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Once again, those who’d turned up for the special FEN/NSQ Preview talk on Friday (13th March 2015) had a great time. I’d like to thank the 15 participants (20 registered) who came. The presentation format was different this time around. Instead of just myself presenting the talk, I introduced ‘live’ case study analysis as well. Participants wrote their birth dates (without their names for privacy) and the questions on the provided slip of paper.

When I finished showing sample slides of FEN Level 1 (Basic) course, I’d randomly pick a few paper slips with the birth dates and questions. The FEON+ software comes handy as I could display the EON chart and explained to the class my observations based on the question provided. I repeated the same process for the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course preview. I noticed excitement among the participants when I introduced the NSQ Profiling course preview slides. Well, this is the first time I’ve introduced NSQ publicly and it was the first time the participants saw sample NSQ course slides.

nsq_sampleSome participants had registered for either the FEN Level 1 (Basic), FEN Level 2 (Advanced), or the NSQ Profiling course. Thanks for the supportrest assured I’ll make your learning experience a positive one.  One female participant told Wang (my organising partner) her excitement when I identified her character tendencies from the NSQ chart and Behavioural Impulse (BI) chart. Oh, by the way, allow me to highlight again that we, as humans can change and adapt our mindsets, behaviours, and habits. There’s no such thing as over 75% accuracy. I could identify the character strengths because of the tendency signs present in the BI chart. Anyone can arrive at similar observations once they understand the NSQ profiling application approach.  I’m glad I could extend the nine-square chart methodology with the BI chart. I’m also happy I could introduce the Behavioural Intelligence indicator as a fast and easy strength signal. The ‘urge to expand a profiling method’ approach was similar to the Time of Birth Chart that I’ve created for the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

confusionYou can consider NSQ as a complementary method to EON. Certain profiling techniques used are similar but the applications of EON are different from NSQ. At current status, NSQ provides you with a fast way to identify character strengths and weaknesses in a person. By including name and periodic items into the NSQ chart, you can find out the behavioural moods you’re currently facing. For example, I showed the BI chart of the late Steve Jobs – in August 2011 when he introduced the iPhone. I also showed another BI chart of Tim Cook and explained his behavioural impulse signals on 6th March 2015, the day when Apple introduced the availability of the Apple Watch, and the new MacBook. I also highlighted why certain character strengths when in excess could have negative impact on the person. For example, when a person’s confidence behaviour is too strong, they tend to focus on self-acceptance rather than self-confidence. Besides, an excessively confident person may feel insecure and rely on arrogance and brute-force persuasive tactics to drive their message across.

CaseStudy_Behavioual_Impulse_ChartI correlated some participants’ questions using both the EON chart and the NSQ chart. I did that to show them why both methods are indeed great complementary techniques you should be using to profile a person and check their daily behaviours and character strengths.

CaseStudy_KrisLet’s look at the question posted by Kris (not his real name). Kris wrote, “Life seems to be a ‘dead end’ and I’m in a mess. What are the solutions and future?

I told the class my first impression – the strong Fire element. It implies Kris has the tendency signs suggesting a person who’s temperamental, easily agitated, critical, and prefer getting things done fast. The perfectionist streak is present. He’s excited (and often satisfied) when he noted the result is perfectly in tune with his desire.  From an extended EON technique (taught in FEN courses), Kris has to manage his finances and stop his overspending or impulsive spending habits. His poor financial management might be because of carelessness or trusting others. There are times Kris has to stop self-sacrificing himself and look and how he can take charge and control his habits and actions.

The 8-9-8 in locations M-N-O and K-N-O suggests a person who’s easily distracted and confused. We can associate the 8-9-8 as [Stress-Success-Stress]. While the early perfect visions are strong, the fearful thoughts are stressing at both sides. And these caused him to be crazy-busy doing things without focus on a ‘moving’ target. It’s like wanting to do ‘everything but completing nothing’. It’d be great to do some self-reflections and learn to say ‘NO’ when he cannot handle other people’s requests. The problem here – there are tendency signs suggesting external manipulations where people are taking advantage of his eagerness and spirited vibes for relentless pursuits and excellence.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyI told the class I’m concerned with the impending vibes present next year as Kris is facing the “Double Effects” vibe. His PY2016 shows excessive duplication in the fiery Fire energies, which means Kris has to seriously rethink and slow down his ‘fighting’ pace now (and not wait until next year!). It’d be helpful to take care of his health. He needs to consider doing regular meditation, and ensure he drinks enough water to quench his frequent thirst. He needs to include physical or fitness exercises into his To-Do list. This helps improve his respiratory and immune body system for a better physical and inner health wellness.

UNLEASHA person with excessive strong Fire energies in their chart might fall into the ‘high risk’ group of people with potential health problem related to the heart. This could include potential heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, frequent thirst or dehydration, heatiness, liver and kidney problems, and oxygen deprivation. I’d suggest Kris go for a medical check-up if possible, just to be safe. And yes, it’s important Kris to have a medical or health insurance if he hasn’t any yet.

Kris has to press the brake to stop going aimlessly on the round-about if he wants to stop getting into a ‘dead end’ as he mentioned. The excessive number 8 is like an infinity sign and there’s no entrance or exit which means Kris has to create his own exit points to stop the mess he’s made. I know he can achieve that as long as he’s sincere – change his mindset, get rid of old negative habits, and embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle. And most important, he has to persevere his actions toward holistic and mental well-being if he wants to live a better tomorrow.

CaseStudy_Kris_NSQI did not show Kris’ BI chart but decided to plot one for today’s article out of curiosity. The character strengths present in Kris’ NSQ BI suggest a person who prefers acting on a gung-ho leader-like spirit with strong confidence. The perfectionist vibes are strong this year – a stressful and tiresome year… unless he takes action to reduce them. Feeling ‘not wanting to be left out’ is strong too, and yes, he has to learn to say NO (again) to stop stressing further. My suggestion to him is to put aside the need to put a false front and presenting a good image to others. What’s important is the health and strength of his inner-self. There’s no point in wearing a mask coated with shiny chrome-plated on the external side when the inner side is rusty that can cause infection. Given time, the mask will break apart and reveals an unhealthy and stressful person. So stop the prideful habit and take charge. Kris revealed himself after class and I told him to ‘focus and prioritise’ what he needs to do first to become less stressful. Once he has improve his positive mindset and finances, he would be ready to understand his true self better and work towards improving his character and behavioural traits.

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FEN Level 1 (Basic) course – 21/3 and 28/3

FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course – 9/5 and 16/5

Just a reminder, the FEN Level 1 (Basic) class is confirmed to start next Saturday (21st March 2015). Do contact Wang at or his mobile 9275-9177 to register. The FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module will start in May. I’ve also included extra techniques for the coming FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module. Existing FEN students (Year 2014 batch) can repeat the same module (FEN Basic or FEN Advanced) and pay S$100 to refresh your profiling knowledge.

We offered a special preview discount for the NSQ Profiling course to the participants. I thought it would be great to offer this time-limited offer (yes, it expires Sunday 15th night, SG time) to those who wanted to come but couldn’t because of other commitments.

Click the EVENTBRITE link to register for the NSQ Profiling Course now!

NSQ Profiling Course (18th April 2015)


The NSQ Profiling course is a 1-day Saturday session.  You will learn the fundamentals of the nine-square chart numerology method from a different perspective. I will teach you the extended NSQ techniques that I’ve developed. These include the method to plot the Behavioural Impulse Chart and identifying the Behavioural Intelligence indicators. I’ll provide the Excel file to NSQ students to plot the BI charts.

Looking forward to share the extended FEN/NSQ techniques to those who’d signed up.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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