Stephen Paddock: Overdue Emotional Outburst

I was shocked when I read the various articles in the Daily Mirror online page about Stephen Paddock’s rampage shooting from his hotel room in Las Vegas on Sunday, 1st October 2017.

While the police are trying to identify the probable motives behind Stephen Paddock’s murderous rampage, let me share some brief insights on my profiling analysis on Stephen, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

First, what you are about to read is based on my EON research, and while it might provide some clues to the investigators, it does not necessarily imply what I’m about to share is conclusive.

Let’s begin by analysing Stephen’s EON chart. My first impression – too many Wood (numbers 4 and 9) and Fire (number 3 and 8) elements, implying a person with strong emotional stress and burning desire; and the need for some stress outlets to release the build-up tension and pain in him. From a simple visualisation perspective and using analogy, we could associate his chart to a densely-populated forest under the hot sun, deprived of rain and water. This means the trees are dry, and at any moment when there is a small spark, it could cause a fire outbreak. And when no action is done to control the fire, soon after, we might see a devastating forest fire.

In the Five Elements concept, strong Wood element could repel and affect the Metal element, which in this case, is related to the lungs, respiratory, brains, and mental health. Likewise, strong Fire element could also affect similar organs and mental capacities too. Using these simple analogies, there might be a possibility of Stephen suffering from mental stress, or to an extent, some form of mental illness.

In extended EON concepts, we could also associate Wood element to emotional traits, especially on the number 4. There are far too many 4s in Stephen’s chart, and these could imply he is constantly experiencing emotional stress. Next, strong Fire element could lead to bipolar disorder tendencies, furious outburst, tempers, aggressive, rampage, and abusive behaviours.

By now, we have identified three key traits in Stephen’s chart – emotional, mental stress, and temperamental. Why then did I indicated “Overdue Emotional Outburst” in this article’s title?

The answer is simple – Stephen was strongly affected by the Double-Effects vibes last year (2016), meaning he was influenced or affected by the double the vibes last year, and to many extents, in the early months of this year too – both positive and negative ones. This means double the emotions, and double the urge to let go of the excessive energies stuck in him. It was long overdue, perhaps because of changes made to his plans.

Media reports have also mentioned about Stephen’s father. In any case, the Hidden Number H2 is 8 in his chart. This implies Stephen might have faced stressful times when he was young, and with his father. With the multiple 4s in the father’s sector of his EON birth chart, it could also imply emotional tensions too. The number 4 is also associated with suicidal tendencies, meaning there is an urge in him to “end his problem once and for all.” That could suggest that shooting himself before the police came might not be a “spur of the moment” act, but a decision made earlier as part of his plan.

Talking about plans, we could also associate the number 4 to planning, strategy, and setting foundations. These could probably explain the many plans and preparations Stephen did in the hotel rooms, with multiple cameras, etc., to ensure he covered “all angles” properly. The number 5 in H1 could depict a stubborn and inflexible person.

In extended EON principles, we could also associate the 8-4-3 as some form of separation, and the number 6 as a weapon. I have also described them in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” The 6-1-7-8-4-3 pattern present in his Combined Day chart could be interpreted as [Gun shot – Self – Others – Separation].

There are so many extended signs present in Stephen’s chart, and coincidentally, I will be covering these signs in my coming FEN WORKSHOP session later this month on 28-29 October 2017. I’ll explain more of tendency signs, and personality traits present in his charts in class, including the Heavenly Send-Off, selective listening disorder, OCD, and others. You’ll get to install the FEON+ software (currently only for Android smartphones) and I’ll teach the class how to profile using the productive tool for analysis. I’ll also be sharing some insights on Hugh Hefner, the late PlayBoy founder, in class, together with new discoveries on health signs and patterns.

Register now and join me at the FEN WORKSHOP, and learn the signs so that you can empower changes in yourself – take proactive measures when unhealthy signs are present in the Personal Year charts, and maximise when positive signs are around. Like I’ve always quoted in my book – Feel the Fear, Experience the Success.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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