8-4-3 Effects on Maria and Arnold

Maria Shriver has filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to this recent article.

“Must be 8-4-3 effects,” I could sense some of you saying…

Yes, the extreme effects of 8-4-3 are affecting Maria and Arnold. Married couples do file for separation or divorce for various reasons – money, irreconcilable differences, adultery, transgression, and so on. In this case, it’s one of the “classic” examples where one can easily identify the cause behind an 8-4-3 divorce – third-party involvement.

For the benefit of new users still learning Elements of Numbers (EON) or anyone curious, let’s look at Maria Shriver’s Birth chart and check what we can gather from her chart using EON methods.

In Maria’s chart, the 8-4-3 number combination is present in her Personal Year 2011 (PY2011) chart, in the MNO locations.

It is also possible to identify the probable cause (or resultant element and number) to a number combination. The 8-4-3 effects were caused by the 7-2-9 energies. In simple terms, it means the strained relationship was due to an external affair with a third-party person.

Confused with the 8-4-3?

Don’t worry. You can read up the fundamentals and meanings of the numbers and its combinations in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”.

You can buy the book from local major bookstores (e.g., Kinokuniya, Popular, and Times for those staying Singapore) and through online bookstores like Amazon (for those staying overseas, outside Singapore).

Here’s a tip when you see the 8-4-3 present on a person’s PY chart. Normally, it’s the person who’d initiate the separation or divorce. Occasionally, the relationship problem could be with someone else like co-workers, bosses, employees, government officials, suppliers, customers, and others.

[Special note to EON Workshop participants – remember the whistling kettle image shown at the workshop? Try to relate the Spouse element to the “cause and effect” of the kettle. In addition, are you able to notice the additional fiery impact when applying the “overlaying of the charts” technique? ]

When the 8-4-3 is present in a person’s Birth chart, it doesn’t necessary always imply the person would forever be lonely or alone. Or they cannot marry as they’d ended separated or divorced. On the contrary, many happy married people do have 8-4-3 in their charts. They could have changed their perspectives and lifestyle earlier in the lives. Their truthfulness, moral standings and tolerance could have changed their mindset and actions. This may have somehow prevented the annoying mood and temperaments from exploding.

At my recent EON Workshop, I’ve shared with the participants more effects of the 8-4-3 combinations in a chart. I also highlighted the consequential effects it can do to a person when they have a “Double Effect” Year as well.

If you have an 8-4-3 number combination in your Personal Year 2011 chart, getting angry or emotional doesn’t work every time. Yes, it may work for you for the short period. But it won’t last for long. Instead, you should always learn to exercise control over your emotional and temperamental stress. Remember – positive thought is the key to a happier life. So, focus on the good traits of others rather than the bad ones if you want a happy relationship with your loved ones. It takes two hands to clap, and two different people’s sincere and moral commitment to tie the bond together.

Bless your partner while you can and embrace the power of love, trust, happiness and gratitude.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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