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I received an email from a new user residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia early this week. In his email, Melvin wrote, “I’ve found it [your blog] very interesting, and I want to know more about myself, my fate, and my relationship (am still single without a lover/girl friend).” Melvin must have gotten excited when he chanced on my site and read the articles I have posted on this site. He continued with more questions, “When can I achieve success in my career life? I am struggling on my 100% commission-based sales job in IT industry for a cold market computer system product; and also struggling on my private Internet marketing to make money as well. Can you plot my birth chart for me and tell me the details?

Many profiling professionals would love analysing Melvin’s chart as there are various life aspects to focus on, and these mean extra charges for the analysis report. Fortunately, he chanced on my site and realised he could learn something different from a fresh perspective about the situation he is facing currently.

GOOD_RELATIONSIt’d take a while to analyse his charts, and as many students know, I prefer to train the students to learn how to profile on their own, rather than me teaching and spoon-feeding them with the information I’ve gathered from my EON (Elements of Numbers) research. The reason is clear and simple – as every student has gone through separate experience and inculcated their unique self-beliefs, their observations would, in many cases, be different from mine. This means that, through regular practices, they could reason out different probable causes and acquired the habits to analyse on their own.

What I’m about to write is just a brief analysis which does not imply Melvin will inhibit all the traits mentioned since there are external influences like family upbringing, living and working environment, and social lifestyles that could affect him. Melvin has the 7-2-9-2-7-9 number patterns in his birth chart. People with these patterns tend to be more charismatic, sociable, talkative, sensitive, insecure, vocal, manipulative (to the extend of doing things for self-interest), tongue-twisting (accountability), wavy feelings (distractions) and having mood swings, and so on. When a person is touchy and feeling unsecured, they might cover up these traits by portraying the confidence nature through the “I, Me, Myselfegoistical attitude. Everything must be done according to their expectations. The possessive and demanding nature usually kicks in when they realised they are not in control over the situation. They can be seen as a calm person, like the quiet and still waters in the lake. Conversely, they can also be seen as a loud and ruthless person, like the destructive waves of the Tsunami.

CaseStudy_MelvinThe Root 9 could imply a goal-driven person who is always on the competitive mode, moving towards achieving their goals and oblivious to the feelings of those around them. There are signs in Melvin’s chart suggesting a person who likes to hear “only the good stuff,” that is, someone with “selective listening” habits. Melvin has the academic-inclinations when young, but as he grows up, his decisions and choices are mainly based on his gut-feelings, street-smart, and intuitive abilities. Because of these strong senses, it might become a “double-edge sword’ for him – while his resourcefulness abilities do help him greatly, it might make others wary of him. As a result, there might be few committal companionships. In addition, there are tendency signs suggesting some form of deceptive and boastful habits, and these might frighten friends away, as they aren’t sure of his true-self, his commitments, and whether he is telling the truth or not. There might be someone from the opposite gender that likes him and probably, she might be closer to him – it’s just that he was not aware because of his external, social-appeal thoughts. He should look for character and inner-beauty and not outer appearance, which can create impractical unrealistic hopes. Chances are, if Melvin could slow his pace and do some self-reflections, he might be able to identify the person easily as she is still “actively present” in his life since last year. Slow down the talkative and prideful “I know everything” traits would help him a lot, if he truly wants to find a loving companion.

DO_BETTERCareer-wise, it’d be ideal for Melvin to focus on learning the pitfalls of failures and resilience (the journey) rather than anticipating speedy success (the goals). If he wants a better career path, he needs to put aside what others might have suggested to him about fast money-making ventures and his half-hearted projects. Though it might leads to some success, it’s not truly what he wants. That is why it might be appropriate and opportune for him to focus on the quality, and not quantity, of what he can achieve and deliver. Create the quality ‘niche’ experience customers want, and not behaves like a salesperson who delivers empty promises. He might lack the support from his bosses and management at work, and there might be colleagues, peers, someone at the higher levels, or competitors gossiping negatively on him, particularly during the past few months. Rebuild the competence and expand his knowledge, notably since IT workflows, processes, and knowledge are evolving too fast these days. In short, upgrade his skill sets and be willing to accept role changes or different job tasks. Furthermore, the 7-5-3 is present in his PY2016 chart. Melvin needs to take a slower pace and read the fine prints of any legal documents as there are signs of carelessness, forgetfulness, and oversights; and these might have resulted in loss of money or unnecessary over-spending, even though he might be the thrifty or meticulous person.

Health-wise, he has to take extra care on his kidneys and liver as there are diabetic-tendencies present in his charts. Cutting down on sweet food, sugary desserts, alcoholic binge drinking (if he’s into it) would help improve the health conditions, including having better food digestions, and probably fewer gout attacks or water retentions. He might want to keep himself fit and healthy, and go for regular exercises (if he hasn’t been exercising for some time) as there are signs of breathlessness and immune-related symptoms, and skin-related (skin rashes, itchiness) conditions, if he doesn’t take care of his health. Of course if Melvin has yet to experience these poor health conditions, it means he might have taken great care about his health, or could be having proper healthy diet and going for regular fitness exercises. Or the symptoms hasn’t surfaced yet…

WEALTH_IN_IDEAMelvin may not have inhibited many of the traits and health conditions mentioned. Or he could. If he is sincere about changing habits and working on life transformations, he ought to seek the advices of his friends, be they a male or female person, to read this article and find out how much truth (in the traits) I have described that are displayed by him, and oblivious to himself. As long as we consciously control and reminded ourselves to minimise the use of these “bad habit” traits for better outcomes, we might even eradicate these negative behaviours and attitudes. When we become more forthcoming and sincere, we will attract more truthful friends.

Fate is something we must take charge to improve the life journey before we reach the last destination. Adapt and change can help us experience different good feelings at each checkpoint and milestones in our life path. Respect others as much as we wants others to accord due respect to us. Be humble – we might know more, but others might know better. Treating little setbacks and failed lessons as life experiences could help us prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Melvin can excel in his career and grow his wealth, as long as he puts in place his plans and carries them out, and not just talk about them. Since he’s into his own business, he should put aside the pursuits for making more money. Instead, he should put on his innovative and creative thoughts and focus on transforming unique ideas into reality. These could lead to more meaningful rewards and enriching experiences. Furthermore, if he wants to enjoy a purposeful life that is more rewarding, besides money, he has to stop being sensitive and reduces his fearful and self-interest thoughts. Be forthcoming, sincere, humble, and empathetic, and listen to other’s constructive feedback. He could start transforming his perspectives and work attitude, and take charge of his own fate for better quality of life.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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