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One of the features available in the FEON+ software is the RELATIONS option. You can plot up to four people, including the first subject person, to identify the energy levels of their relationship. Another feature unique to the software is the ability to toggle (turn on or off) any one of the person’s chart, other than the subject person.

GOOD_RELATIONSFor instance, when I came upon the article mentioning Laura Prepon is engaged to Ben Foster, I was tempted by curiosity to find how their relationship would be, considering they have known each other since she was 18. I then checked up the Wikipedia page on Laura, and read she had broken off with Scott Michael Foster in 2013, and Christopher Masterson in 2007.

I quickly plotted Laura’s chart (as the primary subject Person #1), and added the charts for Ben, Scott, and Christopher respectively. With the toggle option, I could easily check the relationships between two people (like [Laura and Ben], [Laura and Scott], or [Laura and Christopher]); three people (like [Laura, Ben, and Scott]. [Laura, Ben, and Christopher], or [Laura, Scott, and Christopher]); and all four persons.

This article would come handy when you have a copy of the FEON+ software installed in your Android OS smartphone. I will be sharing how I analyse the relationship charts, it’s energy levels, and the periodic energies that might affect them during a particular year.

casestudy_relations_laurapreponFor this article, I had toggled off the charts for Scott and Christopher, leaving the active relationship chart for Laura and Ben. When I checked on their “Relationship / Compatibility” chart, the obvious sign shows some form of strained communications between them. In basic Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, we could associate the number 4 to many traits, including the emotions and fickle-mindedness. We could correlate the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) patterns as poor EQ, tactless, and fiery emotions and temperaments. Look at the multiple 4s and 4-8-3 (and 8-4-3) patterns on their Relationship chartcould it imply they (Laura and Ben) be just platonic friends but not as engaged couples or spouses? When both are together, there are frequent tensions, sexual activities, and constantly changing plans. Furthermore, the 2-7-9 patterns are present, and these could denote some form of external relationships with someone else. For whichever reason it may be, let’s hope their relationship is anything (like happy, blessed, joyful, and fulfilling) but short-lasting ones.

The multiple 1s in Laura’s natal chart could suggest a self-egoistical person. Together with other numbers and accompanying elements in her chart, there are tendency signs suggesting a perfectionist, spiritual, direct (speak frankly without hesitation) person with “selectively listening” and principle-minded habits. There are tendency signs in Ben’s chart suggesting high sexuality, perfectionist, passions and creativity (including thought-invoking and inspiring abilities), and spirituality.

Could the spirituality inclinations lead both to Scientology practice? Could both having the perfectionist mindsets, get together as engaged couple because they have found common goals to satisfy mutually on their needs and wants? Could the self-centric expectations trigger tensions and emotional outburst (the 4-8-3, 8-4-3 patterns)? Or could there exist the two-timing pursuits elsewhere that suggest a complicated relationship, or a relationship formed for convenience sake than something else?

Let’s hope all these tendency signs that’s suggested unfavourable outcomes are just, fallacies than facts. Both Laura and Ben can change their attitudes and perspectives, and dilute the emotional and temperamental signs for a good relationship. Let’s wish Laura can enjoy a happier and rewarding life with Ben.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyNow, let’s put aside the fallacies and check other charts. Besides the 4-9-4-4-8-3 patterns in the Relationship chart, I was concerned when the same set of patterns is also present in their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2016)”. These could denote a “Double Effects” influence on them, when they are together. These mean the energies, positive and negative ones, could manifested doubly. If they could overcome their faults and tolerance and control their emotions and tempers, it might lead to a happier “Double Blessing” period for them. Else, uncontrollable outburst and frequent disagreements might lead-up to a “Double Whammy” outcome.

The intent of checking up the Wikipedia page on Laura is for a reason. When I checked the year Laura broke up with Christopher in 2007, there is the “Double Effects” vibes on their Relationship chart, and their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2007)” with the two sets of 6-9-6-6-3-9 patterns present.

“OK… but I don’t see similar patterns for Laura and Scott when they broke off relations in 2013?” some of you might be asking.

YearEnergiesI have shared many extended techniques in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. Among them is the understanding the periodic energies are constantly in transient motion, and its influential state could change anytime and abruptly. I have also mentioned, in many earlier articles, that a year energy does not influence merely on the person during the period in the year. What this means is the PY2013 energies do not become activated between 1st January to 31st December 2013. The energies could overlaps to the following and previous years. On the same context, the PY2014 energies could be felt as early as later months of 2013. If you have the FEON+, you can check the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2014)” for Laura and Scott. The two sets of 8-5-4-9-3-3 patterns are present, and again; these denoted some form of “Double Effect” influence on their relationship.

step-forwardI added the Relationship charts and other essential features in the FEON+ software for a reasonI’m using them for my profiling analysis. Through regular use, I believe you can easily identify the signs, interpret and analyse them quickly. And your profiling knowledge would be much more than just confirming the number patterns when you are determined to take a step forward. Read my past articles for the time being would help. And when I resume my FEN classes, I’ll share with you the fundamentals and extended methods of the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles.

Till then, remember one thing – when you have the 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 patterns in your Personal Year charts, like in the PY2016 or PY2017 charts, don’t despair. The negative influences would only have the desired effect when you’re unprepared and become oblivious to the signs around. When you become more consciously aware of your actions and behaviours, you have the means to control your emotions and tempers, and improve tolerance towards others. The worst scenario you would face is a slight disagreement or squabble with someone else. Nothing to the extend of straining the Relationship further leading to a separation or divorce.

Eventually it’s your awareness, behaviours, and actions that determine the outcome of your relationship with another person.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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