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Roy recently sent me an email with the birth date of James, his friend, and wanted to know more on the “health and career” matters. Roy also mentioned James is “a public speaker, wealthy, and has a wonderful career.

Let’s focused on James’s health matters first based on the elements and numbers present in his charts. Once again, what I’m about to share with you does not necessary mean James will inhibit or display symptoms, traits, and health conditions mentioned. A person’s character, outward appearance, beliefs, and interactions with other people mainly depended on their family upbringing, social and working environment, contentment, and life goals. This means anyone born on the same birth date may not inhibit the traits, or even if they do, the qualities of these traits may vary between people.

CaseStudy_JamesFrom extended Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, I noticed there are signs suggesting a person who might experience health symptoms like asthma (breathlessness, hyperventilating), illness anxiety, above the average (or higher) glucose level, and occasional gout attacks (especially when they consume too much purine food). Hopefully, James does not face such unhealthy conditions, but if he does, then it’s advisable for him to control his diet, exercise regularly, and moderate his eating habits.

The 2-2-2 patterns appearing on his PY2016 chart could suggest, besides obvious behaviours of more communications and giving out presentations, excessive feelings of sensitivities, emotions, insecurities, and wavy thoughts. This means he might easily be feeling restless, distracted and having distorted visions. With the too many 2s present, the negative influences might create subconscious acts of over-promising, self-beneficial doings, and exaggerations when communicating or working with others. On a positive note, especially when he’s in control of his mental and intellectual states, he could easily convince others to work as team players for a common goal. Perhaps he could be inspired to embark on other communicative pursuits, like writing a book, blogging, or even doing a series of travelogue articles. James has the spiritual senses present on his chart. These could imply intuitive and spirituality values. He has both the book-smart and street-smart traits which could suggest an academically-inclined and resourceful person who can easily tap on his intellectual mind and Creative thinking for strategies.

KnowingPatternsCareer-wise, nothing’s going to stop him this year as he rides along with the waves of social media and participative dialogues. As a public speaker, these manifested acts could create increasing financial growth too.

Now let me share some other observations on the components (numbers, patterns, and elements) present in his birth and periodic charts. There are signs of a person chasing after fame and possibly, wealth. However, there are stumbling blocks (2-1-3) that could, more often than not, prevented him for achieving his financial targets. It’s equally important for him to listen empathically to others for feedback and suggestions, and put aside the “selective listening” habits. We could interpret the 2-1-3 in locations MNO of his birth chart as [Talk – Alone – Fast]. This could suggest a quick talker or someone talking fast, sometimes to the frustration of others and himself because others could not hear properly what he’s saying. In many ways, these are symptoms of stammering or stuttering. James has to stay focused and control his emotions as these could create unnecessary mental stress and undue worries on him. He could have picked up and improved his public-speaking skills through regular practices. Think first, and conceptualise how he wants to express his words before talking could be the best approach for him.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyJames will be facing the “Double Effects Year” vibes next year (2017). This means the energies (both positive and negatives ones) will be doubly manifested, and its influences and impact could have both beneficial and unfavourable outcomes. Whether he enjoys a “Double Blessing” period next year, or experiences unusual “Double Whammy” setbacks mainly depends on his behaviours, attitudes, and actions.

Oh, one more thing… he needs to take care of his health too. While doing my EON research, I noticed a person’s health could worsen during a Double Effects Year when they neglected to take care of their health while chasing other enriching pursuits.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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