The Search for “Sleeping Y” Theory

I posted an article, “EON Bits on Sleeping Y (and Unzip Code)” two years ago, in late May 2018. I explained why you should avoid using the “fear tactics” theories adopted by many external trainers, who conducted other numerology methods.

Someone recently searched for “Sleeping Y” on this website. The “Sleeping Y” theory is taught in UCMHP courses. Somehow, I’d observed the entry-level knowledge that many UCMHP students had acquired, even after completing advanced and/or practitioner-level classes. These students have paid thousands of dollars, and even so, could not confidently, provide logical and applicable reasoning and guidance to help others to be back on track with their lives.

From what I understood from UCMHP students who subsequently attended my FEN classes, the “Sleeping Y” theory applies when a person has specific patterns in I-M-S-N locations (based on EON chart layout, and L-P-T-Q in UCMHP chart layout). When similar numbers, like 3-3-3 or 7-7-7, is present in I-M-S locations of the EON Birth chart, the negative vibes is stronger. When such a pattern exists, the person is assumed to have the behavioural traits like highly emotional, multiple failures and downfalls, revengeful or scheming thinking at heart (murderer), full of hatred, and suicidal tendencies, usually by cutting on their wrist.

Whether the “Sleeping Y” theory is spot-on, and if its assumptive ill-effect could occur in the majority of people having similar signs, is debatable and inconclusive. Even so, it is easy to find out its irrelevance and impracticality, after you started compiling more people with such signs. As I’ve cited frequently, the Birth Chart does not represent the personality of an individual; their behaviours, attitudes, mindsets, responses at the moment in time, do. The periodic charts do provide clues for tendency signs relating to their personality during that time. That’s why the personality of an individual could change, after passing each chapter of their life.

In an earlier article, “On Kurt Lewin’s B=f(P, E) Equation,” I cited about a person’s behaviours is depending on their thoughts, beliefs, and reaction in specific environment, at that point in time. That means, even if you’ve similar pattern that is identical with the “Sleeping Y” theory, it doesn’t mean you WILL inhibit or display all the negative associated traits. That could create an unwarranted health scare, and when the groundless theory is misinterpreted, it might contribute to separation, divorce, or a life-and-death situation.

Look at Jang Hyun-seung’s EON chart. Frequently known as Hyunseung, he is a South Korean singer who’s best known as a former member of the boy group Beast. According to UCMHP method, Hyunseung has the “Sleeping Y” sign displayed on his Birth chart. And amazingly, the same “Sleeping Y” is shown in his Reflection Chart too. I’ve formulated the Reflection Chart sometime in 2010, after launching my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” It’s part of the extended techniques meant for advanced EON profiling. The chart was included in the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software too (in the Life Path section) as I noted its importance.

According to this Wikipedia page, there is no mentioned about Hyunseung displaying behavioural traits associated with the “Sleeping Y” theory. While we cannot anticipate what could happen in the future for him – hatred, suicidal tendencies, revengeful thoughts, emotional imbalance, and multiple failures – are usually contributed by the periodic energies in a particular year, month, or day.

Perhaps, the “Sleeping Y” theory might works for the UCMHP trainer, but impractical to use, when it comes to human behavioural profiling using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. People can change their behaviours, which in turn, could change their attitudes. Anyway, let’s set aside the debate on whether the “Sleeping Y” theory is practical and useable, and instead look at other areas that could aggravate a person’s behaviours, including the emotional and temperamental vibes.

As my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students would know, and I’ve also explained in many articles posted here on this site, we should constantly look from a Yin and Yang aspect, to identify probable root-cause effect to a person’s behaviour. I came up with the UNZIP Code in 2018, after the “Sleeping Y” theory was discussed during one of my FEN classes.

I don’t mind sharing it here – while the I-M-S-N locations are similar, there’s no necessity to have identical numbers in I-M-S locations. By rearranging the sequence of the location, I could identify “prognosis” clues allowing a person to call for action to unzip (cleanse, discharge, reduce) potential negative vibes present in any chart, although it’s more relevant on the Personal Year charts. This means, you can distinguish the key vibes present in a year, and the contributing factors (primary and secondary) that could influence your thoughts. While the UNZIP code is handy at times, I seldom apply this technique these days. After all, there are so many EON/FEN techniques I could use, like applying the EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN techniques to identify behavioural inclination styles that a person can choose, to react to a situation.

There are multiple 3s in Hyunseung’s Birth and Reflection charts. These could signify a passionate, artistic, sex appeal, and charismatic person. Excessive 3s could lead to some form of addictions, like sex, alcohol, drugs, and radical religious ideologies. His next Double-Effect (DE) vibes – or it should be a major Triple-Effect implication, since he has the DE vibes from his Birth and Reflection Charts – would be around Year 2025. The “perfectionist” and “quick success” attitudes in him, are strong. It might accelerate health conditions if personal health care is on lower priority while he pursues his goals. Again, it’s not because of the “Sleeping Y” signs, but attitude and behaviours.

With the inclusion of various exclusive charts in the FEON+ Pro software, profiling is now becoming more effective and visual. For instance, his Elemental Strength charts (see above screenshot) are showing weak Water and Earth elements. He could potentially face health issues relating to urology organs (like kidneys, urinary bladders, testes, etc.) and digestive organs (like stomach, intestines, muscle, etc.) In addition, there are other tendency signs suggesting he might have high cancer-like symptoms in future, if he neglects taking good care of his health today.

No one has a perfect birth chart and Personal Year (PY) charts – it’s up to how you think, act, and react to failures on the way to success. Recognising which profiling methods is rudimentary or practicable, is essential, if you’re keen on improving your analytical skill set and fundamental knowledge. Do not be overly worried about the “Sleeping Y” theory, especially if you’re a UCMHP student. Simply consider it as a limiting theory that you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying and fearful about. Moreover, it’s impracticable and inconclusive as the “Sleeping Y” theory does not apply to many people with similar patterns in their charts.

When I launched the current FEON+ v1.x (Android) software, I observed that the Singapore’s first Minister Mentor, the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, has the “Sleeping Y” sign. The 7-7-7 pattern is present in I-M-S locations of his birth chart. He did not display extreme signs associated with the unjustifiable UCMHP “Sleeping Y” theory. Additional checks revealed that late Christopher Reeve, who acted in the movie Superman, and David Copperfield, the illusionist and magician – both have the “Sleeping Y” signs and similar 7-7-7 patterns in I-M-S locations of their birth charts. Even Kurt Lewin has the “Sleeping Y” sign with 9-9-9 on I-M-S locations.

I could proceed to share more people with similar signs, but it doesn’t matter much anyway. If you’re sincere about getting practical and logical profiling techniques, you need to put aside the unnecessary worries and fears associated with the inconclusive “Sleeping Y” theory.

Move on, to using other essential theories that could provide better positiveness than the negativism. Always remember, negativity begets negativity and unhappiness. Why make your life so sleepily miserable and unhappy when all you need to do is to wake up, muster the courage to cross over from the negative gullible side to the positive credible side, and walk smilingly towards brighter sunshine and happiness?

Discover more about the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method like what my FEN students do. With the current FEON+ v1.x (Android) software, you can reference the various charts as handy visual clues for practical profiling. And when the FEON+ Pro is released later, you’ll find it more compelling and easier to use, with the newer features and exciting charts ready for use, within seconds. Once you’ve learned and understood the EON principles, and acquired the FEN techniques from me, there’s no one stopping you from becoming a competent and respectable profiling professional.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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