabled him to become the TOP builder.

Alex’s birth and life charts, and his attitude and actions reminded me of a prudent and shrewd opportunist who’d unhesitatingly take action whenever he sees potential growth, perhaps, agitating people along the way. It’s like he was manifesting the positive vibes while he rides along the flow of his destiny path. For example, from the same Wikipedia page, it was stated that in 1984, he “bought 60% of the San Diego Chargers.” The 1-4-5-9-6-6 pattern is present in his PY1984 chart. You might want to check out the rest of the major events and correlate that to his Personal Year (PY) charts.

Of course, having favourable life path charts doesn’t mean you will always have good times ahead. You still have to take action and not simply sit there and wait for opportunities to knock on your door and then fall on your lap. Alex’s 1-5-6-7-2-9 pattern in his birth chart implies a charismatic and influencing person who is also a challenger and opportunist. His “Life Path Periods (P1)” displayed on the FEON+ software shows the number 9, which could have an impact on his business-acumen, shrewdness, and humanitarian beliefs, during the development stage (P1) period.

That’s all for a brief introduction on how you can use the information (like the Periodic Pillars, Life Path Periods, and the Challenges and Opportunities charts) displayed on the FEON+ software to track the Life path charts of a person. It is an extended method uniquely available on the software and taught in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. It was easy for me to analyse the charts quickly as I have the essential information displayed and present within seconds on the FEON+ software. You might want to consider using the FEON+ software as a productivity profiling tool.

What I have described earlier is just touching on the ‘first layer’ in analysing the life path vibes and tendency of a person. While it does not cover the other layers, it should give you a quick head start into life path profiling especially when you want to know what might happen to you in near future so that you can take corrective action promptly. It is not difficult to understand and build the fundamental knowledge of the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles once you make a conscious awareness that numerology profiling is more than just numbers and number patterns. The next step is to acquire the extended EON techniques, like the visualisation profiling techniques to identify the positive and negative periodic vibes, and then take steps to harmonise the unfavourable elements while you manifest the beneficial ones.

There are so much more to learn at the extended EON levels, and I’d be glad to share them with you in class.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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