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Kim Kardashian was “robbed at gunpoint of millions of dollars worth of jewelry” in a luxury apartment as reported in this Los Angeles Times online pageCould the robbery incident be a consequence of past actions resulting in “karma” retribution-like as quoted in this UK MailOnline page? Or was the armed robbery a “total fabrication” as reported in this TMZ online page? Was it an “inside job,” an act of revenge, or “lax security without bodyguards” as reported elsewhere.

Well, whether it’s a true robbery, an episode of the reality drama, flaunting her assets (wealth and physical) through social media, or fabrication of some sorts, or whatever reasons you can think about like <fill in the blanks here>, let’s put all these conspiracy theories aside and check on Kim’s EON charts and analyse them using the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles.

casestudy_kimkardashian_20161003Now, what you are going to read is observed from the energies present in the elements and numbers present in her charts, including her birth or natal chart, and the periodic charts. It does not necessarily imply Kim will inhibit the traits mentioned in this article, or the behaviours or actions leading up to the robbery event are factual.

Let’s check out her chart. As stated in this article’s title, Kim was experiencing an emotional day influenced by the “Triple Effects” vibes. The 4-9-4-4-8-3 pattern is present on her natal chart, Personal Year PY2016 chart, and the Selected Day chart (for 3 Oct 2016). It is indeed an emotional and stressful (crazy busy activities?) day for Kim.

I have mentioned we could correlate the 7-5-3 (or 5-7-3) to carelessness or money lost, lawsuits, and other tendency signs. As Kim was experiencing the dreadful Triple-Effect vibes, and the fact that the 5-7-3 pattern is present in all three charts (natal, PY2016, and Day chart), it could suggest money loss as a result of carelessness. I have also mentioned in an “old” article, “Cashout on 573 and 753” posted in June 2010 (yes, that’s more than six years ago!), that the pattern may also imply “nonlegal” issues like “lost of items, burglary, or robbery.

Is it, an “inside job” or some form of social media “manipulations” done? I don’t have the answers as only Kim (or her close associates) would know. Nevertheless, here’s a clue – check out the multiple sets of 2-7-9 patterns in her PY2016 and Day (3 Oct 2016) charts. Check out my past articles on the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) and it’s correlations to the manipulative, deceptive, and social-hyped actions. Could that imply it’s an episode of TV show, or a real unfortunate incident over-hyped by the media?

Kcasestudy_kimkardashian_20161003_2im’s EON chart is interesting. Some time ago, I was researching on celebrities who loves money, and came upon few online sites that listed Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian among others. In basic EON theory, we could associate the number 6 to money and wealth. The number 6 is found in location H5 of Kim’s natal chart. On page 67-68 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” I described the numbers in location H5 as depicting “the subconscious self”; and the number 6 in H5 as someone who “always talk about money, but seldom admit/refuse to admit.

At first glance, her natal or birth chart doesn’t show many signs of hard-earned wealth accumulation, apart from loving money (number 6 in location H5). There are other areas that reinforced her subconscious money-loving habits. I have shared with past FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students the steps to plot and analyse the “Reflection chart” from a different perspective. I have also included the “Reflection Chart” in the FEON+ software. If you have a copy of the FEON+ installed on your Android smartphone, you’d noticed the 5-9-5-5-1-6 pattern, and the number 5 closely-linked to the two sets of number 6 (locations J-K). As I have mentioned elsewhere before, we could interpret the number 5 as a duality trait, and besides inhibiting its own characteristics, it will also absorb the energies of surrounding number. This means the number 5 transforming to exhibit the number 6’s money-loving traits too.

I formulated the Time of Birth (TOB) chart, and the Combined Date and Time of Birth (CD&TOB) chart while researching to extend and reinforce the EON principles. It took me quite some time of “analytical decoding” and I’m happy my Time of Birth formula has shown useful clues that reinforced additional information or observations on a person’s chart. You can identify Kim’s charismatic and social influences by checking out on her TOB and CD&TOB charts. Ok, here’s the clue – analyse the 4-2-6 patterns.

health_wealthI have also shared with Advanced FEN students to identify a person’s unique “Achievement” sector, which as well include the person’s wealth sector. I’ve revealed the steps to correlate the number and its element in this sector. In Kim’s chart, there’s abundance of achievements and wealth present. That could, perhaps be a coincidence for her money-loving and asset-flaunting behaviours; or conversely, the fact that there exists a truth in the numbers present in her chart, and that the numbers don’t change or lie. This mean while a person may change their perceptive and character over time, there is still the unconscious mind and “domain habit” inside them.

These domain or “old” habit, when manifested especially on a Double-Effect or Triple-Effect day, could reveal a person’s worst behaviours or attitudes. And we can easily identify these domain habits in a person’s natal and periodic charts. It reminded me of the phrases, “the leopard can’t change his spots” or the “old habits die hard.” That’s to say it is an absolute essential to discard unwanted negative ways (habits) and not keep them inside you. And the way to go is to change your mindset, beliefs, and attitudes; and replace old bad habits with new positive ones.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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