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Fantastic! Really amazing! Now it’s so easy.  In fact I have been meticulously doing the calculation myself on the year, month, and daily energies.  Thank you so much.

EONSW_AvailNo, you’re not reading a quote from a happy customer on a TV media advertisement. Instead, that’s what Penny wrote after successfully installing the EON (Android) software on her smartphone. I’ve added the software features to help me identify trends and tendency signs quickly. The Year, Month, Day and Combined Day charts, the Universal and Personal Pillar chartsyou’ll get to see this essential information displayed on the screen within seconds. It is my best and only analytical tool for EON analysis, and I know EON students who’ve installed the software have benefited too.

I’m happy Penny has started to strengthen her profiling knowledge these days after attending my recent EON@MY WORKSHOP in Malaysia last month. She asked, “I have been asked whether it’s possible to gather a set of numbers for a car license plate.  One of your postings ‘Numbers for Telephone’ did state that it is feasible.  So, how do I go about selecting a set of auspicious numbers which would infuse the driver or the owner with positive energies? Am I right to say the owner’s root number will be taken as a point of reference as the first step?  Hope to get some guidance from you.

Numbers (including its elements and colours) do have vibrations. Its influences vary depending on the person’s well-being state of mind. The numbers can be from your birth chart, Personal Year chart, mobile number, and the car number plates. All numbers do have vibes. Whether it’s good or bad depends on the current energies influencing the person.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeIt’s good to know that you can use numbers (i.e., the vibrations) to balance a person’s weak energies from their birth chart. Some PON students (those who’d attended the ‘Power of Numbers’ course taught by other mentors) have experienced lucky and positive vibes using their LIFE CODE numbers to balance the energies. And many knew their good feelings (embracing the Life Code) remains ‘usable’ only for a short period. On the contrary, EON students (those who’d attended my workshop) would know the energies from the permanent numbers (from the Life Code) would exhaust over time, and could be harmful to people’s health. I introduced the Annual Code to allow students to understand the vibes yearly where the number patterns are constantly changing every year, in tune with the periodic energies coming from the Personal Year vibes.

Car_NumbersMost people don’t change cars every year as it’s expensive. Having a permanent car number for the next few years may seems ideal for a start. In fact, some people were influenced positively during the first few years and have seen results financially and improving career status. Are they lucky because of the car numbers? Yes, and No. Yes, the number vibes from the car numbers are manifested at opportune time, and it benefits the person. They enjoyed the ‘lucky vibes’ winning the lottery by gambling on their car numbers. No, the lucky winnings are not permanent and soon they’d noticed the luck has depleted. The reason – they changed their perspectives and attitudes. The energies from the number vibes coming from the Personal Year do change every year – what’s favourable this year may not be favourable next year. When the energies are favourable, the positive vibes get manifested and influenced you positively. When the energies are unfavourable, the negative vibes could affect your mindset, health, and other life aspects.

CarPlate_PAP1Unless you plan to change car every few years or change your car numbers every year, I’d not suggest relying on the car numbers to balance your birth energies. Sure, you can still do so as long as you’re aware of the annual energies that may influence you and know how you can balance the ‘energy level’ any time. When you can apply the correct method, you’d be able to manifest the positive ‘balanced’ vibes to better your life aspects.

Penny asked, “Am I right to say the owner’s root number will be taken as a point of reference as the first step?

In many ways we can say so because the Root number acts as the deciding pivotal force – your main character and traits.  Anyway, here’re some areas to influence your selection on the ‘ideal’ car numbers.

–          Check the weak numbers (like missing numbers) in the person’s chart. Oh, you’ve to understand the Five Elements metaphor first as we need to apply the elemental vibes. Then check the PY chart to see if there are supporting elements. Pick a car number to check if the elements (in the car numbers) can help balance or harmonious the weak energies in the person’s chart.

–          PON students can also use the Life Code as the car numbers but they must be wary of its detrimental effects. Don’t harm others indirectly. You’ll know the reasons when you attend my workshop.

You can even use colours to create subliminal effects, like:

–          Identify the weak element(s) and pick the suitable colour for the car. Note – colours do have vibes and it could influence the energies around. Have you personally been involved in a car accident previously? If you do, can you remember the colour of your car then? The wrong colours could ‘create’ the overpowering vibes that’d manifested the unfavourable energies around!

–          Changing the car colours can be an ‘expensive’ choice when a person has an existing car. How about car seat cover, non-slip mat, solar-powered smiley toy, or headrest in specific colours – these do create subliminal vibes too. In fact, some Feng Shui professionals would use colours and ornaments as ‘energisers’ to harmonise the vibes around.

EON_Workshop_info1AEventually, it’s up to you to decide whether to use car numbers or colourful ornaments as ‘energisers’ to harmonise the energies around. You have to understand these are all external ‘costly’ influences only having short-termed effects on you. It’s important to manifest the positive influences within you if you want a longer-termed effect. And you can do it effectively and experience the vibes positively after you’ve made a mindset shift in your perspectives, behaviours, and habits. And it’s free too.

Changing one’s mindset is the best but in practical you need perseverance. Until then, you can continue to use colourful ornament or number plates to harmonise the subliminal influences around you. It depends on your choice and wallet (or purse).

Good luck!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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