The Search for 1, 3, and 4 Patterns

This week, I noted there were recent searches for “1-3, 1-3-4, 3-1-4, and 4-1-3” number patterns. The search requests could have been done by users who’d attended external courses conducted by other trainers, or learned from their friends. Either way, they could have acquired basic knowledge focusing mainly on number-pattern profiling.

Profiling a person is simply not about crunching the known number patterns, and definitely not like compiling mathematical equation results as ready-to-use model answers. While relying on number patterns could generally go well on identifying robotic sequences, it is less desirable to apply similar steps on humans, as every one of us has variations in our behaviours, feelings, thoughts, and reactions to a situation or problem. Even twins or people born on the same day, does not think, behave, or worked alike in all ways, every time.

So you’ve come to my Elements of Numbers (EON) site, and hope you could get another set of model answers here. As a matter of reasoning, model answers are entirely suitable for those who desired to constrain themselves within the preliminary or basic levels of profiling. You must move on and come out of the number-pattern trap, and be willing to face the challenges if you want the freedom to explore various ways to understand yourself better; identify weak areas to strengthen; manifest beneficial areas to energise; and know how to take precautions to minimise potential unfavourable energies from affecting you. Remember, with challenges come the opportunities to upskill your profiling power.

I’ve always believed in divine connections and the “law of attractions.” The energy levels are substantial, and that could have unconsciously or consciously impel you to check on my site. Now that you’re here, I’ll briefly share with you some of the basics of profiling, beyond number patterns. You’ve to start remembering the fundamentals, and learn how you can avoid jumping to conclusions hastily by stereotyping people, purely based on number patterns and the model answers. Come out from the perceived limiting beliefs, or when practised over time, you could inculcate the wrong mindset that prejudiced profiling is perfectly acceptable, moral and ethical.

From basic keyword interpretation, we could easily associate the number 1 with many traits, including alone, self, and leader; the number 3 with fast, action, hurt, and passion; and number 4 with plan, foundation, and scheming. Of course, there are even more traits we could connect with the three numbers, and it’s easy to know them once you’ve acquired the visualisation techniques when you attend my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class.

So we could interpret 1-3 pattern as [I – Inspire], [Alone – Hurtful], or [Leader – Action]. Once you’ve listed down the trait possibilities, it’s time for storytelling. For instance, when I correlate with the above-mentioned three interpretations, the 1-3 pattern could suggest the person:

  • Is likely to inspire others without hesitating;
  • Might indulge in self-pity and self-hurt, or tend to hurt others in haste; or
  • Think like a leader who acted fast to resolve a trouble. They are focused and direct, and dislike dragged NATO-like (No Action, Talk Only) confrontations.

Another useful info you’ve just learn, isn’t it? What do you think? Let me know. Oh, it can really be fun and experiential once you’ve learned the “secrets and keys” to practical profiling from me, just like what I’ve always shared with my happy FEN students.

Let’s look at the 1-3-4 pattern. One interpretation is about [Self – Fast – Plan]. It implies the person tends to come up fast with a plan. When done right, it shows the person is a quick thinker, and can work and act quickly. When done wrong, it could suggest the person plan things hastily or shoddily, without a proper framework. Here’s one more exciting extension once you’ve progressed your profiling levels beyond the fundamentals. The 1-3-4 pattern could also suggest [I – Listen – Think of Plan] which could easily be associated with “selective listening” habits. This is because while the person is listening to others, they often drifted away thinking of preparing plans. Conversely, they could only like to hear the “honest words” and shut off what they dislike hearing.

Check out my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for extra correlations to the individual numbers of 1 to 9. Then “cherry-pick” the list of traits to form, say a 3-digit number pattern, and try to tell a story based on that set of traits. If you do not have my EON book, you can click on this link to purchase them, even if you’re staying outside Singapore.

I’m blessed to have overseas readers from Vietnam, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, South America, USA, and other countries, buying my EON book and loved learning the basic profiling method, at their own time, pace, and location.

What about the 3-1-4 and 4-1-3? Well, there’s a reason why the EON chart layout is different from other methods. It’s just like the blood flow in the blood vessels all around our body, and everything, including Yin-Yang Qi energies is connected. This means our unconscious and conscious thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, and energies do function in an independent and inter-dependent manner, based on the energy flows of the numbers in the EON chart. That is why the numbers in the external sectors, in locations S-T-U and V-W-X are connected. It’s just like noticing you could use your thumb to touch the other fingers, shoulders, and (mostly) other parts of your body.  This means numbers in locations M-S-U and N-V-X are considered as being in close proximity, and could influence/affect you as well. If you noticed the charting layout used by other methods – they’re illogical (and funny at times) as the numbers in external sectors are arranged in a single-row “water-hose” manner, where the last number in location A and B of the UCMHP chart; and locations U and X of PON chart, is not linked at all.

From metaphysics Yin-Yang Qi’s design thinking perspectives and systemic standpoint, the external charting layout – adopted by these external trainers – summarised the conjecture thinking and poor understanding of the interactions on the elements and the energy flow influencing within and around a person.

Now that I’ve explained the rationale – logical, usefulness, and practicality – behind the EON chart layout, this means we can also interpret the 3-1-4 and 4-1-3 patterns like putting three separate ingredients into the bowl, where regardless of which ingredient is placed first, the end result – the salad – could taste similarly. Well, in some cases, there could be slight difference in the taste or smell. This means, a person with the 1-4-3, 3-4-1, 3-1-4, 4-1-3, and 4-3-1 patterns on their EON charts, could also acquire, to varying degree, the secondary effects of “selective listening” habits of the 1-3-4 pattern.

Sure, you can always place the primary effects of number patterns as an “as is” basis. That is to say, the 1-4-3 pattern [I – Plan – Fast] can be different from the 4-1-3 pattern [Plan – I – Act]. The 1-4-3 pattern could suggest a fast-thinking person who could come up with workable plan within a short time. The primary influence of the 1-4-3 pattern is different from the 1-3-4 pattern, where the latter, as mentioned earlier, tend to come up with a plan for the sake of completing it, regardless of the content quality and relevance of the plan. And when we added the secondary influence effects, we could also identify a person with 1-4-3 pattern to have some strain of “selective listening” habits too.

I hope you’ve discover something useful in today’s article, and find new areas to widen your perspectives on interpreting number patterns. And when you applied the visualisation techniques using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and Five Elements Numerology (FEN) combinations, there are still more chapters of stories to tell.

Let me share one more technique in today’s article. Yeah! Think of the earlier number patterns mentioned, and then imagine the BBQ-pit where you have the metal grill (1, Metal), the charcoal (4, Wood), and the burning flame (3, Fire). When the smoke gets heavier, you cannot breathe properly or have unclear visions. This implies the person might have breathing issues, or tend to view things from a short-sighted or narrow-minded perspective. And the narrative goes on once you could correlate yourself grilling the food on the BBQ-pit. List down the emotions and tempers when the charcoal (the fuel) is running out, too much charcoal placed at one time, metal-mesh damaged, and sparks flying out hurting your hand. Ouch… it hurts!

There you have it, the extra knowledgeas a gesture of pay-forward initiative from me – on useful and practical profiling when you applied the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. You’d observed my profiling analysis and reasoning styles is obviously different from many external trainers conducting other methods. They’ve limited capacity to profile and analyse – mainly because of their commercialised goals to charge higher course fees through aggressive marketing, and impart their training lessons quickly just on the basics.

In case you haven’t already noticed, my passion sparks and creative insights to share and impart the EON method and FEN techniques are still strong, all these years since 2010. That’s why I could continue to post articles for you to learn freely; developed affordable FEON+ tool for you to automate charts, and conduct courses at much reasonably-priced rates. And when you become an FEN student, you’ll enjoy continuing insights and discover new techniques by participating in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. There’s nothing to hold you back from learning the proper way to profile, except yourself.

Are you currently facing a problem, or have been troubled with something that you couldn’t get off your mind? How can I help you? Tell me more! Start sending me an email at anytime, and share your thoughts and profiling experience with me. Who knows… I might post a case-study article related to your issue along the way.

Always remember, “Happiness when shared, is doubled; Sadness when shared, is halved.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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