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Ahmad asked, “How can we know how many kids who are supposed to be in pairs who are married including how many men and how many women?

My reply, “I don’t have an answer as these days with IVF and families limiting number of kids; the food we ate that might affect childbirth; it is time-consuming to know exactly how many kids a couple will have without the facts and data. I decided not to carry on further research in this area as it’s becoming more irrelevant in assuming the total number of kids.

I have heard from some people that claimed they had consulted fortune tellers, and the predictions made by these fortune tellers are very precise and even know how many kids they have. Well, they are fortune tellers, but I am not. If fortune tellers can provide sound and practical advice to overcome the negative energies around, they would be able to do something to help themselves to improve his or her life paths too. No one is born as a fortune teller, and no one is born to be a millionaire as well. Even if a child is born in a wealthy family, it doesn’t mean the child would absolutely be rich forever in his life – they still need to take action to maintain, acquire, and grow their wealth to live a wealthy lifestyle.. 

I’ve highlighted some of the constraints about knowing how many kids a couple may have, on Page 218 of my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” The world has changed since the last century, and so are the energies influencing us. With medical advancement in IVF (In vitro fertilisation), it creates an opportunity for a couple to have their own child. With the saturation of fusion food, and entry of synthetic and un-natural food spices and ingredients, it could affect the man’s or woman’s health. While there are more people getting into the healthy regime by exercising, there are even more people preferring to laze around into the unhealthy states – these could also affect the health of the couple. Couples are divorcing with kids, and remarrying. With today’s workforce where more women having successful career paths, and people working overtime, work-life balance is fast becoming an issue for them and their mate, to have a relaxing time at home for sexual activities together. Even if they have ample time with each other, the minds might be drifting elsewhere due to strain.

At present, assuming if I can confidently tell you how many kids you will have – including how many kids you have now, and how many in the future in this lifetime of yours – how would that help you? First, you might consider forcing yourself to stop having more, which means my forecast is no longer accurate. Next, if you already have the maximum number of kids whom I’ve predicted, and continue your sex life without condoms and protection, there is still a possibility a child might be born. In such cases, my prediction is incorrect, and I might indirectly cause undue stress to you and your spouse, as you have one more child to feed.

Frankly, spending the time to be self-claimed to the world that I can tell how many children you have, or will have, is wasting my research time because I’m not a fortune teller or a divine messenger. I’d prefer to apply the same amount of time to educate you on ways to improve your lives by understanding your true self and others better. Having kids is just one aspect of your life. Career, health, financial stability, family, relationships, and many others, might be equally important too.

I don’t possess an answer even if you forcefully insisted that I tell you how many kids you’ll have, or sarcastically remarked that a researcher, author, trainer, and profiling expert like me don’t know such area!

Considerably, the choice is up to you to decide if you just want to forgo other aspects of your life and simply focusing on knowing how many kids you have. If that is the case, seek those fortune tellers or trainers who claimed they could predict. Oh, get them to provide assurance as well, in case you have more, or lesser kids, than they predicted.

If you can remain calm, relax, and just want to know the suitable time to conceive, then there are ways to determine favourable periods to do so. In my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, I included a few slides to address this area, and shared with students the favourable time to conceive, and as well as the unfavourable periods as well. Accompanying slides include those who successfully gave birth, and those who had a miscarriage – due to the influencing energies that affected the mother’s health.

Of course, learning about the favourable period for conception is merely one of the many techniques you’ll learn in the FEN class. Understanding the smart genes (street-smart and book-smart) and its ideal locations in the chart; knowing the methods for ideal parenting communication skills by applying the Transactional Analysis ego states; and other progression techniques, including behavioural trends using the EFV FLOW code, are shared in the FEN class too.

Experiential learning is important, and so is the happy participation, fun time learning about yourself and others, and the joyful sharing  – you’ll get to acquire all these techniques, and more, in my class. That, I’m confident that I will do.

Limited seats are still available for 6th FEN WORKSHOP to be held later this month, on 27-28 October 2018 (Sat-Sun). Click here for course details and registration. Register now, and get ready for a lifelong learning experience with me, with after-class WhatsApp chat group support as well.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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