Lucky or Smart?

David sent me an email with the birth date of Tony, a prominent Singaporean and wants to know why he is lucky and wealthy.

Let’s find out whether we can identify why Tony is lucky and rich. If you have bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, you can do a life-path and personality profiling on him to improve your analytical skills, and reinforced the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

The ability to get rich is in Tony’s birth chart. Refer to Page 155 of my book to find out one reason. Although I have mentioned both positive and negative traits in my book, it doesn’t mean Tony will have all the traits as it all depends on family upbringing and values.

The multiple sets of number 1 imply a team leader. Tony’s leadership skills and self-principles are obvious even when he was young.

He usually likes to plan alone. He could have faced many obstacles along the way, probably because of his strong principles. However, he could overcome them because of his flexible nature and persistency. Refer to the number 5 traits mentioned in my book.

The number 5 also denotes authority and power. When the number 5 transformed to the characteristics of 6 or 9, the success and wealth energies are strong. He could overcome and carry out his plans, and achieve his goals quickly. Amid all the successes, Tony may feel lonely at times.

The numbers 1 and 6 also denotes financial investments, banking, security and military. Tony’s portfolio, especially at the peak of his career, involves around these business sectors.

The number 5 may also be associated to the fields of research, nature-related or humanitarian activities. Refer to Page 57 to find out more. Tony is known for his charitable and humanitarian efforts.

So, is Tony born lucky?

For Tony, his resourcefulness, perseverance and actions attracted the opportunities for him to excel his skills. The luck energies are everywhere but not many people can manifest them further. It may not be the luck that helped Tony to be who he is today. Instead, it is the SMART character in him that attracted the opportunities he need.

Though we are born with our own Fate, we should not leave everything to Fate. Instead, we should take charge of our own destiny as our Fate lies in our hands. Even if you have a similar birth chart, the ability to get rich and become wealthy depends on your thoughts and actions. For Tony, it is his SMART ACTIONS that helped him achieved the goals and lifestyle he need.

On a sidenote, Tony has to take care of his health. He has to take care of his immune, respiratory, liver, heart and head (brains). He needs to cut down on alcoholic drinking and reduce taking food with high sugar content. Keeping himself physically and mentally fit would be ideal. Daily meditations would help him relax and control his emotions too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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