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It’s wonderful to be in love… to love and to be loved, and the hope you could cherish the loving relationship forever. The feelings can be surreal and magical on the positive side, and wanting and exhausting when things don’t work out the way you envisioned.

GOOD_RELATIONSIt is difficult to determine the outcome of two people coming together and doing a ‘Compatibility Index” to uncover if they share common goals when they are found to be compatible. Or to identify their differences and attitudes when they’re theoretically computed to be incompatible.

Are these compatibility indexes useful and practical, or realistic and factual to determine if the two people had a stronger bond because they share many common goals? Or are these compatibility indexes somewhat superficial as it based its algorithm on static information, ignoring the fact on the matter that a person’s character, behaviours, and thinking can shift position over time due to external dynamic influences? Ok, let’s put these questions aside for now…

According to this AsiaOne article, it was quoted, “[Singapore’s] local celebrities Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu admit they’re dating.

I’ll share my observations in this article on the elements and numbers present in their “Relationship / Compatibilitychart. There is no such thing as a 100% compatible chart, or a 100% incompatible chart. Even some compatible couples ended up by signing the divorce or separation papers, and many incompatible couples living together lovingly until death do them part. Unless there is unrequited love, both parties could always work out somehow when they mutually gave one another the opportunity to love and to be loved. That reminded me of this popular phrase, “marry the one you love, and love the one you marry.Whatever it is, let’s bless both Felicia and Jeffrey a wonderful and happy relationship together even though they’ve started dating.

casestudy_feliciachin_jeffreyxuNow, let’s look at their Relationship / Compatibility chart. We could interpret the 2-3-5 pattern as [Talk – Fast – Obstacle] from a basic perspective. This could imply both could be very chatty, creative, passionate, share similar ideas and could talk “until the cows come home.” Nevertheless, there is a problem – eventually, there might be some stumbling block along the way, and this could pose obstacles and challenges for them. If they could face these obstacles as opportunities to strengthen their unity, they might overcome many of these unplanned stumbling blocks. Else, they might face the stammering or stuttering effects of the 2-3-5 pattern. That’s to say, eventually one of them might find it hard to understand what the other person is trying to say, or the case of them often misinterpreting the messages and acting on assumptions. Felicia was quoted to have said, “Although we are quite different in our thinking, but we are alike in many ways – such as our love for nature, reading, and we share the same faith (Christianity).”

We could interpret the number 3 as the creative sparks that trigger the passionate and sexuality traits. And like the wildness of the fire ravaging the forest, it could indicate short-termed passionate ventures, where one person might decide to call it quits after feeling exhausted and tired. That’s where the tendency signs in the 3-5-8 (locations N-O-P) pattern is suggesting – [Passion – Obstacle – Stress]. As the number 5 has duality traits and inhibits the traits of surrounding numbers, this could imply the numbers in same locations N-O-P could transform to 3-3-8 or 3-8-8. Either way, the numbers 3 and 8 are Fire elements, and these imply hot, sensual, intoxicating, intensifying, hurting, and stressful moments when both are together.

20150509_16_FEN2With the 8-7-6 patterns (locations P-Q-R) suggesting self-sacrificing tendencies, there might be instances of them feeling like having “the tempest in a boiling teapot.” Imagine the water boiling nonstop, the steam blowing out, and the place covered with the steam and vapours. What could have happened in such a case? – one or both could get hurt! Both could have distorted expectation (like the condense glass visions fogged by the vapours and steam); conversely, feeling tired shortly afterwards (like the boiling until the water dries out). What you have just read is not a make-believe story but based on my visualisation technique that allows you to identify and interpret signs beyond rudimentary traits associated with the numbers. You will get to learn more exciting visualisation techniques in class, the same way as I’ve shared with FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students previously.

In the same AsiaOne article mentioned that the couple “have somewhat different desires when it comes to their ideal wedding.” Jeffrey was quoted to have said, “he felt the sparks “from the start,” and was attracted to Chin’s character and caring personality.” That’s where the 2-3-5-8-7-6 influencing vibes is manifesting when both are together. Furthermore, the 5-4-9 (locations V-X-W) could suggest challenging moments where both dare to take the risk to explore, to overcome their shortcomings, to try out new ventures and hobbies, and to try their luck in the things they love to do as a happy, passionate couple.

FEN_AdvLvl1Many professionals check two person’s birth details to determine their compatibility, or incompatibilities. However, they have forgotten to factor in the individual person’s traits, and most importantly, the influencing vibes coming from their Personal Year energies. As both could have acted and think differently between years, this means we should also plot their Combined Year chart to gauge the energy levels. For instance, there are many numbers 2, 4, and 9 in their Compatibility Year Chart PY2016. That’s to say there are wonderful, elevating conversations (number 2); the comforting thoughts and enjoyment of happiness in envisioning their goals (number 9); and making plans (number 4) to transform them into reality. That is one reason they could enjoy the sweet memories together during this year.

So, will Felicia and Jeffrey be together, get married, and start their own family?

quarrelNo one knows for sure since all of us do change our attitudes, perspective, behaviours, thinking, and habits over time. The person we dislike today may be the same person we will love tomorrow. Our thinking is also influenced by the environment and social factors, including the eventual impact, it has on our personality and traits. For example, one of them does have poor EQ communicative skills and might agitate the other party. On the other hand, the other person might have bad relationship experience and communication issues when young, and these could have created some unforgettable self-beliefs and fears. While one person is motivated by the charismatic and charming appeal, the other person is motivated by materialistic or “homely” feeling to start a family. One person is very resourceful and adaptable (extrovert?), and the person is more reserved (introverts?), with the fear of competitiveness and pursuit of achievement. One is spendthrift, and the other is thrifty. There might be many challenges, opportunities, and unexplored or inspiring moments ahead.

As long as Felicia and Jeffrey could spend more time knowing and understanding each other’s inner thoughts and perceived beliefs; put aside their “selective listening habits” and consciously reminded themselves to listen more than talk; accept their “true colours” personalities; and control their emotions and tempers, they could be two distinctive people coming together and loving each other as a compatible companions.

The Compatibility index or looking over the Compatibility Chart is a good reference for a start. It helps determine the strength of the bonding between two people. On a hypothetical case, I’d put the compatibility chart as 25%, and the external influence (from periodic energies like Personal Year and so on) as another 25%. The combined energies both have, their shared goals, and the periodic influences affecting their moods and perspectives – these could make up to 50%. The remaining 50% relies on them as individuals, to change their attitudes; to compromise; and accept each other’s fault, and to put aside their differences for a common good. It’s how they deal with the incompatibilities.

Felicia and Jeffrey can be compatible loving partners when they could embrace the positiveness. Conversely, they could be incompatible partners if they don’t “give and take,” tolerate and agreed to their disagreements, and find a common path to solidify their strengths for lasting times ahead. Even if they cannot be compatible partners tying the marital knot together, they can always be compatible platonic friends. Whatever it is, let’s wish them happier and joyful times together.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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