Is he rich?

Yes, that’s the question put up by Grandmaster Vincent Koh (GM Koh) in his special SFSC Chat 2012 Facebook section for his Singapore Feng Shui Centre students, past and present. A screenshot of a person’s Bazi chart was shown, and some students quickly started to comment, from Bazi and ZiWeiDouShu (ZWDS) perspectives. Most of the observations are similar – he is rich and responsible. However, the truth is, according to GM Koh, John is poor, has Primary School education, married, and responsible family man.

I reckoned it’d be a great idea too, to plot an EON chart of the same person and posted it on my FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. The purpose is not to debate which methods or system is “the best” but rather how we can use Bazi or EON, or for that matter, ZWDS to find clues easily and fast. By understanding the strengths and limits of each metaphysics system, we are then able to utilise the availability of these systems for better and effective profiling. The Elements of Numbers (EON) method is different from other methods like PON and UCMHP, as it’s primarily evolved from Bazi principles, mainly because of my knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics.

There are two points in today’s article that I’d wish to highlight. First, it’s about looking at the EON method as a quick, reliable, and alternative profiling system. Second, to reinforce that having a excellent birth chart does not equate to enjoy good destiny – the quality of your life journeys is still determined by your own beliefs, mindset, attitudes, and actions.

Let’s start with the first point, and analyse John’s birthdate and his EON chart from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. And for easy reference to those of you who understands Bazi, I have also included John’s Bazi chart for reference. The Bazi screenshot (above, top right) was taken from my BaziCalc+ (Android) software, which includes the fifth MINUTES pillar automatically, when the time of birth of the person is indicated.

In general, whenever we see the 1-2-3 pattern in a person’s chart, we could associate that with assets and riches. However, the placement of the 1-2-3 pattern is equally important to see the wealth stage in John’s life. For example, the 1-2-3 pattern is found in location K-L-N, which could imply John’s parents could be from a wealthy, or above-average family, and the likelihood that the mother is richer than his dad, or controls the family budgets.

John has weak book-smart traits, which might have affected his academic results when young. Although he has the street-smart traits as well, there are tendency signs suggesting that he needed the pushing before he could tap on his resourcefulness and street-smart genes. That is to say, he tends to be more resourceful when with friends or other people, and might feel uncertain, distracted, or lost, when he’s solo. He could be a hyperactive kid when young, and often talk in a fast and hasty way. In some ways, there are signs of possible stammering, stuttering, or habit of talking in arrogant, gibberish-like fashion, or even slowness in conversing at extreme cases, during his younger, schooling days. Even when he was young, he is constantly thinking about making plans and envisioning ideas, and to the extent of not paying attention to what others said- he has the “selective listeningdisorder-like signs. Besides that, he might have frequently pressurised himself unnecessary, wanting to do too many things at one go, carry the heavy burden and responsibilities, and that created undue stress and worries.

The 4-8-3 pattern in locations Q-O-N could imply communication problems with others – like a person having poor EQ issues, resulting in more anger, emotions, and frequent revolting attitudes toward others. His parents could have provided comfortable livings when John was young. Even so, he might have faced frequent distractions in his life purpose, and inability to increase his wealth over the years. There are tendency signs suggesting he could have been a money-driven individual subsconciously, based on his charts.

Possibly, the tempers, stubbornness, hesitations, criticism, fear of risks, emotions, poor EQ attitudes, and inattentive traits might have contributed to his academic results, or led to him not completing his secondary school education. And that could have had affected his wealth pursuits too, over the years.

Next year, John would be facing the Double-Effects (DE) year, and he has to take extra care of his health, if he hasn’t already done so.  Hopefully, he could have mellowed down and manage his tempers and emotions, as these could trigger unnecessary heart-associated conditions, including cardiac arrest or heart attacks later this year and next year. It is also wise for him to go for medical or health checkups early and direct his excessive fiery vibes toward a “happy-go-lucky” lifestyle.

That briefly summarises my basic observation on his EON charts. And now, I’ll explain the second point that I’ve mentioned earlier.

Being born with a “silver spoon” and in rich family won’t automatically make you a prosperous person forever in your lifetime. Receiving an excellent education and high academic qualifications doesn’t make you a smart and intellectual person. In short, having a good birth chart doesn’t imply you will savour the pleasurable life forever. And having a bad or not-so-good charts don’t mean you will face more hardships and aggravating challenges throughout your life.

Having the road to your life path destinations smoothly, doesn’t imply you will relish the journey smoothly. What matters most, is your attitudes, perspectives, character and strengths, fortitudes, positiveness, treating challenges as opportunities, sincerity, and moral beliefs that empower you to determine how you want your life journey to be. You can have a smooth and straight road, and that could be boring and dangerous as you could lose interest and focus, and becoming complacent. You could have winding roads with dozens of potholes for more challenging and disappointing moments, and that could affect your health and make you an angry and frustrating person. Conversely, you could have enjoyed a road with wonderful stopovers where you can meet interesting people; ups and downs for the thrills and experience; beautiful flower gardens where you can stop, relax, and smell the roses; and get to watch the sun rises or sets with your loved members.

Whether you want to play hard or think smart for the money, is a choice. Many poor people are happy and rich in contentment, and many wealthy people are unhappy and poor in moral principles. The point is – you, and only you, can decide the quality of your liveliness.

Whether you are rich or poor, or have good or bad birth charts doesn’t really matter once you’ve set the right and positive ways to shift your mindset and improve your life. And enjoy the happiness and fulfillment as they comes along.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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