Numerological Predictive Observations 2017

Happy New Year 2017 Greetings to All

Once again, this “1st day of the year” article, like other “1st-day articles” in preceding years, is special for me and everyone else. And as always, I like to thank everyone supporting my passion and research work here, and applied and promoted the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Following the tradition of my preceding years’ article, below is the attached image (click graphic image for larger view) comprising of “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year” to read through my forecast on the global events, increasing trends, and personality traits that might arise this year in 2017.

Stock markets in 2016 faced the volatility effect of year 2015 vibes. The year 2016 (2+0+1+6 = 9 [Success, Accomplished, Closure] vibes signified completion, finale, finish, termination, humanitarian, EOL (End-Of-Line product), separation, and transformation. The Year 2017 vibes (2+0+1+7 = 1 [Alone, Leader, Innovate] signifies reborn (restart, reboot, re-train) – the energies of number 1. Businesses in the following industries might see a change in sales and consumer trends. The year vibes could create uptrend (forward, positive) or downtrend (reverse, negative) impact directly on businesses concerned, and indirectly on supporting industries.

  • Baby care products and kids education. As the number 1 is akin to the birth of a newly born baby, businesses supplying or manufacturing milk, baby care, diapers, and other baby products might experience potential growth (sale$). Furthermore, childcare centres, kindergartens, and preschools might also experience high intake$ of enrolments.
  • Transportations and E-Commerce. As we associate the number 1 to Metal element, and 7 to Water element, we could also correlate them to shipping and transportation businesses. And the supporting industries include e-commerce (online orders and sales), transport vehicles (taxis, trains, planes, buses, cars), food deliveries, postal services, ships (sea, air, and space), and industries or business related to transportations.
  • Technologies and Kick-Starters. Since the number 1 is also about innovations, leaderships, and ideologies, we might see upcoming trends and increasingly new-product launches from companies involved in IT products (including IoT (Internet-Of-Things), home kits, IFTTT (If This, Then That)), startups, and alternate energies (including clean energy, wind, graphene, hydro and sea). With the introduction of more reliable and affordable LED products, companies involved in trading and manufacturing of LED lightings and accessories; and companies providing electricity and energy supplies might see potential growth.
  • Mental care, brain games, and cognitive education. As we could also associate the number 1 to Mental, and number 2 to Feelings, we might see increasing education and public awareness on mental and dyslexia healthcare, health insurance and retirement planning, and retraining. This means businesses involve in providing education products (including games), and healthcare needs might see a gradual uptrend. Since the number 1 is also about skin, immunology, and teeth, companies directly and indirectly related to industries providing such products and services (including cosmetic surgeries, facial skin care, jewellery, goldsmith, and fashion accessories) could also experience hectic but rewarding outcomes. New mental laws might be introduced.
  • Smoking and Immune Support. There might be increasing awareness activities from healthcare organisations and government agencies on curbing cigarettes and smoking. Conversely, these could also imply potential sales growth for businesses in manufacturing or selling of cigarettes and smoking accessories – a result from higher retailing prices, or surge in demands from loyalist consumers as a consequence of restricted supply. There might be the introduction of improved water-soluble smoking kits and accessories, and increasing sales in smoking-alternative products. New immunology and urology laws might be introduced or existing healthcare laws enhanced.
  • Upgrading skills. There might be increasing awareness, sale$, and participations from businesses involved in skills upgrading, stocks trading and investment services, including more enrolment in investment and skills training courses.

We might see more domain volcano eruptions and ‘dramatic’ acidic ashes spouting out. Countries located in the cold areas might experience a different form of snowy, icy, and chilling weather patterns. These might cause more deaths this year, and more people suffering from freezing, flu, and pneumonia-like sickness. There might be unprecedented occurrences at the Arctic and Atlantic areas.

There are signs suggesting more accidents involving “slip and fall” and falling from heights, and persons injured by long or metal objects, or hit by falling objects. Chemical and energy companies must take extra steps to ensure the safety and health of their employees and visitors as there might be an increase of accidents related to chemical, oil, or energy gaseous leakage. These include accidents with persons overcome by fumes and acidic environment. Companies must also ensure fire equipment (like fire hose, fire alarms, and extinguishers) are well-maintained and regularly checked as there are signs suggesting increasing failures to maintain sufficient fire equipment, for emergency use on industrial and workplace fire. Shipyards and sea travels and sports businesses must take extra vigilance to ensure suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is checked as there are signs of more people from falling into the sea. Conversely, it could also suggest more cases of people drowning. There might be more cases of workplace accidents caused by binge drinking, and road accidents caused by drink driving.

This is something that everyone’s hoping it would not happen at all. That is the accidental or intentional use of hydrogen-like bombs and introduction of chemical or gaseous warfare. There are other signs suggesting increasing strikes involving the use of weapons, riots, a result of mental manipulations from terrorists and political opportunists, and misuse and/or abuse of news and social media to stir confusions and accelerate political agendas. There might be more awareness, recruitment, and complaints on home security forces, police involvement in public security and safety. There might be increasing tension between countries in the North and West. Could that imply some form of judicious tensions and political aggressions between the US and Russia, or U.K. and Europe? Or could we see some diplomatic changes between North Korea and the US?

The global mood is about perilous and precarious environment that requires tender, loving care – like taking care of a newly born baby. You must recognise nothing is all the same anymore. While we could forecast what might happen, we should take measures to prevent such predictions – when it’s negative ones – from happening. Simultaneously, we should always stand ready to take action when what we predicted is coming true, and not believe in complacency with the “it’ll never befall on me” attitude.


You must be prudent and manage your finances well as there are signs of impulsive purchases, just to satisfy the wants instead of the needs. More people are consciously aware and keeping in good shape and stay mentally healthy. As there might be potential immune, kidneys, and respiratory health conditions (including Zika and other flu viruses), it is important for you to take out a medical or healthcare insurance policy if you haven’t already done so. The year 2017’s energies might affect you if you’re not adequately prepared.

Here’s a special code to share with you – that’s 74385 to be decoded as [Community Bonding – Foundation and Planning – Passion and Focused – Responsibility and Persistence – Transformation and Adaptability]. What it means is the need for you to act on the below code pattern this year for better harmony:

  • 7stay in vigilance and respect, and mutually accept another person’s race, language, or religion. Treat others as an extended global family, and work cohesively as a value-added team member.
  • 4plan ahead for a better tomorrow by laying the right foundation today.
  • 3sustain for positive growth by putting in more passion and staying focused, and not be distracted and swayed by emotions from fake news or radical or extremist elements.
  • 8accept the responsibilities and manage your emotions and tempers while you relentlessly pursue the purposeful goal.
  • 5be more humble and understanding, and accept other’s fault as you want others to accept your faults. To share your knowledge and experiences ethically for a better future ahead.

Those are my brief overview observations of the year 2017 energies. By the way, the traits and events forecasted in my “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” article have notexpired” yet as the Qi energies from last year’s 2016 vibes have not completely depleted yet. That means we might continue to face the forecasted events and traits for the next few months of 2017.

Remember, if you want a better tomorrow, do the right thing positively today.

Wishing everyone a Happier, Healthier, Joyful, Satisfying, Rewarding, Loving, Caring, Prosperous, and Better times in 2017!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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