On Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings

According to The Guardian online article, titled “Dominic Cummings’ relationship with Boris Johnson ‘fell off cliff’, says ex-minister,” it was reported that Boris “had been “very dependent” on Cummings for a long time.”

Let’s explore how “dependent” Boris has been on Dominic, from an Element of Numbers (EON) perspective, and find out if there are further similarities with what’d been mentioned in the article, with the tendency signs present in their “Relationship/Compatibility” Chart. I hope you’ll find today’s article a relevant learning experience on how you can apply the EON method, with the special charts generated from the FEON+ software, to do a “reverse-engineering or correlational” case-study profiling exercise.

I’ve posted an earlier article “Boris Johnson: Sensuality of 7-2-9 & 2-7-9 Vibes“ describing the vibes influencing Boris’ natal character; you might want to read about him. I’ve also posted articles on the 9-9-9-9-9-9 patterns in Birth charts as well – here’s the link to check them out too.

Based on the Five Elements principles, the Water element supports the Wood element. As the Water element of numbers 2-7 and 7-2 is strong, it could create an under-confident, wavy, and mood-swinging state of behaviours. However, when Boris’ Root 9 (Wood) is further reinforced by Dominic’s strong Root 9 (Wood), confidence in his abilities is considerably strengthened. Furthermore, the “Relationship / Compatibility“ Chart has a similar 7-2-9-2-7-9 pattern as Boris’ Birth Chart, creating a Double-Effect manifestation of the energies, boosting his confidence and competent behavioural states. However, without his relationship with Dominic, it could create a lack of confidence due to the “Too Much Water, Wood Will Drift“ impact – affecting or restricting his thoughts, feelings, and assertiveness.

Dominic’s overly strong Wood element (9-9-9-9-9-9 in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R) on his Birth Chart, exhibits strong visionary and often, unrealistically high hopes. As mentioned in past articles, he could also be influenced by the “victim of his own successes” vibes too, creating a stubborn-like, competitive, arrogant, greed, and the “I’ve been there and done that, and I know better than you” kind of mindset. Furthermore, the two sets of 1-8-9 pattern in Dominic’s Birth Chart further amplified his perfectionist traits, which might often affect Boris’ leadership’s executions. Dominic’s multiple sets of 7-2-9 patterns in his Birth Chart, also shows sensuality and attraction-like vibes, which makes Boris feel very comfortable, relax, and complacent whenever Dominic is around.

The “R/C Elemental Chart“ shows the Wood element is strong, which means both Boris and Dominic could often be at loggerheads and disagreeing to their visions and plan, as the excessive 9s (Wood) is becoming a densely-populated Amazon-like forest, where every tree in the forest is fighting to be the tallest, to get the optimal sunlight and oxygen. This may have triggered the frequent arguments that both might encounter, privately.

The “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2020)“ shows the 4-8-3 pattern, which we could associate with strained relationships and poor communication skills. In extreme cases, they may be separated. In addition, the presence of multiple 8 and 4 elsewhere in the chart, could suggest stressful and emotional tensions between them both, and differences in how they could stabilise (Root 6) the country.

The Selected Day Chart (for 13 Nov 2020) shows the 6-4-1-5-7-3 pattern, which we could interpret as [Stability – Strategy – Leader – Challenges – Supporter – Action]. This means for the sake of the country’s stability (economic, financial, political, and Brexit), Boris could be compelled to implement unfavourable strategies as the current UK Prime Minister, to tackle the challenges highlighted by the majority of his political team, and to take immediate action. The tendency sign in the same Day Chart suggests a triggering or nagging vibration, provoking another tense relationship between Boris and Dominic that day. The “Compatibility Day Chart“ is showing the 1-1-2-3-3-6 patterns, which could suggest the need for both (1-1) to discuss (2) what’s best to act fast (3-3) for the country’s stability (6).That could have indirectly agitated and influenced the strong-willed Dominic to break away from their “mutual agreement“ (7-5-3) because of the external influences from other political members. Boris is compelled to take a hardline (and mood swinging retractions) approach, without Dominic, due to his pride, wavering feelings, and egos. Oh, you can try plotting Boris PY2020 chart – the 6-9-6 pattern present.

Targeted practices can help anyone learn how to tell a relevant story, and profile with fresh perspectives. And when things happen between two people, it’s even easier when you have their dates of birth, and you can plot the essential charts. It would take a few minutes or more to draw all the essential charts manually, and this could have impacted the ‘curiosity impulse‘ to find the signs quickly. That was why I developed the FEON+ software – to display all charts and information quickly (usually within 1-2 seconds) to ”quench” my profiling curiosity. Since the incident occurred earlier, you may want to quickly zoom in on the probable cause of the incident, rather than considering all options. This is why I strongly recommend doing reverse profiling exercises of case studies first because it’s often easier. You may improve understanding and skill in identifying relevant tendency signs on charts. Over time, through regular practice, you would be able to quickly tell a relevant story, profile a chart confidently, and suggest corrective action, when necessary.

Once in-class learning can be done in person, I’ll share visualisation techniques and other important methods to help you improve your profiling skills.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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