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Family upbringing and the environment is important as it defines the script and stage for the first chapter of a person’s life story. This enable people born on the same birth date to lead similar or distinctive lifestyles, and get to enjoy life in varying ways, based on their past decisions made. And their self-beliefs formulated from their growing-up years and schooling days, could instill different mindsets that would influence their behaviorism, thoughts, feelings, habits, and actions.

It’s like those “create your own adventure” books, which were popular decades ago, when you have a few options at each page, to decide how you want the story to evolve. It’s normal not to turn to the next page to continue the story, like in a linear direction. Rather, you flipped to different pages from the book in non-linear ways depending on the option you chose. You decide the destiny and fate of the main character, and how the story ends. What I’m emphasising is that you can always pick up your own life-story book, read it, and choose how your personalised life story ends. This means your life path, fate, fortune, and life experiences, depended on your decisions.

In my earlier article “Is he rich?” I highlighted some of the traits and probable situations that might lead to John not completing his secondary school education. This is despite the presence of the book-smart and street-smart traits in his birth chart, which were not at the ideal location that could help, in many ways, to his academic interest and studies. Furthermore, while his parents might not be poor (i.e., above average, rich, or well to do), they could have created a prudent environment for John, partly because of the post-WW2 situation. That implies, while education is important, it was not the primary, essential accomplishment for their kids. Rather, working hard and contributing to the family’s expenses is crucial to ensure they live cohesively. 

After posting the earlier article, I thought it was handy to analyse John’s birth date from the NSQ Profiling method, and share some insights on John’s character from another perspective. Once again, what you are about to read doesn’t imply John could have inhibited or display the traits that I’m about to describe. Instead, my observations were based on his NSQ chart.

6 99
22 5

There’re sixteenarrows” demarcating a person’s behavioural trends in the NSQ Profiling method. John’s NSQ chart shows only the “arrow of determination” is present. This suggests John is a determined person, who, regardless of the challenges, would move onwards to follow up on what he wants. And to some extent, he might be over-indulging on things along the way. While he might be perceived as an easy-going individual who communicates well with others, and view life in an unbiased manner, his inner feelings could constantly sway him from the sensitiveness. The highly egoistic subconscious mindset could create an inability to express to others easily, often causing conflicts and misunderstandings. While he might be regarded as an idealistic person with practical, hard-headed intelligence, he has derogatory thoughts, and could show little compassion and humility towards others.

He might experience poor memory initially. However, after he’s able to remember the details, his intellectual and analytical skills would surface. That is to say, it’d be smart for him to record down the important things and to-do list on a notebook, instead of relying on his memory. While he might be considered as having an emotional-balanced characteristic, the sustainability is weak – his impatience could lead to inferior complex, moody emotions, and confusions. This could produce some form of irresponsibility. They are signals of over-promising and under-delivering. While he could often kick-start on new projects with gung-ho actions, and showing great passion and commitments, his impatience could create the loss of interest at a later stage. There is a tendency, he might abandon project midway when his interest is diverted. Afterwards, it might result in a lack of self-confidence and drive, low self-motivation, and inability to think logically, leading to self-effacing, including the shyness and shunning attention attitudes. While he has strong signs suggesting a family-oriented person, the strength of a financially-responsible individual is weak.

That sums up my observations based on the NSQ Profiling method, an extended technique that I’d improvised and enhanced from the basic nine-square charting method. What you’ll learn and gain from the NSQ Profiling class could complement the Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques, which allows more behavioural signs to be identified and explored.

Those who’ve attended the FEN WORKSHOP classes would benefit more due to its relevance to the EON techniques that were shared during the course of study. Nevertheless, as the NSQ Profiling is a complementary profiling method, it can be applicable to others as well. If you have attended PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, or other similar PON-style classes, the NSQ Profiling class is practical and relevant too. Many external trainers who conducted the nine-square charting method basically focused on the common profiling techniques. Even so, you’ll start to learn something different in my NSQ class. Don’t be misguided by its pure simplicity. Once you’ve understood the visualisation techniques that I’ll share in the NSQ Profiling class, you’ll find there are more clues to unravel from the chart. Furthermore, the traits and characteristics that I’ve mentioned earlier, were directly retrieved from the training notes (like an NSQ handbook) and expanded (rephrased) accordingly. This means even if you could not comprehend the NSQ Profiling techniques immediately, you could still rely on the training notes for easy retrieval of the traits identified for the nine squares. Yes, you’ll get a copy of the training notes when you attend the NSQ Profiling class.

I’ve cancelled the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP class due to low sign-up. No scripted excuses, merely just the hard truth from me. Perhaps, that leaves me more time to continue with my EON research, or start the NSQ Profiling class.

Updated (13/3/2018): The 3rd FEN WORKSHOP is confirmed to be on 14-15 April 2018. Limited seats left. Register early.

I’ve conducted two NSQ Profiling classes previously. Course date for the 3rd NSQ Profiling class has not been scheduled yet. You can email me your interest for now if you’re keen to attend the 1-day NSQ Profiling class. I’ll inform you once I have confirmed the course details, including the schedule date, outlines, and fees. You can then register when time and budget permits. And as always, I promise you’ll get a valuable experience from me.

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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