Reflections on 2020

Today (21 Dec 2020) is winter solstice. With about ten days remaining before we celebrate and welcome 2021, let us pause and take stock of the events that happened this year.

Before I continue, let me highlight that whatever I’ve mentioned in my earlier Numerological Predictive Observation (NPO) 2020 article (click here) was based on my observations of the tendency signs present in the year 2020 chart.

We have seen countries face extreme temperatures and devastating weather conditions, including flooding, dams breaking out, heavy snow, heavy rain, and droughts this year. This is due to the high presence of the Water element in 2020, where we can associate number 2 with the Water elements. And when there are two sets of Water elements in 2020, this means extreme water-related impacts. As you might have seen or read, there were excessive floods, heavy snow, and bursting of dams in some countries.

Women power, as mentioned in my NPO2020 article, remained in focus. We’ve seen many women coming into focus, like the USA Vice President-elect Kampala Harris, Germany’s Angela Merkel, and New Zealand’s Jacinda Arden. This is due to the strong influence of the 21st century (2001-2100) when the first digit begins with the digit 2. Yes, and it’s no coincidence; male power was very active during the 20th century (1901-2000) when the dominant number 1 was the focus of attention, with year 2000 as a transitional year to the new century. If you’ve attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, you’d learn about the century’s influence on us due to the presence of the strong dominant numbers.

I also mentioned about transportation services being in focus. The “focal point” here have dual implications, when we looked at it from a negative and positive Yin-Yang outlook. On the positive side, this means expanding global transport services. Unfortunately, the growing transportation services we do not like, were generally about medical and ambulance services. On the negative side, this means a reduction in services – the travel, cruise and airline industries.

There were increasing accidents happening in the transportation industries, according to this WSH Council article, titled “First Half 2020 National WSH Statistics” (click here.) Also mentioned in my NPO2020 article, accidents resulting from ‘slips and falls‘ and ‘falls from heights‘ were among the most significant causes.

So far, if you are observant enough, these disturbances and the enhanced visibility of all have been influenced by the double-2 (as in 2020) vibes. We associate the number 2 with communications and movement. Any extreme 2s could result in excessive communication and overflowing problems, which include scandals, fake news, false accusations, lies, transgressions, and others as mentioned in my NPO2020 article. Yes, the double 2s could also means heightened LGBT awareness.

I mentioned about medical-related events due to the often overlooked resultant number 4 (2+0+2+0=4) where we could associate with the Wood element; and traits, events, and industries related to education, medical, healthcare, cosmetic surgeries, and forest/plantations.

Do check out my earlier NPO2020 article to correlate the events that have happened this year. Oh, check the NPO2020 graphic image (see below) as well for extra signs.

Don’t be so happy that everything – especially the negative and the unhappy – that we have seen so far this year will finally be over.  On the contrary, we must continue to be vigilant, to practise social distancing, to wear masks, to remain focused and to care for ourselves. This is because the tendency signs for 2021 are more than 2020, with the addition of the number 1.

As in the Yin-Yang principles, there will be good blessings and bad whammies that could emerge in the year 2021. I will share additional observations in the article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2021” which is expected to be posted on January 1, 2021.

Until then, upskill yourself whenever you can, and take the opportunity of the “downtime” during these periods to improve yourself, and be prepared for the “new normal.” Applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method or striving to learn beyond the fundamentals of EON, could help you identify the tendency signs from wider perspectives. With the increase in new techniques, you could easily break out of the fixed mindset and engage in the growth mindset using EON techniques. Finally, through regular concentration and practice, you could take steps to manifest positive vibrations as you manage and control negative ones.

Forget about making New Year’s resolutions, especially when you know you have rarely followed them fully. Being positive is like daydreaming without doing anything. Instead, act now and you may have positive results sooner.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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