On Milos Vystrcil PY2020

I chanced upon below two online news articles yesterday that raised my curiosity to find out more about the Czech Republic politician, Milos Vystrcil.

  • Czech president calls senate leader’s Taiwan visit ‘boyish provocation’ – from the Taiwan News article.
  • Taiwanese hurt by Czech politician’s about-face after warm visit: ‘I never called Taiwan an independent state’ – from the South China Morning Post article.

Today’s article is also to address some recent search requests on “843, and 8-4-3” number patterns done on this website, and to elaborate further that “there are more to number patterns, than meets the eye.

By the way, what you’re about to read below, does not imply Milos would inhibit or display the traits, behaviours, emotions, and tempers mentioned. As the “birth chart does not represent an individual personality,” this implies Milos behaviours – while influenced by family upbringing and values, education insights, social influences, and work ethics – might not be totally what I’m about to describe. While the tendency signs are there and could easily be interpreted on an “as is” manner, we should not assume the signs factually represent his current behaviours, thoughts, and habits.

Look at the screenshot of Milos’ EON chart shown on the left, which was taken from an unreleased version of FEON+ Pro software, running on an iPhone device. The 8-4-3 pattern is present in his PY2020 chart, in location P-Q-R. There is yet another 8-4-3 pattern in location V-W-X of Milos’ Birth Chart. Oh, another one – the 4-8-3 pattern in location V-W-X of his Reflection Chart.

In an earlier article, “The Search for 1, 3, and 4 Patterns,” I explained the reason why we can relate a number pattern, like 8-4-3, in any sequence arrangement, due to the logical design of the EON charting layout. This means, while there is the different “primary” influences of 8-4-3 and 4-8-3 patterns, both could display similar behavioural traits from their “secondary” influence.

We could interpret the 8-4-3 pattern as [Stress – Plan – Fast], which means the person tends to stress or pressurise themselves by committing to their work to come up with the perfect plan, and then to act on it quickly. The dedication and commitment could unknowingly create overwork (workaholic) anxiety and myopic views; when the work-life balances are not handled well, it could lead to the emotional outbursts – just like the natural effect of Fire (8) – Wood (4) – Fire (3), creating forest fire-like consequences.

We could also interpret the same 8-4-3 pattern as [Control – Plan – Hurt], which evoke the person to take charge with full control over what they do, involving others, to ensure their plan (and vision) is carried out, accordingly. Eventually, it could hurt others along the way as they could adopt the “I know what I’m doing” or the “I know I’m right” attitude, without weighing the views of others. Their speech and/or actions could create consequential unhappiness, frustrations, and disappointment among others, who deemed the person to be untactful, insincere, pretentious, and not forthright.

From the extreme end, the lack of sympathetic and empathetic behaviours could often be considered as creating contradicting emotions – like invoking fear and hurt, heightening passion and burning desire, and the “I just don’t care” mindset. When we then relate these tendency signs to the relationship of two or more people, the 8-4-3 pattern could be understood as having poor EQ and lack of communication skills, sometimes causing strained relationship with others. When issues are not settled amicably, clarified truthfully or sincerely, it could lead to separation or divisions of some sorts. For married couples, the unsettled issues could aggravate further, leading to divorce outcome, especially when the 8-4-3 pattern is strongly manifested, or is shown in multiple charts.

There are many ways to interpret the 8-4-3 patterns; the earlier-cited ones are just a few of them. From one aspect, it suggests that Milos tends to talk hastily without thinking first, not knowing how his words could affect others, or if his message is vague which could often lead to misinterpretations. In a way, the tendency signs are suggesting he’d just blurt out his words – possibly in a frank and blunt manner – without constructing the thoughts in his mind first before speaking. On the other hand, as remarked earlier, others could perceive him as a “tongue-twisting” person who swayed his words, to ride with the “favourable wind.” It’s like the fire spreading to the direction where the wind blows.

The triple 7-7-7 pattern is present in his Birth Chart, and this denotes a strong desire to garner support from others. From the Five Elements principles, we associate the number 7 with the Water element. The traits would be like feelings, sensuous, charismatic, appealing, and wavering movement. When the Water is strong, it could become forceful, furious, devastating, and hurtful – like a tsunami effect.

I’m concerned with the 9-4-4-4 in his PY2020 chart. We could associate that with emotional outburst and heightened tensionsIf not properly managed, it could lead to emotional imbalance, mental depression, and at extreme cases, suicidal inclinations. He has the “perfectionist” mindset too, which could aggravate his emotions and tempers further, unless he learns to take a step backward regularly for self-reflections, or pause to relax and “smell the roses” occasionally.

The 9-7-7-5-7-3 pattern in location M-N-O-P-Q-R of Milos’ Birth Chart, could suggest success is among the top priority in whatever he do, and to get others – though passionate and inspire, or by force or manipulation – to accomplish his tasks. The 5-7-3 pattern could suggest potential loss of money or involved in legal entanglement – usually because of carelessness, overconfidence, oversights, and neglect. Anyway, he needs to take charge of his health, and go for regular medical checkups, due to the weakening health signs present in his PY2020 and PY2021 charts.

On the positive side, Milos might be influenced by the 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) effect of the 1-6/7 pattern. This means he could have acted with the sincere intent of a true leader (1) to focus on stability (6) for the sake of others (7). Still, the excessive 7-7-7 pattern in his chart, could suggest innocently being blindsided and made him oblivious to the sensitivities between China and the Republic of China, Taiwan. That could perhaps lead to the “boyish provocation” remark made by the Czech president.

When we apply the EFV FLOW (PY2020) method, Milos could focus on accountability and responsibility, to recognise his mistakes and apologise in a clear and direct way. He should avoid giving excuses, as others would perceive him as insincere. That means saying, “I’m sorry.” without elaborating further, is always more honest, than “I apologised, because…” or “You’ve misinterpreted me…

From an EFV SPAN (PY2020) approach, he should avoid putting himself down, or pleasing others. Instead, he could concentrate on behaving as a true leader, and minced his words, if necessary, to restore the trust, hope, and faith of the Czech people. Once more, he should avoid giving excuses and making “over promise, under deliver” plans and visions, to the people. When he could “deliver what he’d promised,” he’d be able to instills the confidence others had in him. He should also concentrate on building up his emotional resilience to expand his mental ability to correct the wrongs quickly, wherever possible.

I devised the BIRTH CODE some years back. It’s like knowing your birth mantrayour life mission – to use as guidelines, and act appropriately to achieve a contented life journey. Milos’ BIRTH CODE is suggesting the need for him to direct his passions and creativeness to inspire others, to inculcate the empathy and compassion mindsets, and to build and strengthen his emotional resilience. Once again, he must strive to think and work like a respectable leader – one who’s willing to face the obstacles as challenges and hurdles to overcome – and behave with a positive winner’s mindset.

Performing a behavioural and personality profiling is just one aspect – identifying the probable traits, and effects on a person. The other aspect that is usually more important, is the “life path profiling” where you can map the potential checkpoints of a person’s life journey, by checking on their periodic charts; and marking the possible effects (like, on health, behaviours, habits, attitudes) at each checkpoint. You can then identify areas where the person can apply, to ride with the flow of the optimising energies transitioning or moving around during the specific stage.

You can apply the EFV FLOW, EFV SPAN, and ANNUAL CODE techniques as guidelines for “annual or yearly remedies” to act on. The code patterns is unique, and change every year, similar to typical yearly almanac. Apply these techniques to change yourself, or anyone, to take the right steps to optimise the positive and beneficial energies; and to avoid making the wrong move to manifest the negative and unfavourable energies, during a particular year.

We can't make you an expert, but we can help you become one

Finally, you can escalate your learning progression and improve your profiling competencies when you applied the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I can’t make you to be a profiling expert, but I can lead you to become one. No other external trainers conducting other numerology and profiling methods, could achieve similar continuing passion, helpfulness, technique improvement, and knowledge sharing than what I’ve practiced. In the meanwhile, I’ve posted over thousand of free articles since 2010, do read them any time for insightful learning experience.

Happy Learning. Happy Profiling. Stay Safe. Stay Happy.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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