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Would need your advice should a person who has the number 4-8-3 and he is a divorcee, so can we assume that this guy has higher chance of transgression or extra marital affairs. If he remarry, will there still be a higher chance of transgression or marital affair,” asked Christine.

That’s an unfounded assumption. Why should two people stop loving each other and getting married just because the man has the 4-8-3 numbers in his chart?  Can we guarantee a person (male or female) would not transgress after marriage as they don’t have the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) pattern in their birth chart? Can we assumed people with 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) in their birth chart has DNA confirming they’re 100% flirt and/or an adulterer forever in their living years?

Immoral LoveLet’s be fair and reasonable, and not stereotype a person. Although the tendencies could suggest higher chances of relationship strains, it all depends on the person. That is why many people with 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) in their charts are still happily married without involving in external marital affairs.

When you learn the Elements of Numbers (EON), you are applying the practical and logical reasoning to your analysis. You learn to know yourself better and indirectly you learn to take charge to become a better person, and to understand other peoples’ feelings. You understand there are different perspectives to analyse a situation or incident.

Definite MistressTo me, the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) could imply strain relations with anybody. It could be quarrels with the in-laws, peers/bosses at work, friends, relatives, family members, kids, and the spouse. It could also suggest a temperamental person getting into heated disagreement easily with others, including government officers, traffic wardens, and security or military staff. This means these people have to work harder on their EQ and social communication skills.

Will Christine’s new man (let’s called him Henry) step into the transgression path after getting married? The sign is there but it doesn’t mean he will eventually be like an immoral person, or someone who flirts or have extra marital affairs with multiple sex partners. Or someone repeating the separation or divorcing state.

Here’s the truth – All of us (yes, you and I) have 8-4-3 or 4-8-3 patterns in our charts. Yes, you read it right. They (the patterns) can be present in our birth chart, our personal year chart, our personal month chart, and personal day chart. And when you attend my FEN Advanced Level course, you can also identify the same patterns from multilayer charting analysis. Just imagine this – let’s say the 4-8-3 is present in the annual year’s chart (for example in locations V-W-X or L-N-V of your Personal Year chart). Can we stupidly proclaim all people during that year are potential flirts, adulterers, mistress, toy boys, gigolos, and <fill in the blanks>?

Gosh, that includes me, your married brothers, fathers, grandfathers, and all the decent married men! Fortunately the answer is NO. Phew!

The tendency signs in a person’s chart simply imply character inclination towards certain traits or actions. But whether the person is heavily or lightly influenced by the energies mainly depends on their mindset and self-beliefs, developed over the years from family upbringing to social lifestyle. Many married man has close female friends. Beyond the platonic relations, they have a invisible moral line drawn to separate them from swaying into the loving relationships up close and personal.

CaseStudy_HenryLet’s look at Henry’s chart. The 7-3-1 imply he might have to work harder to control his anger, emotion, and temper, and his tactfulness when communicating with others. As long as he can control his behaviours and actions, he should be given the chance to change to a better person. As long as Christine can help him mend his ways, the challenges he’s facing today might be tomorrow’s opportunities for him to be a changed and loving person.

Christine should reduce her unnecessary worries, and not rush into a deep relationship, too fast and furious. She might have experienced setbacks and is inclining on the cautious side. But that doesn’t mean she cannot get out of her fears and grow her relationship with the new man she likes. It’s just not fair to her, and it’s not fair to her new man too. Perhaps she should take things in strides and get to know the man better. Sure “a leopard cannot change its spot” but if the man is sincere in investing in his relationship with Christine, then he must take charge and prove himself over time. And that’s what Christine needs now – give him time to heal the wound and moves forward to a new and better life with her. At the same time, Christine should open her eyes wide and socialise to make more friends. Who knows she might meet someone who loves her as she is regardless of her past, and whom she loves as well. Perhaps she might feel more secure, comfortable, and feeling at ease with him.

Incidentally as I’m conducting an FEN/NSQ course preview talk this coming Friday (13th March 2015), I’m including basic NSQ analysis on Henry’s NSQ Chart.

From NSQ perspectives, Henry has the emotional sensitivity traits which means he has to overcome his inner fear and build up his strength to express himself to others better. The need to express in an emotional balance way to enable him to control what’s moral and what’s not as there might be external parties taking advantage of his inner fears. He needs to learn to control his stubbornness and dare to take risk by adapting himself to changes. Henry is often thinking like a practical-minded person but there are frequent hint of materialistic streak at play. He prefers knowing the facts rather than listening to others’ gossip or trusting what others are saying. The tendency signs in Henry’s NSQ chart suggest an intelligent and logical-thinking person, but lacked the creativity and intuitive drive. This means he often rely on others to start the conversation before he gets into his warm, cheerful and positive moods. An introvert and self-ego person who prefers living in his own world, and someone who hesitates and worries too much.

nsq_sampleThat’s a short analysis of Henry using NSQ profiling methods. I’m excited to share my NSQ methods with you at my first NSQ Profiling course in April. I have extended the analysis with unique NSQ techniques like:

  • Identify a person’s characteristic tendencies from the “NSQ Periodic Chart
  • NSQ_Behavioural_Impulse_ChartFind the strength levels of a person’s behavioural tendencies (like emotions, confidence, and determinations) for specific period from the “Behavioural Impulse Chart.” It’s like a simplified but complementary version of my EON’s life-path profiling.
  • Identify the “behavioural intelligence’ signals a person is more likely to behave or act, rather than feel or think.
  • Use basic EON principles to correlate the Strengths and Weaknesses Arrows (character planes), and the missing numbers.

I’m excited to share the discoveries I have made on my NSQ research. I’m glad I could extend the common nine-square chart numerology method and brings it up to a different analytical level. It’s like how I’d extend the Elements of Numbers (EON) profiling method beyond analysing the traits associated to the numbers.

I’m setting the pace for this coming Friday’s talk. I want to make it an interesting and interacting session where you can enjoy. Pass me sample birth dates to profile and I will discuss my observations with you. It’s just like you attending an informal EON-Inspire Club gathering.

Check on the EventBrite link below and register early to avoid disappointment. Help spread the word about the NSQ Profiling and my coming preview sessions to your friends.

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FEN/NSQ Preview Talk (13th March 2015) 


Why not drop by and see NSQ Profiling in action? You’ll discover it’s so easy to apply the NSQ Profiling techniques to complement or strengthen your current profiling analysis.

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