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Not many of you know I have a Twitter account. I can’t blame you as many of you prefer reading my articles than the short tweets. I prefer spending time doing more research, working on my metaphysics software title projects, or writing articles and then post it here. However, there are times when I just want to share information and hints to others, and the tweets come handy. It helps deliver my message quickly. I just want to know how people interpreted my message.

Doreen was one of those who noticed my tweet posted on 12 March 2013 and wrote, “… you tweeted Soft and Hard/Fast Style. Can you further elaborate on this?

Tweet_123I’ve mentioned the opportunities (received and missed ones) of the 1-2-3 vibes in previous articles. When we focus on money matters, the 1-2-3 vibes do show tendency signs of incoming wealth luck for the person. I’ve also highlighted the fact this person has to take positive action to build up their resources when money comes. The person cannot just dream about the vast wealth and not doing anything to transform their increasing finances into physical assets (properties and bank savings). When they hold on to the vision without taking proper actions, the opportunity to have assets and increasing wealth in their later years could just be a dream. The person must be willing to take up the challenges, face obstacles (should it happens), and work harder to get others to create the ‘luck path’ they need.

You have learned the basic theory the 1-2-3 pattern could imply quick money and assets (when the pattern is at locations O-P-Q in Birth chart). You know many people with 1-2-3 are not wealthy and have few or no assets. You also know many rich people do not have 1-2-3 in their birth charts too. So how do they gather their wealth during their living years?

Now, let’s focus on my tweet. What do I mean by “… could 2-4-6 means double times of 1-2-3 and 3-6-9 means triple times of 1-2-3”?

A person who has the 2-4-6 pattern in their birth chart can eventually have assets and money, like people with the 1-2-3 patterns. People with the 1-2-3 [Alone-Talk-Fast=Money] could often have the tendency signs to think (mental thoughts, usually for personal gains) about creating more wealth and persuading (expressing) others to support them to achieve a common goal. An analogy is to correlate the strategy used by some politicians, wealth creators and managers, and investment consultants. A “win-win” dealing that supposedly should benefited everyone. Chances are, this person would usually earn more rewarding gains (through direct and indirect means) than others, unless their supporters happened to have the “1-2-3” pattern in their charts (Birth or Personal Year). The 1-2-3 approach is usually a direct “self-focused, monopolistic-like” communication between the person and others.

On the other hand, the 2-4-6 [Talk-Plan-Money=Fast] provide the path for the person to present their plans and visions, much like the passionate evangelists getting more funds through the KickStarter projects. And when others see “moving” potential (2) in the product’s growth (4) with commercial returns and stability (6), money comes in quickly (3). There is no self-egoisticI” (first number 1 as in 1-2-3) but “We” (first number 2 as in 2-4-6) in community bonding and mindsets. When there are “group benefits”, the ROI (Return On Investment) returns could potentially be higher (double or more?). These people (with 2-4-6) would prefer using the ‘softer and indirect practical approach’ to convince others to carry out their plans to achieve their goals.

Some of you might be thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Or “Now that Ron mentioned it, it’s more sensible, logical, and less deep.” Have I awaken your thoughts that people without 1-2-3 can also be successful and have assets and money? Send me an email and let me know…

“Wait a minute Ron. You haven’t told us about the 3-6-9!”

Sure, I will write in a separate “Part 2” article and post them later. Send me an email ( and share your views on 3-6-9.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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