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According to this People.com online article, it was reported, “Knox admits in the documentary that she had thoughts of suicide while she was incarcerated for four years in Italy’s Capanne prison.” And on this ETonline page, it was quoted that Amanda was acquitted and freed in 2011. She was subsequently retried and found guilty again, and only exonerated in 2015 from any guilt in the murder case.

Today’s case study is not about analysing on Amanda’s innocence or guilt since the court has already “exonerated” her from any guilt. Instead, I will be sharing a strong sign present present in her chart, an informative clue if you are new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles. I also noticed, from direct observations from some users, it might deluded the perceived mindset of users who’d attended external courses (like PON, UCMHP, and LifeQuest) conducted by other trainers.

i-am-not-like-thatThe reason – there is no such thing as a definite, affirmed conclusion we can associate to a certain number pattern present in a person’s chart. A person’s beliefs and attitude can change, and so would be their behaviours, actions, and outcomes. Let me elaborate more. I attended Dr Oliver Tan’s PON (Power of Numbers) course in early 2007 and received a list of number patterns of murderers, rapist, and others. The list is intended to reinforce the patterns associated with this group of ‘bad’ people. I was intrigued initially, and thought it would come handy for the police and psychiatrists to conduct early “spot checks” and identify potential murderers or rapists. When found, get them retrained (from young age as possible) to “realign” them to become good, moral citizens and not to transform to an uncontrollable beast in the future. I was excited as I felt it could be a excellent area to extend my profiling knowledge.

EDUCATIONEventually after doing more research, my intriguing excitement was short-lived. I noticed many good, well-behaved, ethical, and moral-obliging people have similar patterns. And they are not murders, rapists, and by no means connected with the “bad guy” categories. That reaffirm my common-sense (and probably, yours too) logical observations. What this means is that we can only identify patterns associating to certain traits, health conditions, or behaviours. However, we cannot conclude affirmably that all people with such patterns would eventually be “like that!” Even a person with good charts (like a chart not depicting a murderer, rapists, and the bad-guy inclinations) could have killed someone, notwithstanding whether it’s an accident, homicide, depraved-heart or premeditated murder. Another example is like saying you are a hot-tempered person with bipolar tendencies, and that doesn’t mean you will definitely die from a heart failure when you constantly became agitated and emotional. For all you know, a person with similar traits might die because they slipped and fell, and bumped against their head. They died not because of the heart attack, but due to an unsafe act.

The purpose of learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is to understand the various options and associations to the numbers (hence, the number patterns), the elements (by applying the Five Elements principles), and it’s probable remedies that a person can act to minimise or reduce the ‘negative tendencies’ from manifesting. To cut a long story short, when signs are identified early, you have a choice to act:

• take remedial actions now;
• procrastinate by giving excuses; or
• thinking that “it will never happen to me” and do nothing about it.

One tendency sign with varying outcomes that mainly depended on your actions today.

casestudy_amandaknoxLet’s look at Amanda’s EON chart. There are many 7-5-3 (or 5-7-3) in her birth or natal chart. The two sets of 7-5-3 pattern are crisscrossed in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of her natal chart. In 2007, the year she was arrested, the 7-5-3 pattern was present in her Personal Year PY2007 chart. When the 7-5-3 pattern is present, we could associate them to carelessness and often resulting in money loss or overspending. At extreme cases – and that’s when there are many 7-5-3 (or 5-7-3) patterns around, the energies get manifested strongly. When you don’t settle your debts, especially if you experienced a financial debt as a result of overspending or bad investment, you’d face potential lawsuit. And if you are not intending to pay your dues, you might face some form of prosecution, asset repossession, or bankruptcy proceedings.

Of course not all 7-5-3 (or 5-7-3) patterns would eventually lead-up to a lawsuit as a consequence of financial debts, overspending, or partnership disputes. It can be any lawsuit made against any act contrary to law. Put simply, when you have the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) pattern in your natal chart, just be careful and be more alert to avoid making recurring careless mistakes. However, when the same pattern is also present in your Personal PY chart, then you must be extra cautious. If you drive, don’t consume alcoholic drinks beyond legal limits; don’t speed and don’t park your car anywhere – to avoid a traffic ticket or lawsuit. Indeed, it’s not only about driving. You can be walking on the streets or doing something, and indirectly caused an accident with injuries. In the worst-case scenario, the person might be unconscious or died some hours later. You’d face legal proceedings even though it’s an unintentional careless act.

That’s scary, isn’t it? Now the fact of the matter is, these uneventful incidents will not automatically happen – it’s just an extreme case. You might feel relief that the chances of these worst-case scenarios happening to you are slim. Nevertheless, you need to be careful at all times especially when there are two or more sets of 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) patterns in all charts – Natal, Year, Month and Day charts! Now, don’t be so obsessed to check your charts or check the almanacs to decide whether it’s a good and auspicious day to do perform some tasks. Just do it, and stay vigilant and attentive. Read the small prints before signing on the dotted line to safeguard yourself, and to avoid being the subject of a lawsuit later for failure to comply.

KnowingPatternsOther numbers present in a person’s chart can also influence the person’s behaviours. Take the case of the 8-4-3 pattern in Amanda’s natal chart. We could associate this pattern to some form of poor EQ skills or communication problems. What they said may not be what they are thinking. This might result in tactless dialogue, misinterpretations, or communication breakdowns. We could also correlate the multiple number 3 to traits like critical, forceful, and hurtful. These might have agitated and frustrated others, and they could assume the person is like that of a liar as they’re not consistent with what they said earlier. Eventually, and sadly, it created a stereotype category and a perceived negative feeling, that the person is of certain profiled characteristics.

We associate the number 7 to many traits, including supporters like friends, business partners, and customers. In Amanda’s natal chart, the two sets of 7 (in locations M-N) could also imply some form of naivety or easily-influenced by others. Could this imply Amanda’s behaviours and actions are indirectly influenced by her friends, or whatever she has a desire to do? Or her friends are over there to cause some form of obstructions and challenges to her plans? Or Amanda’s temperaments (like fiery outburst) and emotions could be caused by external influence from her friends? That’s the 7-5-3 [Friends – Obstruct – Critical or Tempers]. Amanda might have the “selective listening” habits, and these could have aggravated matters because of perceived beliefs. There are multiple number 7 present in Amanda’s PY2007 chart. Could this imply the unfortunate murder incident or prosecution could have been an unconscious act of jealously or influenced by her friends?

In the Five Elements principles, we could associate the Wood element to emotions. An overly emotional person might have suicidal tendencies. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could correlate the numbers 4 and 9 with the Wood elements. The number 4 being a Yin element (in EON principles) could display more physical emotions than the number 9. And in Amanda’s case, other numbers close by to the number 4, could have somehow diluted her suicidal tendencies.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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