Winning Forecast for US Votes 2020: Joe Biden

It was the moment that the majority of Americans are waiting for, while the world leaders are watching closely in anticipation, to the outcome on who the next president of United States of America, would be.

For the past four years, the international communities have seen and faced disruptive changes, chaos, instability, inactions, and most importantly, the lack of accountability and responsibility shown on the current US president, as a respected leading world leader.

The predictions were made much earlier. I did not post them and waited until the result is formally announced, in view of the expected reactions by the incumbent president, causing chaotic situations, including riots, aggression and violence,  and unfounded voting fraught accusations. According to this ChannelNewsAsia article “Biden to be next US president after projected win in a Pennsylvania,” the result is now known. Now that the election is over and the 46th US president is officially announced, it’s time I shared the forecast. Today’s article is special, as I’d be sharing the insights of two associates who made their forecasting as well.

One of my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students made a forecast, using an unofficial copy of my EON ORACLE deck, before the official “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL Oracle Deck) set was introduced. Master Phat is from Thailand, and has been conducting numerology and Oracle classes in her country. Phat also created her own “Numbers and Elements” Oracle deck sets for Thailand users. We’re constantly in contact, together with other students in the FEN COMMUNITY chat group, to discuss case studies, to learn from each other on their differing views of profiling, and to share insightful information.

Phat attached the results of her Oracle prediction a few days before the US election day. She applied the simple 2-card layout, and shuffled the card based on unique steps – the left card is for Joe Biden, and right card is for Donald Trump. The question: who is the winner? Check out the photo she took. The left card for Joe Biden was showing the 1-5/6 pattern. The right card for Donald Trump was showing the 4-8/3 pattern.

For politicians with farsighted visions in mind, it’s important to have a responsible leader respected by the citizens, and the international communities. We could interpret the 1-5-6 pattern as [Leader – Face Challenge – Stability] which imply the likelihood of Joe Biden being able to present himself as a constructive world leader, someone who’s willing to face the challenges in today’s pandemic world and chaos, and act to restore the stability of domestic affairs and global confidence. The 4-8-3 pattern on Donald Trump’s card could suggest a breakout, and some sort of separation. We could also associate the 4-8-3 pattern with poor communication skills and strained relationships. This implies, there were many distrusts and frustration due to frequent misinformation, resulting in disrespect and lack of support, among US citizens. As indicated in Phat’s Oracle result, the expected winner is Joe Biden.

Master Jenson Goh, is a close associate of mine who I met when we studied Feng Shui, Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics methodologies in 2004. He, along with others, including my Bazi mentors, contributed a great deal to the success of the BaziCalc software I developed in 2004. Jenson is conducting Feng Shui, Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Qi Men Dun Jia; check this link for more info. Jenson messaged me with a screenshot of Donald Trump’s Bazi chart, days before, and wrote, “Trump will lose this time as his supporters are now hurt badly and turning against him.” I then replied, “Explain more, so I can use your observations in my article, from Bazi perspective; and I can complement them with EON.” Below are the two audio messages that I’ve received from Master Jenson. Click play button of either links below to listen…

Explanation of Bazi forecast:

Initial forecast to Bazi students:

Jenson had discussed the potential winner of the US presidential election with his Bazi students in March 2020, which was a little over seven months ago. At the time when he shared the forecast observation with his Bazi students, he wasn’t aware of the US president election date. Oh, one more thing… Jenson is the only person, besides me (of course), to use the current beta-version of BaziCalc+ software that I developed and completed late last year. Master Jenson’s Bazi students saw all the features of BaziCalc+ in action, as he used the software when analysing cases during lessons. The screenshot shows the Bazi chart of Donald Trump, with all six pillars displayed – the left two pillars were possible as Donald’s birth time was available.

For the benefit of those who don’t understand some of the Chinese spoken words made by Master Jenson, or don’t know about the Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny), I’ll translate briefly, his Bazi observations. His Day Master is “Ji(Earth element).  The “Si Wu Wei” and “Wu Xu” combinations at the Earthly Branches, is manifesting the Fire element – suggesting support. When we look at the Year, Month and (next) Day pillars, there is strong presence of “Zi” and “Hai” – the Water element. The strong “Hai” and “Zi” is affecting his supporters (Fire element). Moreover, the presumed element of “wealth” does not seem good, which results more in “loss of wealth“ (bi jian jie cai). His Resource element (Earth) was also affected by the Year and Month’s Water elements, resulting in the lack of supporters. It created the impression that Donald Trump had to defend himself, with no strong external supporters.

Once again, it’s worth knowing about other profiling methods as well, as no single method can provide conclusive clues each time. I’ve shared Phat’s Oracle forecast using the special EON Oracle Deck, where I’d designed and get them printed in colour on A3 paper, then manually cut and laminated. Overall, the printing, cutting and laminating process took approximately 20 hours to complete. It was worth the time spent as both Phat and I, had received the positive energies and exciting findings while using the EON ORACLE Deck sets, which subsequently inspired me to create the enhanced NIPL ORACLE Deck.

Now, I’ll briefly explain my findings from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. If you listened to the two audio clips of Master Jenson or read his analysis of Bazi, you could have noticed similar findings on Donald’s EON charts.

The Day Chart (for 3 Nov 2020) is showing the 5-4-9-4-5-9 pattern, with the Root number 9. In many ways, the energy of the day supports Donald’s Root 4, as both numbers are elements of Wood. He’s like indulging in mind traps, to become a victim of his own success with the influences from multiple 4s and 9s. These created an internal, dense forest-like “blocked or walled” visions – the unrealistic “tall trees growing sky-high” hopes and perceived success in his mind, which subsequently, affected his behaviours and responses. Furthermore, when you look at the Combined Day Chart, the 7-6-4-1-2-3 pattern suggests there were strong initial supporters (7), but in the end, the strength of support eventually diminished, when it came to just talking (2) about, and taking final actions (3) to vote… for him. In general, the observations from EON perspective, was similar to and/or complements Master Jenson’s Bazi analysis.

There is another easier way to find out, simply by checking the “R/C Elemental Strengths” of the “Relationship / Compatibility” (R/C) option of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and the energies present on the president election day.

The R/C Chart is suggesting strong Metal element, followed by the Water element. According to the Five Element principles, Donald’s Root 4 (Wood) is affected (and controlled) by the Metal element, while Joe’s Root 2 (Water) is supported (as the resource) by the Metal element. In addition, the Water element in the “R/C Elemental Strengths” is stronger than the Wood element, which further strengthened Joe’s Root 2 (Water). As in the popular Bazi phrase, “Too Much Water, Wood will Drift,” this implies that Donald’s Root 4 (Wood) is in a “dreamy and drifting mind” states – like having false visions, vague successes, emotional tensions, uncertainties, swaying mood swings, angers, denials and survival needs, and so on.

Phat and Jenson, are lucky and fortunate, to many extents, to have the essential EON/Bazi and Oracle tools needed to assist in their forecasting and observational analysis. The NIPL ORACLE Deck sets were sold out early this year. I had printed them in limited quantities because the cost for each deck set was not cheap, compared to many commercial Oracle decks. I did not re-order the printing earlier due to the COVID-19 lockdown period in early March. Now that situations are improving with companies resuming operations at a new normal, I might be placing a fresh order to print the second batch of NIPL ORACLE Deck sets, if required. Please let me know (via email at if you’re interested to purchase the NIPL ORACLE Deck set.

As for the BaZiCalc+ and FEON+ software tools; they are currently in beta-testing, and would not be released anytime soon.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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