1st NSQ Profiling session

I was glad I could start the NSQ PROFILING class on time on Friday (24/7/2015). Five students attended. One student did not attend any profiling course and knows little on numerology. She chanced on this EON (Elements of Numbers) site after noticing a personal profiling done using numbers. She was curious and wanted to seek for more answers.

NSQ_Course1_20150724I felt it challenging to introduce the NSQ principles to the class. It was the first time I’m introducing the fundamentals of the nine-square profiling method. And it was the first time I’m adding extended techniques into the NSQ Profiling principles to enable students to learn the methods easily. This means the NSQ Profiling is handy for anyone, with or without relevant PON/UCMHP/LifeQuest or EON/FEN knowledge or experiences.

Action2Just like my FEN Level 1 (Basic) classes and the learning format of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, I started with the lesson by introducing the fundamentals. This time, it’s the structure of the nine-square chart, plotting the chart, and the principles of the Planes or Lines, and the Pythagoras Arrows of Strengths and Weaknesses. At the same time, I’ve added basic EON essence to the fundamentals, which makes learning the nine-square chart even more interesting. One female student felt it was more interesting and easier to understand than the recent FEN Level 1 (Basic) class that she’d attended. I told her the reason – it was precisely what she’d learned and experienced the visualisation techniques in the FEN Level 1 (Basic) class that she’d managed to grasp the fundamentals well. I’m glad she could subconsciously link the FEN and NSQ principles together. That helped her correlate the usefulness in NSQ principles as an extension to her FEN knowledge. The “Arrows of Mentality” is present in her chart and I complimented her of having strong memory traits. I’m also looking forward to share with her the extended FEN principles in early August when I conduct the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class. That’s when she will learn even more extended visualisation techniques that set EON/FEN apart from other similar numerology methods.

nsq_sampleStudents learned the extended NSQ Profiling method, including the elemental influences. They learned the method to plot the Birth Chart and Periodic Charts (Year, Month, Day) to analyse the influences that might affect or influence a person. I used their birth and periodic charts as case study examples in real-time to explain the effects and potential traits that might exist. For example, I plotted the day chart for Friday (24/7) and explained the influencing vibes that might affect the students earlier in the day. Using this handy interpretation, students learned to ‘identify’ the day strength of a person in an easy and fast manner. Other than explaining the effects of the character strengths (like having multiple sets of certain numbers), I also shared the principles behind the Behavioural Impulse Chart. This is where students learn to identify the Behavioural Intelligence (BI) signals of a person – from the body, heart, and head aspects; to their responses to instinct, self-image, and logical thinking. That means NSQ students can now identify the BI strengths of the person, from their confidence to emotional and responsibility levels.

NSQ_Behavioural_Impulse_ChartI also shared the steps to look at the relationships of two people (or more) using their NSQ charts. I’ve explained the tendency signs present in the NSQ Relationship Charts of the late Steve Jobs (Apple) and Larry Page (Google) and their combined and missing numbers. I’ve even added more examples in the NSQ course notes and explained their relationships.

Although the one-evening session covers the NSQ Profiling principles, it’s important the students practice and seek continuing lessons. I told the students to email me any time should they need further support. I want my students to benefit as much as they could as they’d committed their time and given me their support.

The NSQ Profiling method is useful and can complement existing numerological profiling method. NSQ Profiling is also a good (and affordable) method to kick-start a beginner’s interest in using numbers to profile a person. If you’d wanted to attend the NSQ Profiling course but unsure or because of other commitments, don’t fret. I’m confident my NSQ Profiling method can extend your human behavioural analysis and profiling knowledge. I’ve already started and conducted the first lesson, completed the training slides and course notes. The to-do list is to start the next class.

Click the EVENTBRITE link to register for the FEN course now!

FEN Level 2 (Advanced) – 1/8 and 15/8 (2 Saturdays)


We plan to conduct the next NSQ lesson in September or later. However, we can conduct the NSQ class earlier as it’s only a one-evening session. We prefer conducting a small class (like 4-10 people) for quality experiential learning. This means we can start an ad-hoc class when we have 4 or more people to form a class. Check with your PON/UCM/LifeQuest course mates or friend if they’re interested to learn the NSQ Profiling method. You can then contact Wang once you’ve the class quota or for more information on our FEN scheduled class. You may email him at Wang@EON-Inspire.com or call or text him at his mobile 9275-9177.

I’d like to thank the NSQ students for the support and encouragement. I’m glad to be part of your interactive and participative learning experience.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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