Life Profiling through EON and BAZI


Wendy spoke to a friend who learned Numerology and Bazi. According to her friend, “Numerology is limited. You can only identify the person’s character but cannot “see” the good and bad period of your life. Most importantly (for many Chinese people) is to know when you are making money.

Wendy sounded anxious and asked if her friend was stating the fact.

I started learning Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) in 2004 and have studied with many mentors. Each mentor specialises in certain area of a person’s life (health, wealth, luck, and so on) and I benefited from their coaching’s and experiences. Learning about the strength of the ‘Day Master’, favourable and unfavourable elements are just great for beginners as it helps them understand the chart from a basic perspective. Today, I’m still seeing experienced Bazi professionals and enthusiasts debating on the strength of the ‘Day Master’ and the favourable or unfavourable elements.

There are clashes and combinations of the elements in Bazi. I’ve observed Bazi users ‘running around in circles’ in this area. They couldn’t decide if the clashes (of the elements) should come first, or if combination (of the elements) should take precedence. It’s not a straightforward execution on the order of operations in a mathematical equation. As the resulting element (a result of earlier “clashed or combined”) could possibly be further “clashed or combined” with another element, this further created confusion among many people, even to the experts. Today, some Bazi users are uncertain on the levels of clashes and combinations – when two elements can be “clashed or combined”, and how many levels can we consider when the resulting element further be “clashed or combined”? Or is there just one level that a clashed element could no longer be combined to form a resulting element? Just ask many Bazi users and chances are, you may get varying answers as there is no right or wrong answers as it “all depends” on individual interpretations. Confused?

Bazi user could easily define the strength of the Day Master. Some of them would consider the seasonal Month Branch while others would estimate their element “weightage”. Then, there’re others who might look at contributing areas including the Day and Luck Pillars. But no one could accentuate their analysis is correct since the influence of the effects hold stronger in theory than in real-life practical cases.

Some people learned Bazi to identify the periods they can increase their wealth. Surprisingly, many of these same people are still chasing after wealth even though they’re in their ‘wealth luck’ periods from the Annual Pillar or 10-Year Luck Pillar.  What’d happened? It’s not because of their inability to understand the metaphysics system to guide them chase their goals. More likely, it’s their adaptation to mindset changes and taking on paradigm shift towards positive behaviours and habits. They could be aiming for the wrong goals, moving in the wrong direction, and acting in more stressful ways!

I’ve the opportunity to learn beyond the theories when I started developing on metaphysics titles. I’ve to set my ‘own rules and conditions’ in the software to ensure I get the correct result quickly. And to do that needs me to adopt the ‘cause and effect’ analysing process. And that helps build up the experience which come handy for my EON research.

BANNER5Numerology, in general, provides a quick way to allow anyone to profile a person’s personality.

Wendy’s friend mentioned that numerology is limited as he could not tell the good and bad periods of a person’s life.  His conclusion came from his understanding of the numerology systems he could have learned and practises. Many numerology systems commonly used today are great for personality profiling but lacking on life path profiling.

I had similar thinking when I first learned the Power of Numbers (PON) in early 2007 from Dr Oliver Tan. I then put aside the PON methods and focused on Bazi. A year later, I’d this compelling urge to expand the Five Elements theory in PON using my knowledge in Chinese metaphysics. I’m glad I’ve adapted the best practices of Bazi and other metaphysics systems into the ELEMENTS OF NUMBERS (EON).

An experienced metaphysician or life coach would know they cannot use one single metaphysics system for every life path or personality profiling cases. They know it is equally important to use alternative methods to help them identify extra clues from different perspectives.

Kim_Kardashian_EON ChartTake the case of the 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 patterns which we could quickly associate that to many traits including EQ (Emotional Quotient) and interpersonal relationship with others using the EON method. It’s so easy and fast to identify such traits in EON and it might take more time to identify similar traits in Bazi. You can look at a Year Pillar in Bazi and gathered the possible outcome from analysing the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of the pillar.

In EON you can also look at the Universal and Personal numbers in the Year, Month, and Day pillars to gather possible outcomes too. I’ve intentionally designed my EON software to plot these periodic pillars similar to Bazi. I’m moving towards the direction where it’s possible to use EON for life path profiling. It’s now possible to analyse a person’s life path including their career, health, and… wealth.

Many EON WORKSHOP students could easily identify their personal wealth, luck, and success elements from their periodic charts. These elements may not be identical with the Luck (7), Wealth (6) and Success (9) in the PON methods which often are great for general use.

Wendy may want to get her friend to buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and read up the many articles I’ve posted on this web-blog. I know it’s possible to change her friend’s mindset about the limiting features of numerology.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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