Knowing The Clarity Of Numbers Won’t Make You Profile Better

I was watching a YouTube video some days back, and there came this sudden advertisement video showing a trainer – speaking in well-scripted, marketing campaign style – suggesting you can gain better clarity of the numbers from his courses, and to register for his preview session to find out more. The commercially-produced video was compelling, just like many over-hyped marketing campaign videos that enticed you to spend more to learn the basics, and then spend even more to attend higher-level courses.

I was concerned for many people, especially the beginners, who might be tempted or compelled to invest their hard-earned money to learn more, and then regretted later, about the rudimentary lessons taught in class. That’s what I hope to address in today’s topic – no numerology or metaphysics system can provide a complete profiling kit. There are known limitations and blind spots or grey-areas. There isn’t any universal character or human behavioural profiling method that can guarantee you will know and can profile yourself and others better, potentially with over 75% accuracy, once you’ve acquired more clarity of the numbers after attending the courses.

In other words, it is easy to know the traits related to numbers 1 to 9. You can always read up the many traits of 1 to 9 from the Internet, for free. You can also check out my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to begin your profiling journey, to find out more about yourself and others. It is an affordable way to acquire basic knowledge, without having to spend on external trainer-led courses, focused on sharing rudimentary or limiting theories, at a premium. The true hidden cost from other trainers: paying to find out more.

If learning from these external trainers could empower you to learn, know, and understand the clarity of the numbers 1 to 9, why are there many of their former students still confused and incompetent today, and felt short-changed after attending the courses? It just doesn’t make sense, in spite of the many case study exercises done. Many felt their knowledge was shallow and insufficient to build the confidence to profile themselves or others, and/or correlate the events that happened, even with the available charts, in a direct and relevant manner.

You might not know this, but understanding the clarity of the numbers alone, is inadequate. Like the Chinese proverb, “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step” it’s just the beginning, like starting to learn the ABCs at nursery levels. You need to invest more time and money by attending higher-level courses and practising many case studies before you can attain a competent profiling level. And it’s not cheap when you attend courses conducted by these external trainers. You may yet find uncertainties and knowledge that you are not familiar with. A profiling method must provide logical, practical, pertinent (relevant) and easy-to-apply analysis. Techniques or remedies should be easily accessible and affordable. Better still, you don’t have to fork out money just to buy symbolic ornaments disguised as LifeCodeenergies” or so-called lifelong cures, and then regretted and fearful about its limiting use and detrimental consequences. Where possible, remedial solutions may be implemented without charge – FREE, through making the personal effort to enable a paradigm shift towards effective behavioural mindset change, and not from buying of expensive ornaments with effectiveness based on the placebo consciousness.

It is not a matter of knowing the clarity and depth of what has been learned. This is great, actually, but useful only in theory exercises, and not practical when it comes to real life profiling activities. What you need is beyond theories; you need to understand how the numbers and it’s associated elements interact and affect, in different situations. You need to know what the signs suggest, to make sense of it. You also need direct access to additional key information to assist you with your personality and life-path profiling analysis. In modern times, we should not rely too much on our memories about trivial tasks and manual plotting of charts; it is preferable automated. In addition, relying on additional relevant information and complementary charts, are the key to improved visibility of profiling. When you have access to these extra charts, and learned the extended techniques to apply them optimally, you can then make quicker judgement calls to manage the positive or negative influencing vibes, and have clarity of the days ahead. Today, the many EON-exclusive features and unique charts are not available in other methods taught by many external trainers, and in the software that they have contracted others to develop.

The energies and environment around you change… and that could influence your behaviours, thoughts and moods. You should also consider those external influences and know how to manage them quickly.

Here’s another analogy about how periodic energies can have an impact on anything – imagined you painted one side of your living room wall in “apple-green” colour three years ago. Today, you noticed that the colour of the wall was not the distinctive “apple-green” colour that you painted initially. You noted varying shades of the “apple-green” colour on the wall – its like noticing patches of unusual shade of “apple-green”; some areas with lighter or darker shades, and some areas with visible stained marks. You are not happy, although you know why – sunlight, weather, humidity and even dirty handprints – they could turn “apple-green” into what they represent today. Similarly, you purchased an expensive white shirt last August, and wore it only for special occasions. You are invited for an important formal event two weeks later, and plan to wear the white shirt. However, you noticed that the white shirt seemed different – it just couldn’t fit you nicely. The shirt seemed smaller as you have outgrown your initial size, due to frequent snacking during the pandemic lockdown periods. You nagged about having to buy another white shirt. Your thoughts and behaviours are similar in ways to how you responded to situations when they arise abruptly. Your current responses reflect your present personality – your characters, behaviours, mentalities, habits and beliefs, and they affected the way others perceive you.

Put aside the hope that by having more clarity of numbers and knowing the number patterns, it would help you to profile the right way. To think and consider that, is like strengthening the “fixed mindset” attitude, by looking from a superficial or at the “tip of the iceberg” level. While the associations with numbers do not change, now or forever (like the explanations of words in the dictionary), your beliefs and outlook change (like the different vocabulary used). So do your behaviours, lifestyle goals, financial situation, diet, emotions and mood swings. This means that your Birth Chart does not show up-to-date signs relevant to your present personality. This implies that the tendency signs, and number patterns in your Birth Chart would no longer be entirely relevant – while you might have innate characteristics, you cannot undo your earlier behaviours and actions. That’s why you need up-to-date information, to act today for a brighter future, not to reverse the change you made previously. You need current and relevant information from your periodic charts, like the Personal Year, Month, Day, or Hour Charts, and know how to identify relevant signs, and apply them the correct way, to have clearer visibility on the energies that could influence your life path, today, and future days ahead.

In a recent article “2 TOP Reasons Why Time of Birth Matters For Profiling,” I mentioned the Time of Birth Chart, when available, could provide more clues on a person’s subconscious behaviours. I have developed many EON-exclusive complementary charts, including the Time of Birth Chart, for a reason – enhance my profiling skills with easy access to relevant charts at all times. When I’m busy and feeling mentally exhausted, I might forget about plotting other charts when it comes to profiling. That is why I decided to include as many well-tested charts as possible, in my FEON+ v1.x (Android) software. If I can improve my profiling analysis using the FEON+ tool all this while, you too, can improve your analysis once you’ve installed a copy of FEON+ on your Android device. Click this link to buy and register the FEON+ v1.x software, if you are using an Android (v5 and higher OS) smart phone currently.

There is an important chart which I recommend you use regularly in your profiling analysis. It’s the Reflection Chart (available in Life Path option in current FEON+ v1.x too). Look at the same Bill Gates’ EON chart that was used in the previous article, screen capture taken from the unreleased FEON+ Pro software running on my iPhone. The Reflection Chart shows multiple number 9 present, suggesting the high probability of being influenced to pursue a lifestyle as a businessman or philanthropist.

Where to find such evidence, and how is that possible? Well, based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, there is a Yin and Yang side to each number; and each number has primary and secondary outbound influences. For instance, from a positive Yang perspective, we could associate number 9 with traits such as success, competitive spirit, humanitarian, growth and visionary. We could associate the negative perspective of Yin with traits such as intrigue (scheming), greed, ruthless, unrealistic goals, false visions, inhumane, hysterical emotions, and mood swinging. Fortunately, Bill Gates could switch from a shrewd businessman’s aggressive and competitive nature (during his earlier years, with obvious innate signs present in his Birth Chart) to become a respectable philanthropist and visionary person, during the later years. Bill Gates maximised the subconscious positive Yang vibrations present in his Reflection Chart, to become the philanthropist we know, today.

It’s good to know the clarity of numbers and number-pattern associations; unless you are trained to apply the various “remedial” techniques and have essential charts on hand for better resolutions, you are still walking around “the mulberry bush” with a fixed mindset. Go ahead and attend free preview sessions with external trainers. Just one word of advice here – not to be easily gullible or duped by compelling promises, and register immediately. Ask as many questions as possible to determine if the trainer is sincere and able to respond eventually or offline if required. If the trainer continues to make excuses like “you will learn them during the course” without even sharing some basic information, it is time to look elsewhere for a committed trainer. Check out a previous article (click here to read) I posted previously, which included a 10-point guideline on what you need to check out, before you sign up for a numerology course.

Upskill yourself the smart way. Buy my EON book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling if you haven’t bought it yet. Even if you are abroad (residing outside Singapore), my EON book is different from the numerology book or books you could have read or bought. It is only a small step to act and invest in yourself, and a great step to receive better moments to come. You’ll find more insights when you read and practise the techniques described in my EON book, just like the thousands of readers who’ve bought my books in Singapore over the years since 2010.

Start the New Year with a sense of openness and growth. Learn the practical and affordable way of getting to know you, without investing your hard-earned savings on expensive courses, and then regretted it later. Click this link to buy my EON book now, and/or click this link to buy and register FEON+ v1.x.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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