On US-China, & The Search for “Relationship Root 3”

According to this Yahoo online article, titled, “A stark warning from a Biden ally on China: ‘They are just a straight out danger’,” an ally of Joe Biden was quoted to have said, “China really is a menace that we have to confront over the next couple of centuries.

From the Five Elements principles, the East and West will constantly be at loggerheads, conflicts, and in argumentation states. That’s because, in the Controlling Cycle, Metal element (West) will control the Wood element (East), just like using chainsaws to chop tree trunks. However, there is one more cycle people might have forgotten – the repulsion or Repelling Cycle. When the Wood element (East, China) becomes stronger, it can blunt and damage the weaker Metal – like using chisels to cut the hardwood. Hence, when Metal (West, USA) is weak (the chisels are damaged), it could turn to “finger pointing” time to blame the Wood (China) instead of using the correct techniques and tools, to do so. For more information on the Elemental Cycles (Control, Produce, Weakening, and Repelling), do check out my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” You may click this link to purchase the EON book.

Many older US politicians view China as an enemy and the menace, and not as a healthy direct competitor “for the next couple of centuries.” Sadly, it’s the result of self-limiting beliefs, egoism, and perceived “you must change, not me” attitudes of many politicians still trapped with old-school ideologies. Fortunately, only when the perceived mindsets have changed and refreshed, things would become better.

A side note – knowing and understanding the interactions of the Five Elements is important, to identify potential signs. I just mentioned the interaction between East (Wood) and West (Metal) between China and the USA. Similarly, North (Water element) and South (Fire element) interactions could also be examined. That is why there are frequent tensions between North and South Korea, North America and South America, and the prejudice attitudes among people living in North and South India. It’s about the WaterFire interactions that are frequently creating hot-steaming (vapourising, distractions) effects, and pressurising tensions. Sadly, many politicians today, are putting self before party, and party before nation. We’ve now seen a polarised and divided America these days, with the Republicans (red, Fire element) treating the Democratic Party (blue, Water element) as enemy of the states and its people. US must do some self-reflections, and strive to stay united and resolved its internal policies and domestic issues, before they can be seen as respectable global leader.

From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, it’s also easy to find out the US-China strained relationship. Unless both parties could discuss and achieve a consensus on the troubling issues, it’d hard for a mutual trade and global agreement between US and China, and such endless and distracting fire-fighting, could last until the end of this century, and more. Eventually, it’s the next generations that’d suffered more because of the arrogance, unfounded fears, high-handedness, and egotistical supremacy of the today’s politicians.

Look at the Relationship / Compatibility Chart – the Root 3 is present, and strong. The multiple 3s and 8s, elsewhere in the chart, exhibited an extreme vibes of the Fire element. This indicates continuous negative vibrations, such as burning and spreading the “fire” around, political accusations, hurting one another, and ceaseless pressure, instead of positive vibrations such as compassion, passion, creativity, peace, happiness and joy. Unless the politicians from both countries could take a step back, for the greater good of all, the negative vibrations of the Root 3 (Fire) will continue to burn aggressively until all of its fuel has been exhausted. By then, today’s politicians are no longer alive, leaving the damages to be cleaned up or battled on, again by future generations.

The 2-3-5 pattern on US’ Birth Chart is depicting a stumbling-block attitude towards others. We might interpret this as [Talk – Fast – Stubborn] implying, impulse communication and often face obstacles when truthful facts are disputed. It’s like “I just talk whatever comes to mind, and hopes for the best outcome” without consideration for others, and not investigating the root-cause to the problems. The number 5 is also about tolerance and flexibility, and about putting aside the principle-mindedness. When this adaptability can be achieved, we could then interpret the 2-3-5 pattern as [Communicate Sincerely – Passionate – Adaptability], which means a more amicable outcome could be attainable when one is willing to adapt and adjust to achieving individual needs, and common, shared visions.

The 2-5-7 pattern on China’s Birth Chart, is about [Talk – Challenge – Supporter]. It means the need to communicate (2) truthfully, the will to take up the challenges (5) positively, and to act honestly, for the greater good of its supporters (7) – the citizens. The characteristics of number 5 that I’ve mentioned earlier, still apply. That is to say, China must also be prepared to be more open-minded, to be flexible and to adapt its policies to the benefit of its internal citizens and global communities.

This year, the Compatibility Year Chart (PY2020) shows the 4-8-3 pattern. Again, we could easily associate the pattern with poor EQ, lack of emotional resilience, and strained or tense relationships. The world has seen this in the ongoing US-China trades war. As China is fast becoming the global supplier, US is naturally worried due to the stronger Wood repelling and hurting the weaker Metal element.

The Compatibility Year Chart (PY2021) on the screenshot, is showing the 4-1-5-6-9-6 pattern. We could interpret that as [Revised plans – Leadership – Challenges – Stability – Success – Financial Growth]. What this means is, putting their egos, pride, and differences aside, both US and China could adjust their plans and execute amicably, respectable global leaders; be willing to tackle the challenges globally – across mountains and seas – to attain stability (domestic, economic). Once success has been achieved, there will be stability and happiness throughout the world among international communities.

US is facing the 3-8/2 vibes from their 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) Code. Once again, the inflamed emotions and the “tempest in the teapot” create a continuous stressful time. China is facing the 2-9/2 vibes in their 9YR-C Code, which is about communicating their visions with the citizens, and the international communities, and reinforcing again.

Both countries have to learn to be tolerant of one another, to compete and complement one another, on the domestic and global platforms. Furthermore, the extreme vibes exhibited on US side (the 2-3-5 patterns, the 3-8/2 9YR-C code) is suggesting the need for US to start taking actions now to transform the excessive fiery emotions, into passionate and inspiring vibes, before an amicable solution with China can be attained.

The EFV FLOW relationship between the United States and China would focus on building stability rather than relentlessly working towards visions of success. In short, the goal is to reach the milestones rather than meet the deadline (timeline). The EFV SPAN is about putting the self-ego, authority, and pride aside, and work towards a common goal to achieve confidence and financial growth for the greater good, and accepts that the many little failures and stumbling blocks, could eventually lead to success for both countries.

The global situation has changed and, indirectly, is accelerating as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The necessity of competing and completing (cohesively, complement) is important to the common good (and survival) of all. We’ve seen or read about Burger King’s advertisement (click here) suggesting their customers to buy McDonald’s burgers too. Closer to home, we have seen advertisement (click here) posted by the Malaysia Tourism Board, suggesting Singaporean to take a Singapoliday instead.

If the US-China’s relationships can be improved through changed mindsets, the world could see a happier new normal in the next few years – one that thrives on competition (for innovation and technology advancement) and yet, complementing (buy-sell on raw products) each other, and we would see them as two respectable global contributors.

The energies of the 20th Century (1901-2000) have been obsolete – it’s no longer about self-entitlement and global policing by one country alone. We’ve already begun the 21st Century (2001 -2100) nineteen years ago, and the realistic need to change the “I” to “We” for more cohesive relationships.

The United States needs China, and vice versa. And the world communities need both US and China to be on better diplomatic terms. It’s all about the “we” community spirits – the teamwork, networking, social integrations and acceptance – the interdependence and independence of all countries, to make this world a better place for you and me, and the rest of our world citizens, to live. Politicians must always strive to put nation before party, and party before self, for the greater good of all. Hence, the ironies – perceived beliefs, arrogance, the wide divisions between the poor and wealthy, prejudice, authoritarian, self-benefits, greed – and embracing “money prosperity growth” attitudes and pursuits of today’s politicians, must stop and mentality change is needed. And the positive changes will allow everyone to progress, live in harmony, and work in cohesion, as one, global united family.

Positively, the number 3 could be interpreted as passion, creativity, joy, peace, warmth, inspiration and hope. On the negative side, it could be temperaments, hurtful, bipolar outbursts, restlessness, aggression, criticism, sarcasm, thoughtless, and sharp tongue. Hence, moderation is important when the Relationship Root 3 shows up, between two parties. Otherwise, stressful conflict and disagreement could arise at any time when the matchstick burns alone (and potentially, hurting your fingers). However, when the matchstick is used for lighting the candle, we can see inspirational hope, passion, joy and laughter. Whether it is the only matchstick that burns or the candle that sparkles, is a choice for the United States and China to decide how they wish their relationship to be. And the world communities pray together with a glimmer of hope…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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