Thanks to EON Workshop Participants

My sincere thanks and gratitude goes to those who took the effort and supported me at the EON Workshop yesterday (25 June 2011). I also received emails from some of you who could not attend yesterday’s workshop due to other commitments. Rest assured I will review your “request” for the 2nd workshop schedule.

Initial feedback received from participants was positive and encouraging.  The workshop session was divided into 3 parts. The first part provided participants with a visual understanding of the Five Elements and its relation to the numbers 1-9 used in the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. I’m glad they found the session visually exciting as they could now understand the Five Elements concept better than before. I wanted participants to remember the traits of the numbers by its elements through photographic real-life images that they can relate easily. And I’m glad I did. There’s no need to remember number traits by heart now!

Many learned the techniques to identify health conditions like cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, tinnitus and ear pains, miscarriage and “Double Effects” pitfalls, birth and conception, spiritual senses, relationships and some others. I have also shared the technique to identify the Career element – its presence and vibes that could lead to promotion, deployment, resignation or retrenchment. I’ve also shared other traits like checking on spouse’s health condition from one person’s birth chart. Oh yes, not forgetting the techniques to know whether a person is street smart or book smartthat’s useful if you are eager about academic ability of your kids!

To make my EON Workshop uniquely different and exciting, many of the techniques taught at the workshop were adapted from the draft manuscript of my second Book. In short, they had the opportunity to learn the techniques first-hand. There are no plans to release Book 2 as it’s currently “work-in-progress”.

Yes, participants were taught the techniques to plot a life path chart. These include the Universal and Personal Years, Months and Days. As a special bonus, I have also shared the technique to plot the Universal Hour elements. I’ll provide more case studies on how to apply these techniques in future articles.

The last part was the interactive session where participants provided sample birth dates. I could showcase the registered version of my EON (Android) software to the class. As a gesture of goodwill for supporting my 1st EON Workshop, all participants who have compatible Android smartphone can install the registered version FREE.

One female participant told me after the workshop, “The techniques I’ve learned from you, apart from the underpriced workshop fee, are worth much more than I have paid to learn from <deleted>”.

If you are among those who’d attended the workshop, the insights I have provided to you is just the start of the journey of elemental discoveries. You can now profile a person and identify potential traits in their life path easily. Remember, apply the techniques ethically and don’t misuse the system.

My main focus is still on EON research and sharing my discoveries though case studies and my books. You can learn to profile a person quickly by reading my book and digesting the articles posted here.  The EON Workshop is only important if you need to pick up advanced techniques on EON Profiling. It is necessary if you want to become a better consultant and trainer using EON methods.

There are no immediate plans to schedule the 2nd workshop in the next few months even though my 1st workshop yesterday was a success. It’s OK if you have missed the 1st workshop yesterday. It’s all about connectedness, correlativity and synchronicity. Luck comes when preparations meet opportunities.

Until then, stay happy and healthy always!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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2 Responses

  1. Ron WZ Sun says:

    Hi Fanny. No, I don’t conduct workshops in Chinese. I’ve also replied to your queries… check your mailbox.

    check out this posting –
    Regards, Ron

  2. FANNY FAYTH LIM says:

    Hi, im sorry that my english is not very gd! So is there have chinese?? I had buy ur this EON. The book of EON, didnt teach which part to see married? Got a fengshui shop got read this PON system! And said: K L num is read married life, is that true?? And So, isiz mean add timing, the chart is more accurate?? and if we have birth chart and time chart and also have…combine chart!! which one to follow??? as the element is different!! Thankyou so much if you can reply me soon! May i knw did you read our life if we request. and charge?? What is your workshop charge?? Thanks & regards, Fanny fayth.

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