Checking on Your Spouse

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sharing a new way to spy on your spouse; to know if your spouse has an external affair; or to discover the likelihood of your spouse having an illicit affair soon. Although it’s technically possible to identify such Romancing signs, it’s not the main focus of today’s article as learning the techniques to be a Spouse-Breaker could do more harm than good. Sorry.

In today’s article, it’s all about identifying signs on your spouse or loved ones. I have shared a unique method to check on spouse issue (like health) at my earlier EON Workshop sessions. You can look at the general tendency signs that may affect a person’s spouse, just by looking at the person’s chart (without knowing the spouse’s Birth date or plotting the spouse chart).

Desmond sent an email to me sometime back. He asked, “Based on one’s chart, can we say that we can assess the relationship between the person and their spouse?

Yes, why not? It is possible once you learned and understood the extended methods in the Elements of Numbers (EON) system. Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to learn the basic theories of EON. I’ve included many case studies to help you understand the basics faster. The book is also useful if you want to discover your true traits, or just need a quick method to do a personality and character profiling on others using the EON method.

The EON Workshop focuses more on the extended and advanced methods that you can apply and analyse beyond character profiling. You can use it for life path profiling which is more useful than personality profiling. Many of the techniques taught at the workshop would help empower you the advantage over others, when it comes to using EON for real-life, practical applications.

Take the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Personal Year 2011 chart. It is possible to identify signs of stressing traits on Maria in Arnold’s PY2011 chart. Similarly, it is also possible to identify relationship issue with Arnold from Maria’s PY2011 chart.

Check the sample slide. I’ve used it at the earlier EON Workshop to provide a visual side-by-side example on Arnold and Maria, and explained the tendency signs of what might happened in a particular year. I’ve since updated the slide to explain how the yearly influence can also affect a couple. In short, it means you can now adapt the unique extended EON method to look at the person’s spouse conditions, even if you don’t have access to the spouse’s birth date or chart.

I’ve used the identification method from I-Ching (YiJing) and adapted it for my Bazi Divination workshop I’d conducted some years back. Anyway, I’m glad I did the same adaptation to EON as the results can be surprisingly interesting and positive. I’m glad I could share the method on checking spouse’s issues with those who’d supported me at the previous EON Workshop sessions.

Registration for the 4TH EON WORKSHOP is now open. Please register early with McCoy at 8356-0179 to avoid disappointment as we have limited seats because of the classroom size. The EON WORKSHOP is useful if you’ve completed the Power of Numbers (PON), Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling, or other almost similar numerology courses. You can expand your profiling knowledge to help others know their true self, and guide them to improve their life path.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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