Fear of multiple 9s

Kelvin was worried about the multiple 9s (success) traits in his daughter’s chart and noted it was similar to the patterns found in Elvis Presley’s chart. Kelvin wondered if such signs could have inconspicuous interpretations that he’s not aware.

Let’s look at Stacy’s chart – the tendency signs suggesting a person who is charismatic and chatty (7-2-9, 2-7-9), is success-driven (1-8-9), and has high ambitions (multiple 9s).

By the way, we should always consider a person’s age during profiling and not stick to standard profiling terms that we usually associated to an adult person. Take the case of 2-7-9 and 7-2-9 patterns. Stacy is still young, and it is important Kelvin inculcate the right family, moral, and shared values to his children.

With the right family upbringing Stacy could become a charismatic, sweet, and presentable woman in her later years. Stacy can become the strong woman people look on as a firm and moral person who does not hastily enter flirtatious relationships just to achieve her goals. As long as Kelvin can conscientiously take the effort to guide his daughter along moral lines, there’s little to worry about for now while Stacy is still young.

I told Kelvin that Stacy has both the “street smart” and “book smart” traits, and it’s equally important Kelvin does not overstress her with her studies, or use force to compel her to study. Teenagers these days study differently. They could be doing multitasking like listening to the music, messaging to friends, surfing the Internet, watching the TV, and yet could study at the same time. When a teenager is forced to study every time, they may rebel through non-verbal means. And these may affect their school term and examination results. As Stacy has both street-smart and book-smart traits, Kelvin can inculcate the habits of exploration and research in getting her to build up her own knowledge. Stacy is now in the adolescent age – her sensual thoughts and self-exploration are high. She needs proper guidance on sensual matters like sex and moral education from both her parents, especially from her mother.

Using an analogy, the multiple 9s is like a forest with many tall trees that compete for the sky. Only the tallest tree gets to receive the best sunshine energies direct from the Sun. Now think of companies with high goals. Some companies use hard-headed, forceful, and shrewd tactics against their competitors regardless of the results. They could achieve their goals. But when these companies adopted such unhealthy corporate culture from their early successful ventures, they may eventually lose out because they’ve side tracked in their original purposes. The urge to grow the tallest tree to receive all the sunshine energies became a selfish corporate mission. The greed of power and material gains heavily influenced them. Their fast success may lead to hurtful, unhealthy failure later.

You can associate the collective top management behaviours of such corporate analogies to the traits in people especially those with multiple 9s in their chart. The urge for fast success is present with the unconscious thoughts of greed when success comes too fast and easy.  When greed overrules the humanitarian and caring nature which we can associate the number 9 as well, these people may experience relationship problems with others because of their “self-egoistic” and proud traits. Therefore, it is important for Kelvin to inculcate the habit of social responsibility to Stacy and impart the humanitarian and caring habits in her while she’s young. Stacy may grow up to be a caring and charitable person, and have successful career if she had good family upbringing and was taught the right moral guidance when young.

Stacy may experience some relationship or communication problems last year (2011). It could be with her family members, parents, relatives, classmates, or teachers. It could have influenced her mentally and affected her perspective towards others and life. This year, with the multiple 5s present in her PY2012 chart, Stacy may be experiencing a stressful phase, meeting obstacles including her studies. Her emotions are strong too. It is important for Kelvin and his wife to watch her regularly for signs of stress, rebellious nature, or mental disorientations; and to seek counselling help when necessary.


What’s mentioned above are just tendency signs based on the numbers and elemental vibes that are present in the charts. It does not imply Stacy will experience all traits mentioned previously, currently, or in her later years. With proper parental guidance and good family upbringing, Kelvin should not worry too much about his daughter. Stacy would be in a healthier state to “dilute” any negative influences with positive thoughts and actions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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