On Hilbert’s Health: High Anxiety & Others

I was watching a slideshow video highlighting the various warning signs when your heart doesn’t work properly. In one segment, high anxiety was shown with the contributing factors – “stress at work; your childhood fears and panic attacks can cause tachycardia (abnormally rapid heart rate) and increased blood pressure.

From the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method which encompasses the Five Elements principle, we could correlate the heart as Fire element, and anxieties as Metal element. What this means is that when both Fire  and Metal elements are constantly at varying strengths, the controlling, exhausting, and repelling effects (based on the Elemental Cycles) could affect the person.

That said, when the Fire element is strong, it can affect Metal, just like a laser cutting a sheet of metal plate. And when we correlate that to the human body and our health, the potential health conditions relating to the Metal element include stroke, breathlessness, sleep apnea, hyperventilating, and others. And as shown in the video that I was watching, other symptoms include sudden pain in the shoulders and arm; constant or persistent coughing; swollen legs, ankles and feet; lack of appetite and feeling nauseous; and losing consciousness or fainting.

Let’s take a look at Hilbert’s EON chart. The 3-6-9-6-3-9 pattern reminded me of a long candle, enclosed with metallic cover on the side. When the candle burns, it creates some form of energy airflow around the inner-surface of the metal cover. That is why sometimes when you hold the metal cover, you can feel that it’s warm, cold, or hot – depending on the intensity and position of the burning flame.

When Fire is strong, the Metal is hot; and when the Fire is weak, the Metal is cold – these could create health symptoms that I have mentioned earlier. What this means is that when the Fire is strong, Hilbert might feel overly excited, anxious, and tend to hyperventilate – causing his heart beat to be fast. And when Fire is weak, he could display health symptoms like feeling cold and chilly, illness anxiety disorder, depression, sleep apnea, and others.

Next year, with the 3-3-6-9-9-9 patterns present in his Personal Year (PY2019) Chart, it will create a similar effect as the Double-Effect vibes, with the manifestations of the numbers 3, 6, and 9. This means the more Hilbert has to take extra care of his heart and mental health. I told Hilbert, “Strong Wood could affect Metal and enhance Fire. This means immune and respiratory symptoms like breathlessness, anxiety, hyperventilating. And for Fire, the anxious excitement could cause your heartbeat to be fast…

I’ve shared an observation about the transitioning effect of the annual energies with FEN students. This means the year energy doesn’t “come in” on 1st January at 00:00:01 (one second after midnight) and “get out” on 31st December at 23:59:59 (one second before midnight). Instead, due to the transitioning effect of the transient energies, there is an overlap of the current Year 2018 energies with the coming Year 2019 energies at certain periods. The reason – as we are presently at the last quarter (Oct-Dec) of the year, Hilbert could also be influenced and be affected by the PY2019 energies as well.

While it’s beneficial for Hilbert to consume water moderately, I’d advise him not to follow the actions of celebrities who faced similar symptoms – resort to binge alcohol drinking and smoking. Instead, he should consider drinking warm or room-temperature water, and avoid consuming the ice-filled or refrigerated drinks. Of course, if Hilbert likes to drink ice-cold water occasionally, that is OK as the keyword is “moderation.” Otherwise, he could experience the “brain freeze effect” at times when gulping down ice-cold water quickly.

Hilbert should not contain his passion and excitement within himself, and should actively be involved in outdoor activities, even if he dislikes doing it today. I wrote, “In your chart, the Root number of your Birth Time and Combined Birth Date and Time charts, is Wood (number 4). And your Root number of Birth Chart is Wood (number 9). Hence, you tend to be more emotional and sensitive.

Hilbert should avoid being picky or nags, and being a perfectionist as it could add more stress to him.  If possible, it’d be beneficial to Hilbert to improve on his empathetic behaviours, and be more focused on prioritising and carrying out his plans, to avoid self-imposing undue stress again upon himself.

When Fire is strong, Hilbert might display the temperamental traits, including a fiery outburst, bipolar disorder, hot temper, frustrations, abusive behaviours, and others. He needs to control his emotions and tempers to avoid manifesting the fiery vibes, as there are signs of him in the “high-risk group” of people with cancerous tendencies. His health symptoms showed Water and Earth elements – this means he needs to take care of his kidney and urinary system (associated with Water element); and intestines, muscles, and digestive system (associated with Earth element) in his body.

Learning emotional and anger management techniques can be useful and handy, especially if he’s currently feeling in an un-emotional and non-anger states. Consciously being aware of the techniques could save him from the sudden outburst of energies that might affect his health conditions. Involving in community service or charity projects could help dilute the excess negative energies. Practising regular meditation or other relaxation exercises (like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or Yoga) is beneficial to him as well.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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