Flower of Romance on Internal and External Sectors

Laurel posted a query recently and asked, “If someone has the 2-7-9 inside the chart sector, and as well as on the outside sector, how can we interpret those?

As my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students would now, a female person having a 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) pattern on their charts, are lightly to inhibit or display characteristic traits like charismatic, manipulative, seductive, sensuous, and overly feminine when they are already a female. In general, they tend to invoke the pleasurable feelings frequently.

While there might be other numbers, and number patterns, elsewhere in the chart, if the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) is at M-N-O or P-Q-R locations, the likelihoods of them displaying their feminine and sensuous behaviours are strong. Furthermore, we could identify location O, and surrounding areas, as the reproductive organs for a female individual. What does that really imply?

Well, in general, a female person with such a pattern (2-7-9, 7-2-9) is likely to have the inclination to manipulate their sensuousness and flirtatious behaviours, including arousing others with sexual thoughts. In Chinese Metaphysics systems, like Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny), we could correlate this tendency sign of a person having the “Flower of Romance(Tao Hua) Star.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and extended FEN application theories, there are three sectors in a chart that could contribute to a person’s character. The area where locations’ S-T-U are, is considered as the Formative Influence sector. This implies, if the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) is situated in this area, their personality, behaviours, and habits, are likely to be heavily influenced during their formative years. Such traits could be tempted by their parents, relatives, and siblings.

If the same pattern is in V-W-X location, or in regions close to the mentioned locations, their behaviours are likely to be influenced by communal factors, like schools and teachers (when young), work colleagues, business friends, or through their social life. The person might be inclined to behave sensuously towards others through body language or signs, and obvious actions – as a response or reactions to situational events. It’s much like a reciprocal action, and an afterthought (not premeditated) behaviour.

When the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) is within the internal sector (like in I-to-R locations), it is an Inner Influence from self-beliefs formulated through life experience. Others could easily notice their sensuous or flirtations, in their presence. Others could perceive them as a “loose woman” at times due to their charismatic and sensuous outlook.

Now, having identified the likely personality and traits, it doesn’t imply all women with 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) in locations I-to-R are considered flirts, frequently asking for sexual flavours, or deemed as “loose women.” On the contrary, they could behave just like any ordinary person with moral behaviours. That is to say, they could be morally-principled, honourable, and nothing “loose.” The truth is, they might have a pretty face, model-like body, charisma and sexual outlook, communicate with seductive-like body posture, and dressed with sex-appealing clothing. Hence, don’t judge others like a book cover.

A pretty book cover design or sexy title, doesn’t imply the contents are for restricted age groups. A beautiful and sensuous lady might not be a flirt, prostitute, selling her body, and touching all kinds of fantasies and arousing moods.

What if you have similar number patterns at both inner and external sectors, just like the question that Laurel posted. Well, they could inhibit all that I have mentioned earlier, or only some. And for those who display only some of the traits mentioned, they might partly be influenced by family upbringing, cultural beliefs, and good-sounding moral etiquettes. And because of the way they communicate and being perceived differently by others, they could create frequent miscommunication and misunderstanding with others, just like the sample chart shown. Others might perceive them as manipulative, unpleasant, or taking advantage of others through their behavioural actions. For all we know, the misunderstanding, frequent bickering, and misleading assumptions could be derived from others directly – like others not receiving what they want from her. For instance, the sample chart shows a female personality with business-like or success-driven motivation, and that could create unwanted jealousy and badmouthing from the competitions.

While tendency signs are present, nothing is fixed or cut up in stones permanently. Even ancient walls or stone structures, and cave carvings do deteriorate, faded away, or changed, over time. A person’s character can change, over time too, as they are exposed to different people, family status and upbringings, environment and weather elements, social influences, changes to political parties and legal policies, and economy stabilities and uncertainties.

Do not conclude a female with 2-7-9 or 7-2-9, as a prostitute or mistress indicator, as reiterated by some external numerology trainers elsewhere. It’s an absurd and naïve assumption, and demonstrates the shallow foundation of the person who made such inconclusive observations. Draw your own judgement by analysing more charts to determine its truth. More unnecessary harm could be inflicted with wrongful assumptions, and happy families could be ruined.

Thus, the ideal approach to analyse a chart is to give the person their due respect first, by profiling from both positive and negative aspects. If possible, gather feedback when necessary, to determine the current status, and re-aligned your analytical focus, when needed.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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