On John: Emotional Hot Triggers – Part 1/2

Clarence emailed me and wrote, “This person (John) is in trouble. He is currently entangled with a legal issue, and is on the verge of bankruptcy this year (2018). Business is not doing well, with his “business partner” not cooperating, getting lazier, and also facing financial issues. His wife is not supportive and extremely reluctant to help with his financial woes. Eventually, she agrees to help, but with unreasonable condition – that he withdraws his name from the landed property, after securing a mortgage loan from the bank with the current property as collateral. Divorce is on the table apparently.

John is facing an unfortunate incident indeed. It’s something that could have been avoided when the warning signals are up earlier, or at least something that John can manage better if he is aware of his own strengths and weaknesses. The last thing an entrepreneur or business person needs is the sudden unsupportive spouse with an impending divorce. Wait a minute… we need to review all possibilities before hastily coming to a conclusion that John’s wife is not supportive and is the root cause of his downfall.  For all we know, John might be a victim of his own successes, and his wife has little to do with his current financial position.

We all experience our emotional hot spots and triggering thresholds. We should recognise our limits, constraints, what we can do and what we cannot, learn how to say no, be smarter and less dependent, do our homework and check the facts, and be less gullible.

Clarence also wrote, “Sadly, those inauspicious numbers in his chart are taking effect. 753, 483, two pairs of 18, multiple 4s or too many wood elements. Missing numbers 5 and 7- No sense of direction and lack the support, noble people. Reflection charts 595516… too many 5s which are obstacles.  So stress, so emotional.

A problem, be they on health or career, seldom happened overnight. In most cases, it’s an accumulation of the tensions and negative vibes bottled up through a period. It was like the new water pipe placed along the roadside many years back.  With little or no maintenance over the years, it’s not uncommon to see pipe broken suddenly and the water spouting upwards. What this implies is that even the pipes need to be maintained or replaced regularly. That stated, it means we, as human beings, need to check our mental and physical health routinely, and make the necessary change whenever we can, and not until the problem has surfaced. By then, it might be too little, too late.

Let’s check on John’s chart. In the year 2016that were two years ago – he was facing the Double-Effect (DE) vibes. This implies the excessive Wood elements present in his Birth Chart, were suddenly doubled by the same elements in the Personal Year PY2016 Chart. This implies, if John is not in a sound and alert mind, he could have exhibited emotional stress, mood swings, and other uncontrollable behavioural or verbal actions, including bipolar disorder, domestic violence, or even suicidal tendencies. If he hasn’t shown such physical behaviours, then the next potential infliction would be his conceptual or cognitive capabilities – meaning excessive distractions and overwhelmed with get-rich schemes, pneumonia or sleep apnea, unnecessary worries and anxieties, and in some ways, mental depressions and hallucinations. To some extent, it boosted the negative self-everything, like self-centric, self-egoistic, self-beneficial, and self-deprivations.

The DE effect on the 4-9-4-4-8-3 patterns in both his Birth Chart and PY2016 chart, might be causing the sudden extreme change in his behaviours, thinking, and actions. And like the BBQ pit with too many charcoals and a small fire, the flame from the fire could easily deplete or blown away by a gust of wind. This implies, whatever passions, projects, or plans that John has in mind, tends to be short-lived.

Another way to interpret his character is to look at the number 4 again, by applying the Five Elements principles and the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method. There is abundance of creepers and weeds clinging to the tree to reach to the top. This suggests firm presence of reliance and dependency on others, to attain the goals John desperately wanted. In addition, as strong Wood affects the Metal, his mental distortions and gullible influences became more substantial.

The EFV FLOW patterns are showing some clues as well. For instance, his EFV2016 was suggesting the need to be more responsible and not create undue stress upon himself; conversely, the urge to express to others about his plans and ideas to others, without much follow-up action. His EFV2017 was suggesting to need to be alert with sound mind, and to influence towards an innovative and focused plan; or to rely on the support of others to help him ride with the tide. Then again, his EFV2018 is suggesting the demand for him to focus and attain the success he also needs, by starting with the end in mind, and not hastily act without proper strategies; or the need to rely heavily on his hunch and intuitions, and whatever ideas that suddenly came to mind.

In short, the EFV2018 is about cutting through the line of credibility or gullibilitywhen he’s not credible, others shunned away from him; and when he’s gullible, others cheated and took advantage of him. Either way, financial loss and not monetary gains might be the likely outcome.

Last year, there were tendency signs that his relationship with the wife could have aggravated further, and there might be frequent quarrels about financial topics and home responsibility issues. His 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillar (9YLCP) is suggesting a 74/2 – which implies John needs to build and strengthen his knowledge and gain the experience, and perhaps, regularly take time for self-reflections. He also needs to prioritise his many plans in mind, and decide which plan to execute; and not constantly thinking of the get-rich mindset and executing multiple plans through multitasking. Eventually, he needs to figure out on his swaying feelings and gullibility, and to communicate regularly with his wife and family members.

From the NSQ Profiling aspect, his chart has the 1111-2-7 numbers. With excessive number 1s in his chart, it reinforced what I have reported earlier about John’s potential behaviours and actions that might lead him to be in the current situation. Everything is about “I, Me, & Myself” egoistic mindset, and the “I’m OK; You’re NOT OK” feelings. The NSQ Profiling is a complementary method – useful in assisting us to identify more clues that might be harder to check from the EON chart. In many ways, the NSQ profiling method could act as a double-checking to affirm certain clues that might manifest. For example, the NSQ chart is suggesting John might be more inclined to think about himself and the urge to express and communicate with others. Beyond that, the connect-the-dotslinkages to his supporters are weak – meaning others could perceive John as a “talk-big, over-promise and under-deliver” person. In addition, there are no “arrows of strengths” which implied no planning, no responsibilities, no directions, feeble actions, unhealthy emotional balance, and weak determinations.

The Reflection Chart (RC) 2017 is suggesting a possible sabotage by his partner, customers, or others. Similarly, it reinforced the clues of potential quarrels and heated arguments with others. And with the PY2017 signs present, the angry disputes could frequently be between John and his wife. His RC2018 chart suggests some kind of monetary loss because of distorted or wrong visions, meaning he is being swayed or sidetracked by others intentionally. And like a gambler losing money and believing he would win the next game, his putting more money could subsequently lead to heavier debts.

There are some areas I could describe about John’s charts, because of the many extended theories in the EON methods. Furthermore, I have included these methods and more, and shared them with students who attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. In addition, I’ve re-introduced the NSQ PROFILING class recently, and received positive feedback. The FEN and NSQ methods are unlike what you have learned elsewhere, putting aside the already value-add and after-class support through the WhatsApp chat group.

Clarence posted some queries in his email. Today’s article is about John and the probable clues suggesting a tough, downhill situation. I’ll discuss about Clarence’s questions in the next Part 2 article.

I hope you could discover something useful in today’s article, and it helps clarify some doubts in your mind about numerology profiling. Eventually, you’ll see that there are so much you can gain from the extended EON methods and the visualisation techniques from the FEN class. Many of my FEN/NSQ students had attended courses elsewhere previously, and realised their profiling confidence and knowledge were weak until they attended my class. I’m glad they could snap out of the “inside-the-box” profiling mentality, and could profile now from a wider “out-of-the-box” perspective before zooming down to identify the macro clues, like an eagle spotting a chick, and flying down fast to catch its target.

Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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