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It’s easy to spin a story when events had already happened. And it’s also easier to understand how things had happened by doing a reversal case study. In fact, I’d recommend you to adopt this approach of doing case study analysis on events that had happened for a start. When you’ve grasped the underlying reasons behind the issues, the ‘mosaic-like’ picture is becoming sharper and clearer. You can then explore using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for forecasting on events that might happen later.

Take the case of my recent article “The Way He Makes Me Feel” where I wrote “Kris must also learn to let go of the “sensitive, insecurity, and suspicious” fear about her husband. Otherwise, what one fears may come true like the ‘law of attraction.’ Imagine Kenny having the frustrated feelings and ‘not wanting to come home and get scold’ thinking. To lessen conflict, the ideal ‘escapade‘ way for him is to spend more time outside with friends and less time at home. When a man is ‘up close and personal’ with a female companion for ‘extended‘ period of time, passionate sparks could trigger into loving explorations resulting in transgression acts….

CaseStudy_Kris_n_HusbandI received a few replies from Kris after posting the article. I’m including two excerpt sentences in her replies here which somehow reinforce my observations mentioned in earlier paragraph. The tendency signs are in the elements and numbers present in their Personal Year charts.

  • “My hubby claimed that I hurt him and I tried to improve the relations…”
  • “He appears to be enjoying nightlife or does not like to be at home. He may have 483 strain relations. I’m worried.”

From an outsider perspective, it is difficult to identify who’s at fault in a strained relationship. Kris’ husband Kenny has strong emotional vibes (Wood elements) and these could have already influenced his emotional and mental state (strong Wood repelled Metal). Whatever Kris said could have fallen on deaf ears because he’s too distracted and emotional. “It’s her fault,” so he thinks. It takes two hands to clap, and two people with empathetic ears to listen to what the other party has to say. Often, strain relationship arises when too many assumptions are made between two people. Kris could be anxious about improving the relationship and trying to bring back the loving times they’d together. Kenny may not perceive Kris’ kind intents positively, and it could have triggered his emotions and mental frustrations strongly.

I replied to Kris, “Don’t worry too much. Try to listen to what he says and why he said those ‘hurting’ words. Try to calm his emotions as well, as you learn to be more patient with him. Disagreement and quarrels are common between couples. Learn to focus on good points is one diversion way.

Kris wrote, “He does not talk to me much nowadays.” There’s hope as it implies Kenny still talk to Kris except it’s not as often as they did previously. Besides being a loving and caring wife, Kris may tell Kenny that she’s also his good friend and confidante, and home is where he can look forward to happily…

I hope Kris and Kenny can work out together to resolve the strain, and find out the triggering factors so they can relive the happier times together. It is difficult to talk amiably when both are talking at the same time. Or when one party is talking and the other party is hastily framing the thoughts and ready to argue back. Both must make a mindset shift, be tolerant and have patience if they’re sincere about improving their relationship. They must “say it together for always…that’s the way it should be” in a natural way without imposing stress on each other.

Seeking professional family counsellor or relationship mediator is a good choice, and is nothing to be shameful of especially when both parties intend to salvage the relationship but unsure how to go about doing it correctly.

Checking_Spouse_RelationshipKris also asked me about the ‘checking the spouse’ method that I’ve mentioned in the earlier article. The ‘checking the spouse’ method is not about checking if the spouse has an external affair or illicit relationship with someone else. Instead, its primary focus is to identify the influencing vibes that may affect the general and health condition of the spouse. In this case, it means that we can check Kenny’s general condition from Kris’ Personal Year chart.

I look forward to share with you the ‘checking the spouse’ and other interesting extended methods at my forthcoming 9th EON@SG WORKSHOP in Singapore on 9th November 2013 (Saturday).

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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