The Need for Optimal Health

According to this Reuters report, “pop star Whitney Houston died of accidental drowning due to the effects of cocaine use and heart disease.” Now the autopsy report on Houston is out, we know the medical cause on her death. It’s a timely “wake up call” for everyone to review their social and eating habits, and lifestyle.

Exercising and keeping fit through regular physical wellness programmes and having balanced diet are essential for good health. How can we do anything to ensure that we are both physically and mentally healthy, including our inner health (those essential parts of our body organs)? There is no way to ENSURE we can have an ideal health but as long as we keep a holistic outlook to take care of our outer and inner health, we are moving towards that promising direction. In addition, it is equally important to know our “potential” health symptoms that we don’t even know they exists, so we can take precaution to minimise the unhealthy signs from manifesting.

Let’s look at Whitney Houston chart, analysing them using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. We can easily associate her “Health Symptoms” to the Water and Earth elements. We can correlate the “Health Symptoms” to her natal health conditions. She must learn to harmonise the elemental vibes in her body if she wants a better and healthier well-being. Sadly, it’s just too late …

Checking the Health Symptoms is just the first level of “health screening” observation in the profiling analysis. I’ve covered the steps and explained the details on Page 130 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Grab a copy of my book now and learn how you can better your life by first knowing your true self through the EON method, a simple and unique numerology system that include elements of Western and Chinese Numerology sciences.

Students who completed the Power of Numbers (PON), Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling and similar courses from other mentors learned how to look at the Health Symptoms for telltale signs on a person’s health. Yes, you can check the tendency of certain health conditions from the Health Symptoms based on the elements present in your Birth Chart. But that is not enough to provide some clues to your CURRENT health condition since as I’d said, it’s just the first level of health profiling.

You need to know more on the current status, and not the “default” status about your health conditions. You need to know about the Yearly conditions too since the energies in a year has great influences in our lives, physically, mentally, and holistically. Check out Page 220 of my book for the second level of health profiling steps to know your health status for a particular year.

How can we apply the second level of Health profiling to Houston’s case?

Look at her natal chart. She has strong Fire element in her chart, with the Wood supporting and increasing the strength of the Fire elements. As I’d repeatedly explained in many of my past articles posted here, a person who strong Fire must take care of their heart and cardiovascular health conditions. In addition, they should avoid binge drinking, heavy smoking, or taking of drugs. I have an illustration that outline the effect when Fire is strong on Page 105 of my book.  Check the page out. The “affected” elements are Water and Metal, and we can associate them to the kidney and immune systems. Drinking too much alcoholic drinks, smoking or taking drugs can affect your kidney and lungs, and these can cause heart-related problems!

According to this Wikipedia page, cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coco plant. In EON, the word “crystalline” provided some clues to her addiction. I’ve explained the “crystalline” definition at my previous EON Workshop session using visual images to associate the element, and in turn to its characteristics and traits.

Do support my research findings by attending the forthcoming workshop scheduled on 14 April 2012. I’ll shared with you the extended techniques (not taught at PON/UCM or elsewhere) to identify elemental associations, health, career, academic, relationships, wealth, unique patterns on birth conception, and other effects with alternative influences. I look forward to share these extended methods with you at the workshop so you can start working on your “life improvement programme” now with stronger confidence.

I’ve installed the special EON (Android) software on my smartphone and use it often for profiling. I used it to help improve my profiling skills too. You can get a copy free (for EON Workshop participants only) if your Android device supports 800×480 resolutions.

[Note for EON WORKSHOP participants: Can you identify the vibes that could affect Houston’s health condition in her Personal Year chart? Look at her Personal Month and Personal Day vibes too. Can you identify the increasing vibes that could worsen her health condition? If you can’t, practice more by compiling more case studies!]

I apologised if you’re confused or sidetracked by the previous paragraph as I’d like those who’d supported me by attending the EON Workshop sessions to continue improving their profiling skills using the extended methods I’ve shared with them. I also enjoyed sharing my case studies on regular basis here as I want you to learn something useful, even if you could not attend the workshop for whatever reasons.

If you want to improve your profiling skills to gain an optimal health (and improve your lifestyle) using EON methods, try to digest the many articles I’ve posted here. If you’re new to EON, get my book to learn the fundamentals on EON. Then work on the methods I’ve mentioned in my book to change your habits positively. Start improving your traits, behaviours, and actions to achieve the optimal level of wellness you’ve always wanted.

You can look forward to an optimal health, better and happy lifestyle. You just need to know yourself better and work on positive changes before it’s too late.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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