What’s up on 3914?


3914. Is it a set of LifeCode number that was shared to students who’d learned other elementary numerology methods – a series of numbers that was supposedly to provided lifelong positive enrichment energies and a good-luck enhancer? Something that appeals to some who got rewarded (mostly monetary gains) after placing the LifeCode ornaments nearby, but for the many others, they are still waiting for their opportune time to come. It doesn’t matter if the LifeCode is effective (in creating wealth growth or contentment); what’s important is to understand the potential impact (good or bad outcomes) it might do to your health and life.


As far as possible, I have often discouraged my students to rely on the LifeCode patterns and spending unnecessary on symbolic ornaments (with the LifeCode numbers engraved) that is more of a mindset positiveness enhancer than good-luck charms. Anyway, let’s put aside for now (I will come to that later) whether LifeCode is useful and looked at the 3914 pattern that was searched by a user who visited this site recently.

KnowingPatternsFrom basic Elements of Numbers (EON) interpretations using keyword analogy, we can decode the 3914 as [Fast – Success – Alone – Plan]. What this means is that if a person has these numbers (3914) closely linked in their birth chart or even Personal Year charts, it could imply the person might prefer achieving quick short-termed goals rather than long-termed success, and because of these short-sighted visions, they might end up having to rethink (plan) their moves once again. On a positive side and using an analogy, it’s like doing online selling of pre-owned or new items and clothes – once they’ve cleared the stocks, the person would repeat the process again by planning what items to sell. On a negative side, it could suggest recurring stressful outcomes – something like relentless pursuits for short-lived goals that more often than not, may have less-perfect results.

From extended EON perspective, and on the positive notes, it suggests triggering the creative and passionate vibes through self-innovative ideals. This person could have quick-thinking foresights, and can innovate ideas and transform them to reality. However, because of the lack of proper or detailed planning (contributed by fast action thinking) they might face frequent obstacles and challenges. On the negative side, it simply means facing more obstacles and bottlenecks along the journey of success pursuits. Even so, as long as the person could persevere, they could attain the success needed.

Taking RiskIn short, it might imply the 3914 is about emotional intelligence and risk-takings; and the ability in the person to control their emotions, tempers, and mental thoughts. The eventual outcome depends on their attitude, focused, and mindset; and their decisions, whether to be risk-adverse (dare not take risk or preferring a lower risk) or risk-averse (dare to take risk) when facing stumbling blocks.

Is the 3914 being a LifeCode pattern good then? Frankly, I don’t know as it’s too vague without knowing the birth date and other numbers presents in the person’s charts. Generalising traits might lead to wrong interpretations or assumptions, and might do more harm than good. If you feel the LifeCode 3914 works for you, by all means go ahead and continue embracing it. However, do bear in mind that the LifeCode is like any symbolic ornaments, similar in applications to the Feng Shui ‘symbolic cures’ where the positive energies do dissipate over time. You need to refresh and re-activate them yearly. The positive enhancement and rewarding results felt today may not last long. In fact, it might be detrimental to your health and life when such energies becomes unfavourable and not beneficial to you at later years.

Uh? Why is this so?

It’s all about cyclic rhythms and periodic vibes, similar to how Bazi professionals identify and apply the 10-Year Luck Pillars and Yearly Pillar energies. This means the excellent effects you’re receiving now is because you happen to be in the beneficial period, and the positive energies have a “warranty” period or time frame of some form. Confused? OK, here’s another analogy… imagine the LifeCode is like driving a brand-new car. Over time, the car performance and your comfort driving experience would not be the same as it was when you first drove your new car. And when you don’t maintain and service your car, its performance and lifetime would be shortened. That is why we know the importance of servicing the cars regularly to upkeep its usefulness.

AnnualCodeSimilarly, it’s important to upkeep the LifeCode to strengthen and prolong the beneficial energies. However, this is impossible since the LifeCode is permanently based on a person’s birth chart. That is how I formulated the Annual Code and Periodic Codes some years back while trying to determine the LifeCode usefulness. The 5-digit Annual Code allows a person to apply the beneficial energies periodically – to understand the year’s guiding hints, health impact, and other influences and impact it might do to you, every year. That way, while you chase your dreams, you could at least take precautions to maintain your car (oh, I mean your body and health) in good conditions.

What if the 3914 is not a LifeCode pattern but a series of closely-linked numbers in your birth or Personal Year chart? Well, you might consciously or unconsciously display the traits I have mentioned earlier, and I hope it’s the positive ones. However, if you noticed you are displaying the negative traits instead, then take actions to right the wrongs, and make it a habit to plan before you act, whether you are eyeing to achieve short-termed or long-termed goals. Oh, while you are chasing your goals, don’t get stressed up unnecessary and do take care of your health too…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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