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The NSQ PROFILING method is useful and handy to profile a person quickly, just like the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. In fact, it’s even easier and quick to plot the chart since there is no basic mathematical calculation needed. All you need to do is to note and analyse the numbers (present or missing) in the nine-square chart.

Let me share my observations on Janet’s and Pauline’s NSQ charts in today’s article. It also served as a follow-up case study profiling lesson for the NSQ students.

CaseStudy_NSQ_charts1EON Workshop - Slide on Focus and Distraction patternsThe tendency signs in Janet’s chart (top leftmost chart) show a person who’s practical and active. The Arrows of Practicality and Activity are present in her chart. She’s confident and resourceful but lacked the communicative and creative strength to express her thoughts clearly to others. She can be a good initiator for any new project, and can set her visions (and goals) in place. In short, she knows what she wants in her aspirations to better her lifestyle. However, she lacked the persistent and sustainability nature and these could have distracted her easily. This means potential short attention span and “drifting” focus midway through her mind. She plans on what she wants to do but her plans might get less priority midway through. The reason – she’s often distracted and lose focus and prefers working on other project that comes in mind. The ‘good thing’ is, Janet can complete her plan when she’s focused and set her priorities right. The procrastination trait is strong. Her determination is strong but often strongly felt at the start and ending stage but not in the middle of her project. Her willpower to face the challenge is weak.

ACCURACYIt’d be good for Janet to work on her patience (and tolerance) and empathetic habits. Improving her understanding toward others is essential. It’s important for her to take notes (like writing down) what others are saying to allow her to recall when necessary. This is mainly because of her poor memory and short listening span. Janet is a resourceful person and often felt the need to involve in purposeful activities. However, because of her reserved traits (missing expressive energies), others might misinterpret her as an introvert, reserved, and unforthcoming person. The self-egoistic and prideful side might surface at the wrong time. Deep inside her, Janet knows her ‘high calling of humility’ and it inspired her towards self-actualisation and contentment. She’s a responsible person but has to take control of her emotions (and tempers) and learn to understand others better.

The Arrow of Intellect is present in Pauline’s chart (top rightmost chart). This implies a person with good memory and intellect skills. They could think logically and often have sound reasoning before they take action. Pauline has the (slight) practical nature but lacked the knowledge and wisdom (self-reflections) to see her through the Arrow of Practicality line. This implies her actions are often from instinctive feelings than from knowledge and experiences. Pauline needs to work on her expressive traits, to be more tactful and express herself through more humble ways. Her strong intellectual mindset is a blessing. On the negative side, it could worsen her conversation moods with other people. Others may not like to communicate with her as her ‘intellectual’ words could often be misinterpreted as direct, blunt, sarcastic, and hurtful. Pauline has to be more humble and control her tempers and emotions. The Arrow of Sensitivity is present in her chart. This implies a person with strong sensitive nature who can easily feel hurt (a result of self-consolation or desolation) or might hurt others (because of her weak empathetic traits).

nsq_sampleThis year the Arrow of Determination is present in both Janet’s and Pauline’s periodic charts. This implies they might be influenced by the strong determination energies to get things done quickly. The ambitious, patient, and persistent habits are strong. To an extent, they might get stressed up unnecessary due to their dogged working attitudes. The temperamental, stubborn, and forceful behaviours are present when they’re not in control of their emotions. There are also tendency signs suggesting the ‘live for yesterday’ feelings and afraid to let go of past completed projects, probably due to their previous active involvement. The Arrows of Planning and Willpower is also present in Pauline’s chart. This means the influencing energies of the year is making her more focused and strengthening her willpower to succeed what she wants. All she needs to do is to improve on facts finding and build up the knowledge and to improve and inculcate the responsible nature. The Arrow of Emotionality is present in Janet’s chart for this year. This means the influencing energies are making her more understanding, compassionate, and empathetic toward others. People are feeling more relaxed and less tensed with her, and getting her involved in their activities.

NSQ_Course1_20150724That’s just the start of an NSQ Profiling observation. There are so many areas to profile, like analysing a person’s monthly and daily charts, and understanding their behavioural intelligence signs. You can learn more profiling techniques at my NSQ Profiling class in one single session. As both Janet and Pauline has attended my first NSQ Profiling course, they might have noticed the traits, behaviours and actions present in them this year. People do change over time because of the influencing energies coming from the periodic cycles (Year, Month, and Day). This could affect our behaviours, thinking, and habits. This means Janet and Pauline might not even display the traits mentioned earlier as the incoming periodic influencing energies could affect them. Furthermore, they could have made a conscious effort to change their mindsets and habits.

Now that I’ve shared the NSQ principles with Janet and Pauline in class, they are more mindful of the influencing vibes (present and missing numbers) from their NSQ charts. They could learn to take charge to better their life journey. They could also take action to control their emotions and tempers.

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