Yesterday (27 October 2018) was an exciting day for everyone at the 6th FEN WORKSHOP class. As usual, the 1st-day of the class started on a quiet note as most of the students had attended PON, LifeQuest, or UCMHP courses before; and was reserved and apprehensive at first due to their not-so-positive experience with other trainers previously. Soon after, once they realised my training style and sharing approach was different, everyone felt comfortable and began asking many profiling questions.

I’ve explained the fundamental of the underlying characteristics of each number, from 1 to 9. These include imparting the visualisation techniques to the students. This way, they could inculcate the use of visualisation and observation, and identifying  the behavioural characteristics of each number, before correlating its potential effect when two or more numbers are closed-linked. Over time, when students practised applying these useful visualisation techniques, they’d no longer be restrained by the limited ability to examine a chart using number patterns only.

Number patterns, while it is good and handy at times, does not provide an absolute definition of specific traits or characteristics, unlike what many external trainers told their students. Then, there are other trainers who proudly shared their preview YouTube videos affirming such extremely negative associations, just to impress or impose fear on others. Sadly, many people incline to think of pessimistic consequences first, when faced with doubts – that created the unconscious urge to find out all the excessive cases rather than looking at positive sides. In many ways, these extreme negative assumptions could be dangerous, like creating character assassination of some sorts, when interpreted wrongly. They could intentionally have shared misleading stereotypes and biased attributes of a person, or in some instances, lead to detrimental consequences affecting a person’s marriage, relationship, or financial state.

Think how you feel if you have the 2-7-9 or 7-2-9 patterns in your birth chart, and being stereotyped as a “Mistress” sign; or having a 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 and deemed to be a bankrupt in your life? How discouraging and naïve can the trainer be, and assuming there is merely the extreme negative traits a person might have? We should always be mindful that there is such a Yin and Yang effects, and extreme effects on both sides – positively and negatively. 

Remembering the effects and interactions of the Five Elements and its associations to each numbers, could be overwhelming to others, but not so for the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students as they learned to “see” the numbers through visual associations in the Nature and everyday lifestyles. The advantages of acquiring the visual techniques are huge, and FEN students don’t have to rely on number patterns specifically, to realise that there are so many deviations available, and not only one or two traits that they have been taught somewhere else. As noted earlier, many of the FEN students earlier attended PON, LifeQuest, UCMHP, and other courses conducted elsewhere, and lack of confidence in profiling a chart beyond identifying the number patterns only. I’m glad the students recognised the value-add benefits they could get from me.

Today (28th October), students learned more about the extended EON (Elements of Numbers) theories and applications, which included the periodic code and EFV FLOW methods. I explained why it can be harmful and emotional for people who constantly rely on the LifeCode pattern adopted by other trainers, and why it is important NOT to manifest symbolic plaques (sold/promoted by the trainers) or anything that manifest the LifeCode pattern. Like a FengShui cure that requires annual recharge and replacement, a LifeCode pattern cannot contain the same set of pattern every year – its energies would deplete over time, and became a useless decoration. I also shared the diverse ways to decode the Birth Code, Year Code, Day Code, Reflection Code and a few others – these periodic codes are important and useful as a guiding sign to enable students to understand its energy flow, and what actions to take accordingly. This means periodic codes tend to deliver more vibrant energies in accordance to its periodic influences, coming from the day, month, or year. That’s logical as we know we don’t face the same issue, people, work, and global news every day, and we know the daily energies can change and influence us different or varying. Stop using or relying on LifeCode ornaments or patternsthis is simply an expensive symbolic ornament meant for commercial profiteering reasons than lifetime use. Furthermore, it does not provide positive long-standing energising effects at all, and could be damaging to a person’s health if wrongly applied.

Pupils learned about Relative Directional methods – this implies every direction can be used to gather beneficial results. And by enhancing the energies through Qi Tapping techniques, students learned how to optimise the energies at certain checkpoints, and maximise its beneficial influence on the opportune time. I’ve shared extended patterns and techniques like childbirth; understanding how to identify the Triple or Double Effect Days in every month helps provide good date selections for positive actions; and applying the life force energies – these enable extra layers of activities that the students can act upon, to achieve positive vibes or as remedial solutions to harmonise the energies influencing a person. And lastly, I explained the various ego states in Transactional Analysis, and highlighted the reasons why it’s equally important to convey in an adult-to-adult ego state, for effective communication.

Of course, as in previous classes, students were excited when it comes to real-time, “life” case study analysis – from looking at the charts of a mentally-unbalanced person (overcome by spiritual beings), to the suitability criteria for checking on domestic worker, and career change.

And as an appreciation for the students’ support, I shared non-religious use of FengShui remedial enhancements with them. This included the application of “inner circle” and “waterfall” techniques, and applying the “elephant” method for better communication.

All in all, I assured the students that as in any classroom teaching, it’s impossible for them to be an expert overnight, or in a short time frame. However, I’m certain even after they’ve completed the 2-day class, their profiling knowledge and understanding would exponentially be multiplied further. And if they’re still “blur” or mixed up, they could share their questions or observations to fellow FEN students through the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. This provides a lifelong, after-class, continuing lessons for the students, without extra charges or membership fees required. For me, It’s all about my passion and sharing the jug filled with knowledge water to others, so that I can regularly refill the jug with more knowledge water. Whichever way you looked at it, my jug of knowledge water is constantly at the half-full or half-empty level.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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