I’m Not Like That

I received a text message from Desmond the other day, “Can help me check this birthdate?” He wanted to know a general characteristic of the person only.

Minutes later, I quickly replied, “Selective listening disorder – only likes to hear the good things. Sweet-talk. Manipulative. Money-minded. Spendthrift. Careless, not thorough. Tends to skip fine prints. Always talk about plans, about money…

Desmond then replied, “She said no leh [local slang, meaning she’s not like what I have described]

In many cases, there are two frequent outcomes when the general analysis of a person is revealed. One, they could behave in a state of denial, or was not conscious of their actions and behaviours. I texted Desmond that it’s best for someone else (like a 3rd-party person who knows her) to share their observations, as the person might not be sensible of her own behaviours as she might think is normal. Two, they could have changed their behaviour and character subconsciously over time, and these new personae became a habit. They are no longer behaving and acting to what their birth chart indicated.

Now that I have some time to spare, I could review and analyse Daisy’s EON chart again.

I’ve shared in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, and even mentioned it in many case study articles earlier, a chart with 1-3-4 (or any sequence with the same three numbers) tends to have a selective listening disorder-like symptom. While others are talking, they are [Self – Listen and Drifting – Plan What to Do] in mind. That’s the 1-3-4 pattern, which suggest an inattentive person. And if you look at Daisy’s birth chart, there are a few 1-3-4 (or in any sequence) present.

The 5-7-3 pattern does not always lead to bankruptcy or court case, as some illogical and naïve trainers have affirmatively assumed. Perhaps these trainers might have gone through the court cases, and lawsuits themselves; and have concluded it’s because they do have the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) patterns in their chart. I know one popular Malaysian PON trainer has that pattern in his birth chart – he was involved in court cases and lawsuits too. Now, back to where I was saying, the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) is all about money loss, mainly due to an act of an inattentive, careless, spendthrift, and stubborn to listen to others‘ advices. And again, Daisy has a few 5-7-3 patterns in her birth chart.

The 7-4-2 [Supporter – Plan – Talk] suggest the person – because of others –  are mindful of what they communicate. This implies they don’t just talk straight and frankly off their mind, but often in a more controlled manner. When we looked at the 7-4-2-6-9-6 pattern in her birth chart, it denotes the planning of what to communicate, is partly because of materialistic pursuits. To a politician, it could imply communicating to voters in a sweet-talk manner to gain voters’ support and confidence.

This year, the 7-2-9 and 2-7-9 patterns are present in Daisy’s Personal Year (PY2018) Chart. Here’s an analogy – it’s like the phrase, “still water runs deep” which denotes a sweet-talking, mysterious person with the ability to inspire, compel, and manipulate others through their feelings. Another analogy – the solid ice cubes on the glass of water could give a cool and refreshing feeling, but when it melts into liquid water, the cool feelings soon become “un-cool” after a while.  A lady with the 2-7-9-7-2-9 patterns present in their PY chart, may behave in an overly-feminine manner too; and tends to express or gossip more during the year. In summary, it might lead to the “over promise, under deliver” outcome. A drunk person usually would seldom admit being intoxicated but sober instead. A person, in a state of denial, would tend to refute he or she is not like that.

Then again, when a person changed their character consciously or subconsciously, the energies that are present in their birth chart, no longer manifest optimally. That said, the person is assumed to behave in a controlled and positive manner. Their character change could also be influenced by family upbringing, education and etiquettes, living environment and social lifestyle. If Daisy does not exhibit such negative traits, then we could assume she has changed to a more positive, and an uplifting person who could attract others with encouraging actions. She also needs to spend quality time with her family.

There are tendency signs suggesting Daisy’s relationship with her dad might be a challenging one – often with stubborn and principled mindsets. Her relationship with her mom might be similar – turning the conversation into stressful outcomes at times.

At work, Daisy might face frequent peer pressures, and competitions among her peers. The supports she got from her supervisors, and bosses are not as strong as she hoped, and these could be contributed to her skill sets and work attitudes.

On health matters, Daisy has to cut down on her sweet cravings and high-carbo intake (if she has them), as there are tendency signs suggesting having a hereditary diabetic-like symptom. It’s equally important for her to invest on medical and health insurance, as she might fall in the “high-risk”group of people with cancerous tendencies. While Daisy might seem to be a soft-spoken and seldom showing mood swing and  hot temperamental, she could behave with a sudden outburst and emotional at times, especially when the fiery vibes is present in the periodic charts (hour, day, month, or year). It’s like the calm sea suddenly turning choppy and/or with waves of water moving in Tsunami-like flows.

Lastly, Daisy might not inhibit or exhibited the traits and health symptoms as mentioned. If she doesn’t behave like that, she should continue to work towards positive attitudes. If she’s truly aware she has inhibited many of the traits mentioned, and her blood-sugar level is high, then it’s time for her to make a practical change to become a happier and healthy person.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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