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I was checking the online news site on Friday morning (21 Oct 2016) while having my breakfast. The headline on CNN page caught my attention, “In China, Duterte announces split with US: ‘America has lost’.”

hit_targetI was curious to find if there are quarrelsome and tension signs in the “Relationship / Compatibility” chart for Philippines and the United States of America. As my Android smartphone was not with me then, I could not launch the FEON+ software and chose to plot the charts manually on paper. “Hmm… there isn’t any friction or separation signs the way I see it,” I told myself. And on Saturday morning, I read that “Duterte says he didn’t really mean ‘separation’ from US,” according to this CNBC online page. So it was a misinterpreted statement.

I loved reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, and watching Alfred Hitchcock TV series during my teenage days. That somehow instilled the “what-if” mindset and conspiracy theory habit in me. Could that be a calculated move Duterte made when he was in China, and then to clarify his statement when he’s back home in Philippines? Let’s put aside the conspiracy theories and concentrate on what we could gather from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective.

One feature about the EON principles is the ability to look at a country’s chart using their birth date. We could gather from the country’s Independence Day or National Day. It was fast to plot their relationships and other essential charts within seconds, and check their yearly energies using the FEON+ software.

casestudy_philippines_americaYou can extend the profiling method to check the relationships of the subjects, be they on persons or country, or even companies. For this article, I’ll focus on the “Part-1” observations before sharing the extended method in my Part-2 article.

We could interpret the 2-4-6 pattern as [Talk – Plan – Stability] when analyzing the country’s chart. There are two sets of 2-4-6 pattern (locations M-O-Q and N-O-P) in the ‘Relationship / Compatibility” chart of Philippines and US. This implies there are more dialogues between the two countries than frictions eventually. However, there are also signs of strained relationships, and these could form an “on/offfickle-minded relationship, like loving couples who often quarrelled.

The tendency signs of 4-8-3 pattern (locations J-K-L) are present in the chart. That imply both countries have a tendency to be in disaccord initially but could reach amicable terms eventually. The same as what I’ve mentioned earlier – like loving couples who quarrel and got emotional, but eventually patched together after calming down. The Root 4 (location O) and 8 (Hidden H4) also signifies partial 4-8-3 effect, and this could imply a stressful and challenging relationship between both countries

This year, there are signs of more discussions and dialogues between the two countries, and some sort of challenging risks both countries might have to decide and take measures. The signs are present in their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2016)” chart. You could consider the “Relationship / Compatibility” of the two countries as their ‘virtual’ birth date; and use the “Compatibility Year Chart” as their Personal Year chart to determine periodic energies.

casestudy_philippines_2016_2017The 8-2-1-3-9-3 pattern is present in the ‘Compatibility Day Chart,’ the day (20 Oct 2016) Duterte made the ‘separation’ statement. We could interpret that as [Stress – Talk – Alone – Critical – Goals – Tension].

Could that imply Duterte might face stressing moments that day when he knowingly made the critical statement, and he’s aware his remarks could have caused tensions to his visions on fostering harmonious working relations with other countries?

Checking the compatibility of two countries is just the basic layer of analysis. You can check the individual country too, perhaps factoring that as another layer of analysis. Look at PhilippinesEON chart – the multiple 8s are suggesting a country often “feeling” highly stressful and working hard and responsibly. And since Duterte was the one making the ‘separation’ statement, it is important to analyse Duterte’s chart too. Oh yes, I’ll discuss that and more in my Part 2 article.

Until then, try analysing more case studies if you’ve the FEON+ software installed. And since you could plot all charts and have relevant information displayed almost instantaneously, there’s no excuse not to practice your profiling skills.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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