Yes, She’s Like That!

In my earlier article “I’m Not Like That,” I mentioned about Desmond requesting me to provide a quick analysis on his colleague. Desmond actually gave me two birth dates, so today’s article is on my observation and analysis of his other colleague.

I quickly plotted her chart – let’s addressed her as Sandra – and texted Desmond my views, “extremely perfectionist and stress person, to the extent of being irresponsible. Crazy busy, power and $ hungry. Many competitors and peer pressures. Temperamental, bipolar, mental strain, depression. Easily agitated and feeling pressurised.” Soon after, Desmond replied, “… really sound like her!

There is a difference between the earlier article on Daisy and today’s analysis on Sandra. First, Desmond showed my quick WhatsApp reply to Daisy directly, which means she’s reading a fast overview of herself. It was a first-person view. Many people, in general, would tend to take issue with any negative comments about themselves at a start. Frankly, would you wholeheartedly LOL (laugh out loud) and nodded your head in agreement immediately when I said your birth chart shows tendency signs suggesting a materialistic, emotional, temperamental, manipulative, talkative, scheming, and gossipy person? Often times, people would be in a state of denial. But then again, it could be like what I normally tell others who analysed my birth chart nowadays, “Yes, I was like that previously when I was much younger, but not now. I have changed and are more in control of my own emotions, tempers, behaviours, and responses.” On Sandra’s case, it was Desmond who observed and remarked. It was not a first-person, but an outsider’s observation.

Frankly, I was truly happy when I noticed the remarkable change in me, thanks to the years of learning and understanding myself and others better, and making a conscious effort to change positively. That journey of change and positive experience helped spur me along further to pursue and formulated the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and subsequently, factoring the Five Elements metaphor into the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) techniques.

Let’s analyse Sandra’s chart. Generally speaking, when we see a chart with 1-8-9 (or any sequence of the three numbers like 8-1-9, 8-9-1 etc.), it could imply a perfectionist mindset. That’s because we could interpret its keyword meanings as [I – Stress Myself – to achieve Success]. That implies a person who might be resilient, with loads of perseverance to achieve what they want, to the extent that they might be oblivious to those they hurt, during their pursuits for excellence and perfections.

The triple 8 in locations N-O-R could imply a stressful person, or somebody who often pressurised themselves because of work and financial obligations. With other numbers in the birth chart, there are other tendency signs like working for self-sacrifice and self-beneficial reasons, and possibly, exploiting others to achieve better success and material rewards.

Sandra’s EFV FLOW pattern is suggesting if she is more optimistic and could maximise her positive energies, she should be able to gain the respect of others, with knowledge of the fundamentals and wisdoms as well. However, if she constantly feels pessimistic and be influenced by the negative vibes, she might become more wary, scheming, distracted, and emotional when things don’t happen in the way she perceived.

This year, the triple 2 is present in N-O-R locations of her Personal Year PY2018 Chart. It affected her sensitiveness, feelings, mental worries, and feelings.

Furthermore, and applying an analogy here, when you pour water on a hot BBQ pit, what would be the possible effect? First, there’d be steam and smoke – meaning Sandra might feel frustrated, agitated, and distracted at times. And with the fire smouldering, it creates the self-survival instincts and the “I, Me, Myselfself-egoistic and “attention-seeker” behaviours. She must be in the centre of attention where everyone must be around her, and not the other way around. As a result, she might present the bossy, talking out loud like she’s the only team leader around. Consequently, and over time, it boosted her pride and created a distorted vision about her abilities.

When applying the LIFE FORCE theories, her dominant energy is number 8, which again depicts a stressful person. What she needs to do is to exert her knowledge and leadership in a more responsible and respectable manner. She should not abuse her authority and shame others to exert her powers and rankings at work. Some of her weak life forces include the number 2, which imply she needs to work harder on her diplomacy, tactfulness, EQ, becoming more cohesive in teamwork, and esteeming others.

On health matters, Sandra has to take good care of her health. If she doesn’t possess any medical or health insurance policy yet, I’d suggest she considers taking up one immediately. Next year, the triple 3’s vibes is adding more fiery tempers into her triple 8s. Imagine a whistling kettle, running out of steam, with little water left in the kettle, and the flame is burning furiously. It’s like the “tempest in a teapot” with bipolar disorder-like tendencies, fiery outburst, and other temperaments. The possible consequences – it might affect her heart and cardiovascular systems, plus her respiratory, mental, and immune systems. And hopefully, her emotional and tempers don’t aggravate the cancerous cells, as there are extra signs present in her charts suggesting being in the “high-risk” group of people with cancerous tendencies.

It’d be great for Sandra to take charge of her emotions and tempers, and keep a good heart and positive mindset for a better holistic wellbeing. Hopefully, one day when she communicated with others who profiled her charts, she’d reply, “Yes. I used to be like that, but I rarely behaved like that nowadays. I’ve changed, and feeling more joyful, inspiring, respectful, optimistic, and happier every day.”

I look forward to sharing more insights on the underlying techniques to unravel more clues in a person’s chart, when you attend my FEN classes. Limited seats left for the 6th FEN WORKSHOP on 27-28 October 2018. Click this link for course details and register now!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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