Speedy Recovery, Andy Lau

I was concerned after reading this Channel NewsAsia online article, “Andy Lau suffers pelvic injury after being thrown off horse.

I quickly plotted Andy’s EON chart, and checked out the Day chart for 17 Jan 2017, the day he had the accident. “Not again” was my first reaction as I observed the Double Effect vibes was manifesting on that day.

From the FEON+ screenshot, note the numbers in locations M-R of Andy’s Personal PY2017 chart – it’s similar to the numbers on the Day chart. Furthermore, the numbers on the external influence section (i.e., location’s K, L, V, W, and X) of the PY2017 is identical with the same location in the Day chart. That implied stronger manifestations of the numbers, creating the double effect energies that affected him on that day.

The numbers 1 and 3 are the obvious one. In EON fundamentals, we could easily correlate the number 1 as knife, sharp weapon, or medical surgery or operation. We can correlate the number 3 as blood, hurtful (sharp pain?), and hastened actions.

Coincidentally, we could also correlate certain numbers or the element to the horse, from other Chinese metaphysics theories.

Now, I’ve explained oftentimes in precious articles, that you must take extra care of your health when you have Double Effect manifestation happening during the year or on a particular day.

Out of curiosity, I plotted the NSQ DAY chart using the NSQ PROFILING method. I noted signs of over-confidence on that day. There was also tendency sign suggesting insufficient planning (or practices) done, or someone not following the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

To begin with, Andy could have indirectly hurt and agitate the horse unintentionally. Contrariwise, the accident could have resulted from some sharp object, the saddle, or incorrect use of the horse whip. These could have hurt or agitate the horse which subsequently injured Andy Lau during the process. Anyway, let’s wait for the investigation findings on the cause to the accident.

Meanwhile, let’s wish Andy Lau a speedy recovery.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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