2 Top Reasons Why Time of Birth Matters for Profiling

It’s just under two days until the new year 2021. For those who have digested my articles and understood the basics of EON, you know that the energies of the year 2021 are already influencing you. Some of you may have experienced the abrupt change in your behaviour and mindset, while others may have been “affected” in subtle ways.

All around you, including the periodical transient energies, connects with you every day, every hour, every minute, and every second. The energies could influence or affect your behaviours and mindsets in varying ways. This means that when profiling a person, it is equally important to have the time of birth, as much as possible. Otherwise, you would not be able to profile a chart over 75% “coverage” without additional relevant clues. Noticed I didn’t mention the word “accuracy” here, as it’s absurd and naïve to claim your profiling observations are over 80% accurate when you don’t even have the essential component – the Time of Birth Chart. This is why you often find many external trainers who brag that their analysis is above 80% accuracy, are simply inconclusive, when you applied their method of profiling.

In some Chinese metaphysical systems, such as ZiWeiDouShu (ZWDS, Purple Star Astrology), it is generally impossible to plot a complete chart without the details of the time of birth. In Bazi (Phat Chee, Four Pillars of Destiny), you can still plot the Bazi chart, even without the birth time. However, you can just plot a 3-pillar chart (Year, Month, Day) with the 4th pillar (representing Hour Pillar) missing. In theory, a person’s Bazi chart showing just three pillars, could provide up to 75% clues as the remaining 25% clue lies in the 4th Hour Pillar. Again, Bazi professionals claiming to analyse thousands of people’s charts at over 80% accuracies, are short-changing their claims as they are just analysing from 3-pillars “coverage” perspectives, and not the complete 4-pillars profiling.

I’ve noticed someone searching for “Time of Birth” recently, and I thought it was great to post the last article of the year today, about the two top reasons why the “Time of Birth” (ToB) Chart information is important.

  1. Key clue for hidden behaviours.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, the Time of Birth (ToB) Chart provides further clues to an individual’s potential subconscious behaviours. This means that in addition to knowing the person’s external perspectives (through the Birth Chart), you may also find substantial hints of their internal beliefs from the ToB Chart.

Let us look at the case of Bill Gates, whose EON Birth Chart shows several 3s and 6s. And when you correlate him and his company Microsoft in the early 80s-90s, it’s mainly about his materialistic passion to grow Microsoft as swift as he could, including buying over companies and taking over their Intellectual Properties (IP) rights. The tendency signs are suggesting the desire for him to optimise fast growth and achieve successes – we could interpret the 3-6-9 pattern as [Fast – Money – Success].

Bill Gates is now a well-known philanthropist who has been actively involved in funding medical research. Why the sudden shift in perspective, and where can they be identified? It’s easy when you apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, as I’ve formulated the Time of Birth (ToB) Chart, based on my earlier experiences and exposures in Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics systems, and developing the Metaphysics software titles. It took me a while to come up to the conclusion that the present ToB Chart formula is the best relevant one, and I’m glad it works for me and many people. I have received positive comments from PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest and Visiber students, about the high degree of relevance of my Time of Birth Chart formula over those derived from their trainers.

In Bill Gates’ ToB Chart, the 5-9-5-5-1-6 pattern suggests signs of global outreach and benevolent pursuits as the number 5 could display the secondary influence of the number 9 – as in 5-9-5 pattern – and becoming 9-9-9, which we could associate with philanthropy, charity, and humanitarian activities. The multiple 5-4-9 and 4-5-9 patterns, also have similar secondary influences. The Combined Birth Date and Time (CBD&T) Chart do provide additional clues to his charismatic and social influences as well. The innate vibes are manifesting and still influencing Bill Gate strongly, especially when you look at another unique chart – the Reflection Chart.

  1. Same Same But Different

I coined the expression “The Birth Chart Is NOT The Personality” because I noted that people born on the same day do not behave in similar situations, and their personalities changed regularly and uniquely, over time. Their responses or reaction to situations is a result of their beliefs and perspectives, and these in turn, are consolidated from their formative years, academic and environmental factors, and working and social influences. The ToB Chart is useful here to segregate the common groupings of all people born on the same day. With the birth time available, it’s even easier to identify extra clues influencing the person’s behavioural responses, and that to another person born on the same day.

Let us look at the case of the late Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb. They are twin brothers, but their behaviours are different. Maurice’s Combined Birth Date and Time Chart showed multiple 4-8-3 (and 8-4-3) patterns. We could relate these number patterns to poor communication skills and lack of tactfulness. And in extreme cases, such confrontational situations can create stressful tensions, leading to potential separations and divorces. Maurice divorced his first wife LuLu in 1973.

Robin Gibb, on the other hand, has the multiple 4-5-9 patterns in his Combined Birth Date and Time Chart. These could suggest the poor communication skills – the 4-8-3 patterns in Maurice’s Chart – were weak (and missing), and Maurice could maximise his “challenger” and growth traits easily. From the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Elements principles, the act of singing is associated with the Earth element, while shouting is associated with the Wood element. Maurice was, in some ways, being “affected” or influenced by the 4-5-9-5-4-9 pattern, which was why his singing style was uniquely different from Barry, his oldest brother.

While there might be other reasons how the presence of the Time of Birth Chart is important, you can still profile a person confidently even without their birth time available. As the birth time is connected and linked directly to the person, we can summarise the birth time clues as the innate subconscious or unconscious “outbound” energies, manifested within the person. This is different from the other extended clues – like Personal Year, Month, Day, and Hour Charts – that are more of an external “inbound” influence.

It is also essential for you to determine its relevance, particularly if you use a Time of Birth Chart formula different from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Test them regularly to determine the degree of relevancy. If you found the Time of Birth Chart or formula derived elsewhere to be less relevant, confusing, or not showing obvious signs, then it’s time to move on and apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method instead. Perhaps, start the new year with an open mind, unlearning and relearning, and enter into the growing mindset of understanding the EON method of behavioural profiling. And have a clearer perspective and agile mindset on what you have done right, what doesn’t work well, and what you can do better – to be a BETTER you in 2021.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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