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In this recent BBC article, the number of adults with diabetes in the world has more than doubled. If you have been following me for the past one year or so, you’d know the tendency signs of diabetes are present in the Year 2011 vibes. I also mentioned the increasing rate of diabetic cases in my Numerological Predictive Observation 2011 article.

At the recent 1st EON Workshop, I have shared with the participants the technique to spot the tendency sign of diabetes in a person’s birth chart, and in their coming Personal Years chart as well.  I have also taught them the Visualisation technique to identify tendency signs related to common health conditions.

It was more difficult to identify the signs using the Power of Numbers (PON) or other similar numerology methods. It was easier using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. After I applied the Five Elements metaphor in EON, my intuitions led me to identify more surprising discoveries.

I used the image of sugar cane to correlate the elements and the numbers with diabetes. It is also known as “sugar urine illness” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

I also explained the methods to find out the possible cause of the diabetes being heredity or through external influence.

I could see the excitement on their faces when I revealed the elements on the numbers for diabetes. The satisfaction I had in my mind was like a fulfilment after I’d shared my findings with them.

I must highlight that although the health signs could be present, it doesn’t necessary mean the person will have diabetes. Similarly, if there is no tendency sign on a person’s birth chart, it doesn’t mean they would not have diabetes – the signs could appear in the Personal Year chart. The signs could also appear on the Personal Month or Personal Day chart as well. That was one “reason” why many people had a sudden craving to eat more sugar-rich food on a certain period when they don’t usually do.

I’m continuing my EON research on many areas, including health. It was possible partly because I’m using my own developed EON software where the necessary data are displayed on the screen, waiting for me to digest them into useful information. I’ll share the concluded discoveries with you at future EON Workshop sessions, my next book, and on this site.

Don’t worry too much if you missed the 1st EON Workshop. You could have your priorities and commitment previously, so cheer up and be happy. Don’t hasten your EON learning – take the time now to practise what I have described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Once I’ve confirmed the 2nd EON Workshop schedule, you can then grab the opportunities to attend. By then, you’ll have the capacity to learn advanced EON fundamentals quickly.

For now, it doesn’t matter whether you can identify the diabetes sign or not – just make sure you don’t consume too much sugar-rich food, or food with high carbohydrates (rice and potatoes), or even alcoholic drinks.

Stay Healthy and Be Happy Always.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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