Tiger Woods loses another sponsor

Tiger Woods may lose the Tag Heuer sponsorship when his terms expire this year after the major sponsor has decided to drop him from their list, according to this online report.

The tendency sign of losing money is present in his Personal Year chart (PY2011). As a result, he is getting fewer sponsors now. You may want to check my previous articles like “Tiger Woods’ Spitting Shot” and “Tiger Woods lose Gillette deal in 2011”.

The 5-7-3 effects is still strong and affecting his decreasing income from the sponsors.

To make matter worst, the 5-7-3 negative effects are getting stronger this year. This is mainly due to the influences of the “Double Effects Year” vibes on him in 2011. In a way, he is experiencing the “Double Whammy” negative effect now.  He also needs to be careful to avoid possible legal entanglement too.

Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to find out more about the “Double Effect Year” and “Double Whammy”, and the positive influence of “Double Blessing” too.

He may need to review his career’s strategies now as next year (2012) could be a challenging but stressful one for him.

While there could be much movement, communications (and probably promises and gossips), his supporters and current sponsors are pressuring him to deliver his promises. There are also tendency signs of the sensual pleasure and it could affect his thoughts and concentration in his golf game. He needs to ensure he swings the golf balls to the right course, and not be swayed by emotions and swing haphazardly to the transgression grass. Otherwise, this could agitate the professional faith his current sponsors still had on his sporting abilities on the golf courses.

Put aside the distracting sensual game and focus instead on the golf game – that’s what he needs to do to repackage himself and make a career comeback.

If he could focus on his charismatic swing on the golf course, there is a possibility of a brighter outlook for him from as early as late 2012. His golf supporters and sponsors would also be happy then. Success depends on his mind and hands, and most importantly, his tendency swings.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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