On the Korean Summit – Part III

In a typical multi-parts article, I usually don’t analyse them all at one go. Rather, I drafted the earlier two parts on separate days as it allows me to focus on the key points for each article from a fresh perspective. The same logic applies to this Part-3 article too. If you haven’t read the earlier two related articles, or simply need to recap, below are the links that you can click to read further.

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I love to share observations made by the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students for various reasons. When the active students share their observations, they could comprehend the EON theories and techniques faster because they’ve analysed earlier. Through regular practices and contributions to the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, I believe these students could improve their profiling skill sets and bring it up to a distinctive level than those who didn’t attend the FEN classes.  Next, the students get to learn how I’ve interpreted the various charts generated from the FEON+ software, and how it is possible to analyse from different perspectives too. Lastly, I also learned from students’ observations just as much as they learned from mine as well.

For example, some students made the following observations:

  • In general, it seems there are always obstacles and uncertainties between the two countries, from the number 5s in the chart. It can change for the better or worse under different circumstances. Both countries are “proud” or want to show off from the number “1” leadership skills in the relationship.
  • For the day chart, it doesn’t bode well for the summit, from the 8-4-3 pattern that is present. The aspiration is there to achieve something from the summit, from the number 9s present in the chart. The uncertainties/obstacles could make this summit an interesting one. I’m not too hopeful about the outcome of the summit.
  • Combination chart shows the 551663 pattern. The root is Metal (1), and there are Earth resources (55) that provided (support) some setback and challenges, but no output element is present. There could be a lack of skill sets present on negotiation, and might end up becoming stagnant and nothing seems to be moving. The missing Wood element as a successful achievement, suggest the merging is unlikely to happen, unless there are presence of Water and Wood elements. Some 3rd party leader or person who’s good at negotiation skills and well-respected or supported by the people, needs to be present, and remedies to push it for success.
  • Is going to be successful.

Once again, there is no correct or wrong analysis, as it all depends on what the individual student is focusing on at the time of profiling. Furthermore, I haven’t provided any direction or told them what aspects should we look for in the charts. Nevertheless, all of them have one common expectation – to determine the probable outcome out of the summit event.

Now, let me share more from my own perspective. The Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018) shows the 5-4-9-4-5-9 pattern. This implies potential risk, challenging times, stumbling blocks, and uncertain moments this year between SK (South Korea) and NK (North Korea). I’ll interpret that as [Challenges – Plan – Vision – Plan – Obstacle – Success]. This means before they are able to see some form of success, like unity or more family reunions between the citizens, they have to be prepared to face many challenges ahead, and sincerely carry out their plan to realise their visions. And they must be prepared to make changes or tweak their plans, along the way before they could see some lights at the end of the tunnel.

It takes two hands to clap and two firm handshakes to suggest aligned affirmations and sincerity (body language). Now, let’s assume SK and NK are both sincere and wants to settle their differences and their internal issues. They have to be flexible, tolerant, adaptable, and willing to listen to what the other party has to say. And they must be willing to make adjustments to their policies for compromised solutions. That means the number 5 could potentially be exhibiting the numbers 4 and/or 9 characteristics. When that happens, the entire numbers in location M-N-O-P-Q-R would be all Wood elements. That imply traits like emotional, competitive, compassionate, suicidal, crafty, and so on. On the positive sides, they could work on humanitarian or benevolent grounds, and strive to compete cohesively as partners so that both countries could prosper as one united Korea. On the negative side, one party might become more crafty because of the emotional fear. And possibly, the attempts to manipulate the emotional thoughts by playing on benevolent acts and ideals, to achieve what they desire.

Next, the summit day (27 April 2018) is manifesting some form of Double-Effect vibes on NK. The summit Day chart (4-9-4-4-8-3) is a vertical flip of NK’s birth chart (9-4-4-8-4-3). The tendency signs are suggesting intense moments shown by NK in enforcing terms more favourable to them, than the equal winning moments between both parties. The 4-8-3 on summit day implies some form of separation – which can be good when we interpret it as a form of separation, a breakaway, or rather, a break-free from current status. In short, there is much hope on that day. However, with the strong Wood element and the Double-Effect vibes of NK, it could imply more follow-up work needs to be done before NK’s willingness for denuclearisation exercise can take place, and come to compromising terms with others. As one student commented, “I’m not too hopeful about the outcome of the summit.

Sure, there are both positive and negative signs from the summit day’s chart. The likelihood of a favorable outcome means the summit day might be just the kick-off to more future regular W.I.P. (work in progress) meetings between SK and NK to discuss on issues and prioritisation. From a positive view, we could assume some changes might be expected. From a negative view, we could also interpret that as “buying time” due to fear, hesitation, or uncertainty to delay something that NK might be focusing on secretly. That includes the crafty pursuits, and manipulating the emotional thoughts as contributing reasons.

I’ve listed some scenarios above, from positive and negative sides. Putting personal views aside, and simply based on the elements and numbers present in the charts, the tendency signs are suggesting agreements-in-principles might happen under certain conditions to be acted upon, suggesting the spark of a new beginning. We could interpret the number 3 as the passion and sparks (Fire) relying on its fuel support and planning (Wood). And just like the sparklers or burning candle on a wick, the lights and hopes would diminish once the support is gone. Henceforth, whether the spark could sustain long enough before the world sees a positive partnership between SK-NK, is depending on the support from other countries too. And as well as how sincere and accommodating both sides could offer, to carry out their plans to achieve their visions. The wind blowing the flickering candle could imply any disruption or strong interference from external forces (like from USA?) could invoke emotional tensions, causing the summit to end with less-than-perfect outcome.

The summit is between SK and NK to discuss their plans for a common goal, and what’s needed to carry them out. Both need to come to their senses and practicality to discuss amicably, and with mutual respect, for favourable outcomes that’re beneficial for both parties. They should also put aside the pressures and interferences from external countries who might have their own sets of different expectations.

Which sides to the coin would the outcome be? While my head thinks it’s a little doubtful for a win-win, equal agreement on the summit day, my heart is hopeful there’d be some positive actions and meaningful outcome that could arise from their dialogues, and breaking away the hard times previously (4-9-4-4-8-3). Putting aside our opinions of NK leaders, we have seen the softer part of Mr. Kim in recent days. Hopefully, there is the sincere urge for NK  to change to a more cohesive team player, for the sake of its economy and welfare of the citizens. And hopefully, there’d be stronger bond, collective agreements, and shared visions between SK and NK in the near future.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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