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According to this Aussie Network News article, “Rihanna has been in several romantic relationships with fellow celebrities, and now, she shared a message for them.” Rihanna has been quoted as saying “she was not the problem in her past relationships as all of her exes are also not with someone else at the moment.

I was curious to ascertain what the “underlying issue” was. For instance, are her exes the real problem to her failed relationships, or was it otherwise? Perhaps that might be more to the “not her problem” statement than publicly known.

OGOOD_RELATIONS_2nce again, what you’re about to read does not imply the truth about Rihanna’s probable traits and character. What I’m sharing here is on the tendency signs suggesting specfic traits that might surface when certain elements and numbers are present in a person’s chart.

There are many ways to interpret series of numbers closely linked; also known as “number patterns” for easier identification. For instance, when we analyse a chart for relationship issue, first thing that comes to mind on failed relationship is to check whether it has patterns like the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3). We could easily associate this pattern to the person having poor EQ communicative approach, tactless, frank or blunt, and always being critical. The hidden traits include getting frustrated and agitated easily, and they’re often the “triggering” person to spark arguments. That’s when their emotions and tempers are out of control. But when they could manage their emotions and tempers well, they might flaunt their charismatic appeal and passionate personality, but with frequent “wild fire like” mood swings.  In Rihanna’s chart, the sexuality and sensuous traits are present in her charts that attracted others to her. Other people might find it more difficult to understand her, and these could have create undue stress and miscommunications.

casestudy_rihanna_2016The 4-8-3-2-7-9 pattern (locations M-N-O-P-Q-R) in Rihanna’s natal chart is suggesting some form of strained relationships toward other people. There are tendency signs in her charts suggesting influences affecting her behaviours and actions, and these include the perfectionist, materialistic, and attention-seeking desires. The 4-8-3 pattern is also present in her PY2016 chart, and with the 4-9-4 pattern present, the yearly vibes could have influenced her strongly. And that could have triggered stronger-than-usual emotional mood swings and fiery outburst.

It takes two people to meet as contented partners to learn and embrace their imperfections, incompatibilities, and faults. When the relationship failed, both have a part in contributing to the strained outcomes. You might want to plot the Relationship chart between Rihanna and her previous partners, and identify signs suggesting strained relationships. You can also check on their individual personality too, to determine their individual traits. Oh, plot the Relationship chart of Rihanna and Drake too, and see if you can identify tendency signs suggesting an on-off relationship.

That’s all for now. Rihanna might not be “the problem” as she declared. But with the emotional and temperamental traits present, the clues suggest she might have played a major part in the breakups. She might have been oblivious to her behaviours, habits, and actions. Perhaps her intentions are good, but her actions contradicted her feelings. And that could be a reason others might have misinterpreted her and decided to end the relationship. Could she have ended the Relationship because her expectations and assumptions are high? And that’s where she don’t recognise it as she’s part of “the” problem?

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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