Last Christmas for George Michael

Roy emailed me recently asking if I could share some insights on the health signs and other profiling aspects that we could gather from George Michael’s EON charts. I was curious and plotted his chart on early Monday morning (26 Dec 2016,  Singapore time) when I received an alert notification on my tablet about George Michael’s death an hour earlier (25 Dec 2016, Sunday night US time). Yes, I noted certain signs but what got me excited was another observation made. It provided a fresh perspective for me to identify additional clue on a person’s frail health (precarious) state. Though the findings are inconclusive, many of the verifications done on EON charts of celebrities who died or had sickly health conditions showed certain patterns.

In previous articles, I mentioned we could associate the number patterns 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) to quarrelsome and temperamental traits, that might trigger a person to squabble or have heated dispute with someone else. And at extreme cases, it could lead to some form of separation or divorce. I have also shared an extended technique to previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students that in certain circumstances, the 4-8-3 (when specific elements or other number patterns are also present) could lead to serious health condition or deadly outcome.

Wait a minute… it doesn’t mean we should affirmatively have come to the conclusion the number pattern 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) is a confirmed “death” pattern. That would be naïve and absurd if you, or someone told you, to think in such a manner. Let’s be practical and adopt ethical profiling instead of practising ‘imposing fear’ profiling. The reality many of you have a similar pattern in your charts (Birth and Personal Year charts), and even reading this article means one confirmed observation – you’re alive. You’re still in a good state of the mind, body, and soul.

Number patterns, like 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3), are like any byproduct to a more pronounced trait. Through the many years of my EON research, I noticed number pattern is like the icon  design of a typical signpost – makes things easy for us to identify them quickly. There aren’t obvious clues to educate us on the fundamental reasons behind the design. Few people know its significance to the illustrations, colours and shapes used on the signpost. I have always considered number patterns as a byproduct instead of interpreting them direct as a primary clue to certain traits. Sure enough, relying on number pattern to identify “known” trait is interesting (and fun too) for a start. However, as your profiling skills progress, you’ll realise the number patterns have limited associations.

While researching to enhance my Elements of Numbers (EON) methods, I noted some form of consequential links to the number patterns when I take into account other aspects, including the associated elements. For example, take the case of the emotional and fiery tempers of the 4-8-8 pattern that was discussed in my recent article. The [Plan – Stress – Stress] keyword interpretation might just provide clues to a person having stressful outcomes when completing their plans. Even so, it doesn’t provide any background clues to the circumstances and outcomes that might happen when certain combinations of energies are closely-linked or manifested. That’s the reason why I’d always recommended FEN students to apply the “visualisation techniques” to profile a person instead of just zeroing in on fixed set of number patterns to specific traits.

According to this Telegraph article, heart failure might be one contributing factor. Let’s look at George Michael’s chart first. The strong presences of Wood element (numbers 4 and 9) are oppressing the Fire element (heart). It’s like adding many charcoals in a barbecue pit depleting the fire, as stated in my earlier article, “What’s in 4-8-8.” Furthermore, strong Wood will counter-control Metal element which implies mental and emotional health conditions. It’s like stiffening of the wind pipe to reduce air intake in the lungs and air flow in the body system. When that happens, the lack of oxygen could affect the brain and mental capacity, and these in turn could indirectly cause a stroke or the heart to fail.There were other areas that might provide some extra clues. The multiple 4s also signifies emotional stress. As mentioned in many past articles posted, we could furthermore correlate such influences giving rise to suicidal thoughts.

In a separate DailyMirror article, George’s boyfriend claimed that hackers were posting series of messages claiming George had committed suicide. As mentioned in earlier paragraph, strong Wood could ‘repel’ against Metal element. As we could also associate Metal element to mental anxieties, medicine, and drugs, could that suggest another conspiracy theory – drug overdose?

Anyway, let’s not speculate unnecessary, and instead, leave it to the experts to uncover the probable or real causes leading to George Michael’s death.

And now, for a quick answer to Roy’s question, the 4-8-3 and strong Wood element present in the Personal Year chart cold provide a basic layer of analysis on the impact to a person’s health condition for that particular year.

And to George Michael, may your soul rest in peace…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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